You have squash in your hair…WIAW

After yesterday’s somewhat stressing day of eating, today looks pretty on track. And I feel mentally together, even though I’m bouncing between 120910291 different tasks I would like to get to tonight. Reminder: you can only do one thing at a time. Right now — BLOG.

This morning before swim, I had a breakfast of grapes with cottage cheese and some some all bran buds (a tablespoon, which I hesitated to add, but then realized it was a healthy addition that I had no reason to worry about). I didn’t know what I wanted til I was grabbing handfuls of grapes. 5am is a groggy time, but I know how to listen to my hunger then 😉 !


Im aware that that cereal looks like rabbit food. Whatever, it keeps me regular, and rabbits are cute.

I'm cute like this rabbit, right?

I packed up some overnight oats in a jar (another success, with a banana post-swim–it was a longer one for me, about 2800m of awesome and I am really glad I took yesterday off of the pool!), another turkey sandwich on ezekiel bread with alfalfa sprouts, and apple, and a snack of carrots/almonds that I skipped and bought a greek yogurt in place of instead.



I also snarfed a LARA bar when I was at the library, studying/trying to write a paper for my sports sociology course. I love that class, I find it really interesting, and I like to write things, but I often feel like I’m on the verge of “getting it”. I really felt that way with the last paper, which I finished for the sake of finishing but need to edit before I hand in on Friday. Giving things a day to sit before I edit them is the best strategy for me and instead of procrastinating til the day before, I always feel better knowing I have SOMETHING if I fall off the face of the earth (get too busy, have a migraine, etc.) in the last stretch before something is due.


After bootcamp, which I posted on my workouts page (yay for being organized), I had a quick dinner. instead of what I thought I “should” have, I had what I was really hungry for, which was squash/almond butter and the spinach salad with raisins and maple vinaigrette you might remember from the other night. It was good then and it was good now. I really got into it, apparently, cuz I found some squash in my hair when I looked in the mirror afterwards…baha!20120208-190113.jpg

Some of the B L Ts today were part of a leftover sweet potato (made me realize I wanted the squash for dinner), some dried fruit (not the whole tub, silly) and gum if that counts. The grapes. Etc. It happens. I’m accepting it. Smiling about it even.




dried papaya - candy, maybe. or crack cocaine. YUM.

I’m at starbucks. Not doing much work, but I did manage to send a bunch of emails, make some phone calls, and relax a bit. Getting out of the house is good for me when I’m feeling like I have too many things to do. I am going to sleep in tomorrow and swim Friday instead (just this week I switched swimming groups, though I wish kind of that it was an every week thing). I have a massage appointment tomorrow because I REALLY think loosening up my IT band and my glutes is a factor in making my hip get better…


I still want to do a whole series of posts about what this injury has taught me or links I’ve found useful along the way. But anyways, physio today was good. I had more acupuncture and muscle stim and some active release. Physio said I could bike for ten minutes today without resistance–so I did. Didn’t seem to aggravate it (and if it hurts tomorrow, it’s probably more from moving around during bootcamp doing some of the moves that I think are safe) … so now it’s about being CONSERVATIVE and easing back into things. But I’m supposed to teach a spinathon this weekend and am not sure what to do about the situation–it’s for friends, will be a blast, and I really want to do it. I might spin easy for most of it, but that is so lame. Thoughts, decisions, etc. I don’t want to let anyone down, I don’t know if someone awesome who might also know the people would wanna do it for me as a replacement (NOT settling for just anyone 😉 ). Decisions, decisions.


Anyways, it’s time to do a reading. I need that sense of accomplishment. Or to go on Facebook. Or to research some life plan possibilities. You know, it’s all the same in the end!

Tomorrow’s busy too — I’m forward to the event at Brescia for EDAW.  I interviewed the speaker for an article I had in the gazette last week. The speaker is Jennifer Schramm, who is going to talk about her own struggle through and victory over an eating disorder. I can’t wait. If you’re in London, you should go. It’s donations and they benefit Hope’s Garden — awesome cause, awesome event. There’s really no downside! I’m also interviewing some inspirational people (I’ll leave it at that) for the article I mentioned/pleaded for some help with earlier. Those plus a massage are reallllly making for an awesome day!

How was your Wednesday? Eat anything awesome?
What’re you looking forward to tomorrow?


3 responses to “You have squash in your hair…WIAW

  1. I love how the BLT’s are actually kind of cluing you in to what you want to eat!! That’s actually a great way to look at it…..Maybe that’s the reason I’m always sticking my finger in the almond butter jar? I think that could have to do with the fact that I still am not comfortable eating almond/peanut butter at times other than my bedtime snack (noo idea why…haha)…wow thanks for that new view on the BLT’s! hmm I’m going to have to pay more attention when I do that instead of slapping the back of my own hand and trying to forget about it. Anyway yes you should TOTALLY do a post on things you’ve learned from injury! I know I’ve personally got a whole arsenal of things to write about when I’m ready to. Glad PT was good for you today – Active Release FTW!! I had that for the very first time yesterday and pardon my french but holy shit….OW. no pain no gain I guess haha!!

    As for the spinathon thing….I knowwwww how tempting that must be but when I read that, little warning signs for you went off in my brain – I know it’s a blast, and that you don’t want to let people down – but I think re-injuring yourself or setting yourself back would be a letdown to YOURSELF that’s 1000x bigger than the letdown of declining teaching would be to your friends. After all, they’re you’re friends, and they want you to heal quick and get back to thriving off the things you love to do!! I say don’t risk it, or at LEAST ask your physio about it first. Anyways, I know either way you’ll be smart about it, whatever that happens to mean! And good luck with the life planning/dreaming – I too do that best in coffee shops for some reason, Actually I think I’m gonna take a leaf out of your book and go lurk in a coffee shop today for some studying and planning 😀

    • So true. I’m glad I helped with something. I really have gotten better at knowing what I’m hungry for. Sometimes I don’t have to “taste” to confirm, sometimes it just happens. At any rate, progress!

      Hope you found a good spot to study/plan. School can make it tough to think about anything more long term than finals, but you need some good dreaming every once in a while! Goals, etc. remind me that there’s life after this semester. 🙂

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