My name is Cheryl and I am a 23-year old Kinesiology student, fitness instructor, triathlete and aspiring journalist living in London, Ontario. I have a serious interest in all things fitness, nutrition, and inspiration. This blog follows my days as I write, work out, try new recipes, and make sure I take time to relax and indulge a little every day!

In my past, I’ve done all kinds of thing. Battling an eating disorder, dabbling in triathlon/running/cycling events, and teaching fitness have made me who I am.  When I graduate this spring, I’ll move onto bigger and better things. Journalism school is in the works, but I’m at a place in life where things are really uncertain exciting! There’s plenty to write about from my training, playlists, and eats to thoughts on my days. I’ll post plenty of questions that I hope people will comment on so things can get interactive. Enjoy!

Want more of me?

  • Check out my writing in my online portfolio. From pieces about prefabricated housing to articles about caffeine and cycling, I write about all kinds of things.
  • Follow @cherylmadliger on twitter!
  • Email me at cheril67@hotmail.com.
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3 responses to “About

  1. I am trying to gain weight now also. I lost it due to anxiety, a lot of stress, and some eating “issues”. I’m struglging now because with the low weight, its hard to gain when not exercising. I’m 30 years old too so I feel really old and my metabolism all messy. If you ever can chat, send me an email!

    • It’s hard to gain when NOT exercising? You mean muscle I assume?

      I feel like if you NORMALIZE your eating, you end up at a healthy place. That’s what I’m banking on anyhow, and if I can get rid of my own issues with food or with the issues that force me to use food to cope, then I think I’ll balance out and be healthier for it!

      Did you ever talk to an RD about it?

      • Well, I’m just low…so I need to gain. But I worry I’ll gain all fat; plus I don’t eat perfect: I eat treats and things and feel guilty for it 😦

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