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To do list anxiety

Today was one of those mornings (or last night was one of those nights) where I just could not get back to sleep after I woke up in the middle of the night. I had to pee, my stomach was growling, and my mind was racing. I decided to just get up and go for it and figure out how to use this negative anxiety energy to be productive.

I started with an easy task: breakfast and coffee! Greek yogurt, honey, walnuts, and 3 kinds of cereal…no big deal.


While I was eating breakfast, I watched some video clips from GMA and ABC News (I exhausted the new ones on the Today Show website already). This one about organizing your life in 18 minutes hit close to home — it’s about time management and the guy they talked to (Peter Bregmen, whose blog I totally got sucked into afterwards) made some good points: you’ll never be able to get it all done, so you need to choose what’s most important. Fav blog post and advice that I’m trying to take this morning: schedule your to do list! 

You can check out the video for yourself:

I am feeling a bit more productive just having added some time and place ideas to my to do list (I added my tasks onto my google calendar, which is kind of like my master list and I don’t know if I’d be where I’m supposed to be at any given time without the thing!). I also emailed the grad programs in Canada that I applied to in hopes of finding out a time period for when they make admissions decisions. I am pretty sure Western lets you know early (a girl I know in the program got acceptance in late February last year, but that being said she is an ALL STAR and I don’t know if it was cuz she was clearly getting in that she heard so early!) but I really am clueless as to when Ryerson and UBC let you know. Since right now I’m leaning towards UBC, I really want to know how long I’ve got to be on the edge of my seat and not sleeping for…haha!

My big to do list with times for today so far looks like:

  • call Fowler for an appointment with a physio (7am, Monday)
  • call Columbia about exam proctor and find one (930am, Monday)
  • call on gift certificate for a massage that’s about to expire (Monday, 10am)
  • do readings and write discussion board post for readings for online course (Monday, 10am)
  • Gazette (10:30am)
  • work on fashion writing (1pm)
  • take a nap (4pm, Monday)
  • make new spin playlist (6pm, Monday)
Stuff I want to or need to fit in this week:
  • writing for Runners Feed
  • emailing/calling friends
  • financial aid application for Columbia
  • laundry
  • Charity Ball – Saturday
  • Running clinic at Crossfit – Saturday
  • coaching decisions
  • online writing class work
  • readings for Fashion Writing, Personal Essay Writing, and Social Theory classes
  • column for Gazette
  • bank – cash pay cheques, pay visa, transfer money
  • return sweater to lululemon (impulse buy, regretting it–back to that Visa bill)
Workouts (no runs included, stuff that isn’t for sure is in italics):
  • Monday: spin 730pm
  • Tuesday: swim 6am, bootcamp 530pm (instruct)
  • Wednesday: bootcamp 435 (instruct) and spin 535pm
  • Thursday: swim 6am
  • Friday: core class, yoga or swim
  • Saturday: spin
  • Sunday: swim

Goal for the week: be awesome!

Now that I kind of have an idea of what needs to be done, I can start figuring out when to do the stuff! It doesn’t seem so bad that way, I guess. If it’s not that important, it won’t fit in (i.e. I don’t need to vacuum right now if I have assignments due and I can wear different clothes if I have to be out all day and can’t do my laundry til tomorrow).

Anddddd I should still be sleeping.

What do you use for a planner?
Do you have a system for your to do list?
What’s your week looking like?  




I’m late…

Late already?!

Not for my first class of the semester. But I might very well be since I just got inspired by Monica’s Sunday Set Up post and want to do something similar here. Today’s will be a Monday set up, but whatever!


  • Monday: PM EZ run on treadmill before teaching spin at 7:30pm
  • Tuesday: AM swim, PM teaching spin and coaching a bootcamp (I will do the abs portion of the class but likely not the rest)
  • Wednesday: PM teaching spin and coaching bootcamp (sounds familiar, right?)
  • Thursday: AM Run + strength training
  • Friday: afternoon run + evening yoga
  • Saturday: AM long run *
  • Sunday: recovery run + strength training, yoga **
    *I really don’t have a plan for this weekend — eek! I am worried that I run 4 days in a row and then not for three…and think maybe I need to give up a spin class to another eager instructor (Tuesday, maybe?) 

Recipes/food: (I’m pretty uninspired here)

  • leftover chickpea/rice combo
  • quinoa with apple salad 
  • roasted carrots with brown sugar, raisins, and pecans (random craving and carrots were on sale!)

Other stuff:

  • financial aid application and writing test booked for Columbia
  • drop off UWO application at J school (I don’t even know if I’m allowed to hand deliver it, but I am going to try)
  • Gazette stuff: get organized!
  • come up with a race plan for the season
  • plan out long runs and training runs til ATB
  • freelancing that I’ve kind of put on hold–back on the agenda!
  • buy textbooks (I love the smell of textbooks)


  • eat 3 meals and 2 or 3 snacks a day to prevent getting too hungry, bingeing
  • try to limit eating to when I’m sitting down and try to focus on my food
  • aim for 8 hours of sleep a night

I love this! Getting organized for a new week, a new semester, etc. feels SO GOOD!

I also know better than to get caught up in the plan/feel bad if I don’t stick to it!

What’s on your agenda this week?
What’s your favourite part of going back to school?