What day is it again?


I only know because I’m watching The Biggest Loser. But when trying to watch more than worry about the stuff I “should” be doing for school or the things on my mind got to me, I did what any normal person would do: decided to blog instead. I realized I didn’t really share what my day looked like even though I posted about this morning’s EDAW event. 


My pre-breakfast breakfast (fail, I know) was oats, peanut butter, a banana, and milk.

I picked at a plate of fruit and hash browns and bacon at the breakfast mostly because it was there.


Then I realized what was up and I focused on the people around instead. Like Sarah!


And when I got home I was still hungry. I kept picking though — fail until I had this snack of rice cakes and ricotta cheese (really boring looking, but good!).


I packed a yummy sandwich (grain fed turkey on ezekiel bread with sprouts and light mayo) and carrots for lunch and an apple (which didn’t get eaten).


After a few hours at the library, mostly daydreaming, I got gas and picked up some pitas/greek yogurt and such from the grocery store.

Then I came home and had dinner. More picking (after a daylong spree of it 😦 ) while I got it ready–at grapes, croutons, dried fruit, you name it. A couple of times I told myself to stop, decide if I really wanted it, and own the decision. It worked and I’m trying to focus on the fact that I didn’t let myself get sucked into a binge. Dinner was leftover pita pizza with goat cheese and spinach in place of the parmesan from the other night.


I burnt the pita, but whatever.

Bootcamp was fun tonight but I am ready to do the workouts with them — mentally. More frustration. I definitely need to get my thoughts sorted out here because I keep realizing more and more things…note to self: make a post ASAP.

My mind is racing a bit. I’ve got lots to think about (and I think you’re in for a big share in the coming weeks) so I’m calling tonight a write-off for homework and just going with it. I have foam rolling and brushing my teeth on my uber ambitious 😉 to do list.  Stress is a choice so I’m going to try to be more positive.

Tomorrow I have a swim, physio appointment, work at the Gazette, class, another bootcamp class, and hopefully some productivity, plus a dinner date with a friend from lululemon on the agenda. Should be a good (busy) day!

Do you ever have a day where you feel like you’re on the verge?
Do you pick at food when you’re stressed?
What are you up to tonight?  



6 responses to “What day is it again?

  1. “stress is a choice” dammit. I wish I’d thought of it that way in college, life would’ve been so much easier! And I totally do the BLT thing much more when I’m stressed…and in turn that makes me even MORE stressed….aaah vicious cycle lol. But it looks like you won today, with the delicious looking eats (<3 ezekiel bread!!!), not restricting after the picking, and stopping to think about it! defs enjoy a stress-free chill night – I too am watching BL. Really mad the red team lost Dolvett for the week…aka i didn't get to look at him as much…hahahaha

    • Ah, does someone have a little bit of a crush!? I miss Jillian!

      Mmmm ezekiel bread. I want to buy a loaf of the cinnamon raisin stuff when I hit the grocery store this weekend. get in my belly!

      I’m going to be really proactive today and notice when I am tempted to or start to pick at things. I think it’s a habit — and old habits die hard, but they do die.

  2. “Do you ever pick at food when you’re stressed?” That was my day yesterday.. and the day before… and the day before… Gotta stop that! Like Kate said, it’s a vicious cycle! Stress is unavoidable, but letting the stress get to you is something that you can control!

    • You can get out of the cycle — I know it. And that’s so true. I’m remembering to BREATHE through the stress today. And that I don’t have to worry about things that ‘might’ happen.

  3. You did great, Accept the big accomplishment and make today a new day of dreams, goals and acceptance of who you are and what you are becoming. Each day is a fight, each day gets a little better and each day is filled with sunshine.

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