Flowers and a date

Happy Valentines Day, kiddos!


No, I wasn’t given flowers. I bought them for myself because I decided to treat myself (besides chocolate eating) today. Glad I did!

Swimming this morning went really quick — I felt a little off and I’m blaming it on too much coffee and a heftier pre-workout snack plus some tossing and turning last night.  Apparently I couldn’t hold my phone straight to snap a pic of my blueberries and flaxseed on greek yogurt.


I had a lovely jar of overnight oats waiting for me when I got home. A can, more accurately. Pumpkin oats are the best — this time I spiced up my original Overnight Oats in a Can…of Pumpkin using cranberries instead of raisins and eating it with a spoon of almond butter. Perfection, I think!

After a quick trip to Remark (where I snagged the flowers for myself and a few things to get me through to the weekend eating happily), I had an oldie but a goodie apple/cheddar on ezekiel bread sandwich with a spinach salad for lunch. 🙂


My belly was happy when I spent a while at the eye doctor’s. He was behind, but luckily I had a book to keep me company. I’m reading “Eating Animals” by Jonathan Safran Foer and even though I’ve flipped through it before (it was on sale for 7.99 at the book store), I can’t wait to get into it. Repulsed is the only word I have for how I felt after reading his intro–with plenty of reference to the ample supply of stray dogs being euthanized that for some ethical reason people won’t eat–and an analogy that when you look away from something you can’t seem to focus on (i.e. eating animals) at the outer edges or something on the borderline (i.e. eating dogs, which is normal in some cultures), you can get a clearer picture of that main thing that seemed so blurry.

Eeeeek. Books are meant to open up your mind and challenge you, and I think this one’s going to do just that for me.

Today also marked a special occasion — I MADE QUINOA! How long have I been talking about finally doing it? Proof…


I also ATE quinoa!

After an afternoon study date with Chelsea — 🙂 — I came home and snarfed this mix: quinoa, tuna (yeah, I’m still eating animals right now), sun dried tomatoes, zucchini, and feta cheese. Can you say perfection?! I think you’re gonna see a post about this one — cuz it would make a wicked good cold salad and I need a better picture to do it justice…

Now it’s time for me to go to bootcamp and show those gals some love. I am going to do a partner workout–but stay tuned to hear how it went and what it was! I also made them the chocolatey balls of goodness from this weekend, so I’m looking forward to getting there. I should do my physio stuff first–my hip’s not screaming and I don’t want to just neglect the stuff since I feel a bit better. Vigilance is keyyyy! I want to run injury free all summer…a big goal but a good and do able one, I think!

Tonight I’m going to relax with Biggest Loser, a phone chat with my sister, my new book, and my foam roller. I’m saying forgetttttabout homework because I am going to spend a few hours at the library tomorrow. And because I can. So there. Happy Valentine’s Day to me!

How is your Valentine’s day going?
Would you ever buy yourself flowers? chocolates? if not, how come?
Have you ever read “Eating Animals”? Thoughts?


12 responses to “Flowers and a date

  1. I cannot believe you have never done quinoa. It is the most versatile food group. You can have it for breakfast lunch and dinner plus snacks and you can cook it plain, with almond milk (or any milk), broth, then choose your mixers, toppers. it can even be pizza crust, put in your meatballs/loafs and soups/chili. Oh boy are you going to have fun with the experiments.

    Good on you for flowers and making this day yours. A lot of pressure is put on the “couples” which is just crazy.

    You are on the right track with healing your total body. Keep it going and please take your vacation to relax, recharge and reenergize with the spring;summer season. It is going to be full of new things.

    Enjoy this time.

  2. I buy myself chocolate to celebrate every occasion. It’s a must! Your quinoa salad looks amazing!! I love quinoa but rarely ever make it. That needs to change!! I’ve never read that book but I already eat about 85% vegan diet – I’d still love to learn more about it though!

  3. THIS MAKES ME SOOOOOOOOOO HAPPY 😀 yayayayayayayayayayayay so proud of you girl 😀 feels good don’t it!? 😉

  4. Sounds like an awesome Vday! My roomies make quinoa and I’ve joined the club… it’s tasty!! My boyfriend also makes fun of me because ever since I can remember, my order on a menu including anything with either FETA or GOAT cheese….I say I’ll have that. My fav 😀 Glad it was a good day!

  5. I had quinoa today too!!!!!!! blogger bff twins!! 😀 you made RED quinoa though, that’s pretty epic – I’ve only ever tried the plain white kind, but its so quick and versatile. aaand your breakfast sounds amazing too, cranberries + pumpkin is probably one of my favorite flavor combos ever – reminds me of fall. Love that you bought flowers for yourself – i ALMOST did that but felt bad spending $20 on it….I baked myself muffins instead hahaha. I hope you’re having a relaxing night! I’m totally watching BL as well haha i have no idea why I’m so addicted to that show!

  6. That salad looks SO good! And I’m so happy you’re a quinoa convert. 😀

    I loved our study date yesterday! We definitely need to do that again. We’ve got tons of time to do them now that you’re back next year!!!

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