Why I’m keeping the peanut butter

And almond butter, sunflower butter, etc.

Cue your background music for reading this post (and Barney is how I remember the song, so deal with this version):

So I can have lunches like this…


NOT for eating spoonful after spoonful of or sticking my finger in (if I offer to share, say no), which is what I feel like the last week or so has been.

I’ve read a lot of other bloggers talking about their struggles with peanut butter. Apparently we aren’t alone. Nancy Clark wrote a post about how we shouldn’t avoid peanut butter with Peanut Butter: A Super Sports Food. She says

Sunny Sea Gold (who wrote one of my fav books about E D recovery — Food: The Good Girl’s Drug) posted on her blog about keeping “trigger foods” in her kitchen, including peanut butter (which she says she does keep around but it wasn’t always that way) “Let’s Talk About Peanut Butter…“.

Today I had the urge to get rid of my jars. Last week I had a talk with the dietitian about how it’s okay to have nut butter twice in a day as a source of protein if it comes down to it. I realized I can probably find more creative ways to include some protein (and that it’s not really the best source of protein)…and that I am being really silly. When I have looked at what I’m eating, in terms of fat/carbs/protein, I’m not doing too badly, but I do notice that my fat intake is in the higher range of things. That’s fine and dandy but it’s not all coming from nuts. A lot of it comes from the cream I throw in my coffee, the cheese I add to stuff, the butter and margarine, salad dressings, etc.  I use.

What I realized is that to be healthier, swearing something off is not usually the answer. Instead, I can try to find healthier replacements and nudge myself towards them and I can be cognizant (my new favourite word, btw). Think sticking to a serving (or two) of nut butters and making sure I’m varying them (almond, sunflower, hazelnut, cashew anyone?), making it worth it (buying high quality foods like real cheeses, maybe organic options), and going for the real thing (choosing butter or olive oil over margarine, oil and vinegar over bottled dressings, etc.). Real food is where it’s at.

Getting rid of those nut butters would have been a step backwards for me. I’m glad I thought this one through and came to the conclusion I did. And had that delicious lunch featuring my almond butter.

Do you like nut butters?
Ever struggle with anything similar? Nut butter or other food – wise? How’d you deal? 



5 responses to “Why I’m keeping the peanut butter

  1. Great post. Peanut butter (and all nut butter) is a huge trigger food for me. To be honest, I used to steal the peanut butter jars from the cupboard at home, grab a spoon, and go to town alone in my room. I haven’t been able to incorporate peanut butter into my diet yet, but I do have a constant supply of almond butter and eat it with my apples or oatmeal. Almond butter has given me some tough times too though, but I like how much thicker and more filling it is. (in my opinion, but me and peanuts have a strange relationship). My problem is cereal… it’s very difficult for me to have any type of cereal in the house but yesterday I bought a box of all-bran and used it as bread crumbs for my stuffed jalapenos. Keep the nut butter. A little humour…

  2. Mmmm… nuts (e.g. almond), and fruit/legume (i.e. peanut). I found a store last night whose private label product of icing sugar + peanut is named peanut butter. Eww.

    On the neighbouring shelves I found these: http://i.imgur.com/NgEug.jpg
    While it’s fun to find a cocoa + PB product for sale, I think it will be more fun to mix those two ingredients on my own. (Aside: How big a deal is aflatoxin being present, in small amounts, in peanuts?)

    “Eat food. Not too much. Mostly plants.” Would you have more fun with food by choosing whole nuts in the shell and cracking eat one open?

  3. Oh yes – I only started having nut butters THIS SUMMER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I feared them SO much, but oh gosh – how can you turn down almond butter once you try it once? Now I have it every day 😀

  4. oh man, peanut butter was an epic no-no for me back in the day – it was actually one of the first things I “re-introduced” – one night after ballet practice my mom asked me if I’d had dinner and with practice from 3pm-9pm I hadn’t had much but some crackers and grapes, so she told me to eat toast with peanut butter before I went to bed. I’ve been having it as a bedtime snack ever since (yup, like 5-6 years with very little variation), and it’s never failed me as great fuel for a morning workout. I never get sick of it either for some reason? I do have issues with the BLT’s, but I think that might be because I never “let” myself have nut butters other than my bedtime snack….usually I don’t want it any other time, but having it in oatmeal for breakfast is really uncomfortable still for some reason. Oh well. You’re right – steps forward, not backward!

  5. I know exactly how you feel!! I wouldn’t say I was ever afraid of peanut butter, but I stopped eating it. I didn’t even care to eat it. How sad is that?! Now I have trouble not eating it. It’s comforting to me.. I don’t know how to describe it! It’s frustrating because I just eat it when I’m not hungry at all. I don’t throw it away though because 1) I live with my family and they eat peanut butter too and 2) I feel like that would just make the problem worse. I don’t want to demonize it!

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