Starting off on the right foot–sort of

The sort of part applies to the fact that I got very little done by way of work today. I wrote a draft of an assignment due on Friday tonight, though, so I guess that counts—I’m giving myself credit.

I made it to class this morning after an uber tasty breakfast—Ezekiel granola, vanilla soy milk, some unsweetened coconut, and a banana.


I also made it to the library before the Gazette and did a bit of reading (and chit chatting with Nina)!  I also had a snack—obvs, from my packed lunch:

I ended up going non-meatless and getting some chili to have with my lunch. Oops. In my defense, I went veg a few days last week without thinking about it!  I guess physio revved up my appetite.

As for physio…more progress, but no running on the radar yet. L That’s okay – I’m going to keep doing my physio exercises and working on adding some new suggestions into my routine. Yahoo. More than just clamshells—this is getting exciting, folks! Just kidding. I’ve come to terms with the fact that I won’t be running in Texas next week, but I heard that there’s an outdoor heated pool in the city I’m headed to, so I think I can see some happiness (and a one piece tan—badass) in my future.

Before Texas, I have 4 assignments due. No big deal. One of them is my essay about how blogging helps with E D recovery. I am really enjoying reading responses and comments on the topic—but I definitely don’t know how I’m going to incorporate them all. Instead, I think I’m going to file them away and use the ones that fit what I need to get across in 1500 words (I feel like we could get together and write a book on this topic, anyone in?) for now—keeping the other ones on hand! Yay for future writing projects with pre-gathered knowledge.

That’s exactly the case with my latest assignment for Bankrate—a review of online dating programs! I did a short one for the Gazette’s sex issue but it really wasn’t sexy…

This afternoon went quickly. There was some work at the Gazette, but this week is low key. I met up with a friend from tri club for a chit chat—a nice way to spend the afternoon! Then I came home, made dinner, and headed to Starbucks.

I ran into another friend (all good reasons for not doing work, as you can see) and to my future husband barista who works there (who now knows that I am single, based on my announcement that I was going to buy myself chocolate for valentine’s day upon leaving) wrote that draft, and headed to Bulk Barn because I needed flaxseed and sprinkles. Guess what my bootcampers are getting tomorrow? Raw vegan donuts (aka chocolatey balls of goodness), take 2, which I think I’m going to rename power balls.

I just snarfed one – I added some coconut into my own but basically kept the recipe the same as yesterday’s!  I had an apple with it too, topped with honey and cocoa. I was not going to have the power ball but then I realized Ir eally wanted it. Deprivation doesn’t work, and it’s all quality quality food. Crisis, binge, deprivation, whatever averted. Plus one for me, who usually stresses mad on valentine’s day eve, valentine’s day, etc. at any reminder that I am single. Silly. Add to that the stress of this week, the anticipation (even though it’s good) of a trip, and you have a vulnerable me. Better to just eat something healthy than to pick at things or risk a binge to make up for depriving myself later…rant done!

Now I’m going to do some foam rolling and hit the hay. I am beyond sleepy and I swim in the morning…then I have plans to clean my pig sty of an apartment, do some homework, go to the eye doctor, go to a meeting, and teach bootcamp! Yay for a busy V-day to distract me from my single-dom…I’ve also got plans to attempt quinoa! I can do it. 🙂

how are you celebrating V day? anticipation of half price candy? flowers for yourself?
how’d your week start off?


4 responses to “Starting off on the right foot–sort of

  1. soo this is my first valentines’ day single in….7 years! BUT i have to say, I’m pretty excited to ride my bike, take two exams, dissect a cat, and then come home and watch Biggest Loser by MAHSELF hahaa. It definitely feels weird/not normal though…and there’s just something about the day that makes us single girls feel like there’s something wrong with us. I don’t even know why! But it sounds like your day’s gonna be fun 🙂 especially with power ballz! who needs boys when you have power balls!….wait, no, that doesn’t sound right hahaha anyway. And I love that you recognized what you wanted and ate one!! I think that’s definitely the biggest most important step in breaking the BLT/Binge cycle. And yay for a pool in Texas!! Of course I think you would’ve succeeded with the “rest vacation”, but I too would totally jump on the chance to swim so I bet that comes as a relief to you! 🙂

  2. Which Starbucks does your future husband work at?!? The one at the mall? If so, I think we have the same future husband LOL!

    Also yay for giving into your cravings and avoiding a binge. You’ve been doing SO well with that lately! 🙂 ❤

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