Wordless WIAW

(THESE words don’t count — I’m copying Meghann from Meals and Miles–the first WIAWs I read were her wordless ones!)







(I’m easily swayed, but I’m also repulsed and really affected by the first book. I have read a lot of “food” books — Food Inc., Michael Pollan’s books, Mark Bittman’s books, Fast Food Nation, etc. etc. etc. (you should see my bookshelf) but this one is getting to me.)

What do you think about being a vegetarian? A vegan? A conscious omnivore (i.e. avoiding factory farmed products)?
What’s the best thing you ate today? (QUINOA for breakie!) 


8 responses to “Wordless WIAW

  1. Mmmmmm best thing I ate today? Seriously probably my PWO proats and fruit sauce! Such a delish combo!

  2. ooh the plant-based diet question. I’ve been looking into this too – I’ve never read “Eating Animals” before but I’m pretty familiar from other books with the way most meat is processed. I’m not comfortable with it, so I’ve definitely gone more plant-based. I eat meat (always grass-fed/hormone free) probably two or three times a week and other times stick to wild-caught fish, beans, tofu, greek yogurt etc – and most grains (oats, quinoa, rice) are actually pretty good protein sources as well. guess protein isn’t that big a deal – I’m a runner, I need carbs. when I think about it, my ideal diet is 60% carb, 30% fat (apparently women need 20-30% of calories to come from fat – that number shocked me at first haha), which leaves 10% protein….humans don’t really need as much as everyone thinks we do which is also why i’m not a huge fan of protein powder/amino acid use. But that’s a different story. But yeah, I need to learn more about HOW to do it right to make sure that I can get all the nutrients I need from my diet without supplementation…aaand of course we all know i’m on pretty high alert about injury recovery and prevention at the moment haha. I dunno! I’m already like 3/4 of the way there…but I think grass-fed, hormone-free animals that had a happy life are okay too.I also really like burgers. hmm. lol. I love your vegetarian WIAW though!!! you have a good balance of allll the macronutrients, so its a win 🙂

    • Yes! I have read a lot and I think I am always UBER influenced at first and then take parts and leave parts.

      I am learning that “cage free” or “free range” doesn’t mean much. In my ideal eating world, I’d be a hippie who rides a cruiser bicycle with a basket to the farmer’s market, has a husband who doesn’t mind going to pick up 1/4 cow or something from a local farmer, and who stores all the canned foods, frozen produce, and locally sourced meat in her massive deep freezer. I’d also make my own bread with local flour, eat as local as possible, and convince everyone around me to eat ethically too without coming across as a food snob.

      Just sayin. Somewhere in there I’d find time to train, go to school, sleep, and make the money to afford all this?

      It’s so true about the protein piece. People are obsessed. OBSESSED! I find if I err too high on anything it’s fat. I blame nut butter. ALMOST declared I was taking a break from it again today, but then I remembered restricting and blacklisting anything is a bad idea and you saw my dinner so you know how the story ended…but there were far less extra swipes from the jar, so i’m calling it a success!!

  3. What is that *thing* in the fourth pic? LOL I’ve been trying to figure it out but I can’t tell :s The best thing I ate today was some vegan enchiladas!!! Although I think I’ll probably only ever be a conscious omnivore, I think in a few centuries ppl will look back on this time and be like, “Can you believe people use to EAT animals?!”

  4. What flavour of PC Greek yogurt is that? Is it good? I’ve only tried their honey and vanilla flavours!

    Honestly I toyed with the whole vegetarian idea and I even cut out red meat for a few months when I first started my blog, but I just hate placing restrictions on my diet, you know? Plus I truly like the taste of meat. That being said I think it’s so true that you don’t need meat that often. I only have it maybe 3x a week and that satisfies me! And if everyone could cut down their meat intake to that amount, I think that would be enough to help fix some of the health and environmental problems from eating meat. And maybe even some of the ethical problems – since less people eating meat would mean less need for huge factory farms. So we could theoretically start raising all our meat on small farms again where the animals would be treated properly. This is all in an ideal world of course and I doubt it will EVER happen. 😛

    • Honey! It is so good — but it’s just convenience to be honest.

      I don’t know what I’m going to do about meat. I wish I could eat a cow I know was happy on the farm down the road, ya know? I really struggle with the fact that even “cage free” or those kinds of things can really be a hoax…eek!

      It could happen though and WE could help, right? 🙂

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