Thought-provoking breakfast

Happy Tuesday.

This morning was the Hope’s Garden Eating Disorders Awareness Week Breakfast. It was an early morning, but I had a rough sleep last night so I was up earlier than early, starving, and I spoiled the breakfast by having my own before hand (I promise that I wasn’t “scared” of the breakfast being out of my control–that was the case last year but I’ve made progress, I was just literally hearing my stomach growl in the shower).

My date for the breakfast was Sarah, who I’ve not seen in a while because of my not running/being miserable. She reminded me that we don’t have to run to get together–and I realized how much I’m letting this whole thing get to me.

The speakers at the breakfast were a sociology professor, who talked a lot about the media and how there are so many contradictory messages–eat more but be thin, especially–and raised a lot of good points. We watched informercials, looked at ads, and got lots of information about eating disorders. Even though I’ve heard it before, it was good to hear stuff again. Specifically a reminder that eating disorders can come from a combo of environment and genetic backgrounds. I really think I was predisposed–I’m a bit OCD, I have an addictive personality type, and I am a perfectionist. I had some emotional stuff going on. The speaker also said that they can often arise at times when people want to feel in control. So true for me. Especially now, when I feel like so much is out of my control with my future and grad school and life, I don’t know if I’d be able to stay on the healthy path/not relapse if I didn’t make a conscious effort. So I’m proud of myself.

The other speaker was Maureen Shirreff, the North American Creative Director of the Dove Campaign for Real Beauty. I learned so much. Stuff I thought I should share:

  • Surprising self esteem stats (see them all here): only 4% of women would describe themselves as beautiful made me want to cry; I know so many beautiful women; I am trying to decide to describe myself as beautiful (leading by example) — it is not cocky or wrong to love yourself and your body, this is how it should be!
  •  this Evolution video that I haven’t seen in a  while but like:
  • this ad that Dove ran–when it’s kids, it makes me even sadder. no one should feel bad about themselves.

Anddd, for some reason I am crying. I feel so sad when I think about how sick I was and I am frustrated with myself today. As far as I’ve come, I’m still fighting with myself–I feel like I’ve eaten 1209102910 extra B L Ts (bites, licks, tastes…thanks Tara), should go work out before I teach (either swim or do something else), and just have a racing mind with the wrong things.

I’m going to try to organize my thoughts about this whole to swim or not to swim/workout guilt (even when I am feeling so strong) and put it all in a post, but I’m not there yet.

Awareness week is working. I’m thinking…

How do you feel about the Dove campaign?



12 responses to “Thought-provoking breakfast

  1. Wish I were at the breakfast with you but I’m glad Sarah was there with you too! This sounds like it’s going to be a good week. Don’t forget to focus on how far you’ve come rather than dreading how much further you need to go (not much further!). One thing at a time, one day at a time. You’re strong and beautiful — why be afraid to admit it? Honesty’s your forte my dear, walk your talk! 😉 Love you lots xo

  2. aaah i have lab in like ten minutes so i can’t watch the videos yet – is it really EDAW aready?? crap, i’ve been missing it! But wow – only 4% of women describe themselves as beatiful? At first that shocked me, but then I realize, well, I’d definitely be in the other 96%. Pretty, maybe, cute, sure, but “beautiful” was never a word that I dared to apply to myself. and that’s sad!!! and yeah, social media def sends mixed messages. its’ like we can never win haha. I can’t wait to watch the dove campaign videos after lab!

    • I know it was a shocker! But it is so true.

      I think it’s weird that we have to think about this as being “real” — because really, we are just so used to seeing fake that that is normal. If that makes sense?

      I hope you enjoyed em! And that school was easy breezy today.

  3. Thanks for coming to breakfast Cheryl! I’m glad that you enjoyed it. I hope that lots of other people are thinking too!

  4. I think the Dove Campaign is incredible!! I love this idea. Especially, because I have 2 daughters who are 19 and 13. I have always tried not to focus on their weight or individuality. They have always been complimented for being unique. Thank you for posting this. I put the videos on Pintrest. I am sure they will be spread around.

  5. I think the Dove campaigns are sending the right message. It’s sad when you think about how much we are bombarded with image of the ‘right’ kind of beauty. And when you’re a little older you get better at ignoring it or being comfortable in your own skin, whereas kids/teenagers aren’t really able to. I think maybe the most beautiful think is just happiness 🙂

    • It’s so true. I wish that the fact that they use “real” women wasn’t a spectacle…if it wasn’t so normalized to look at supermodels or airbrushed people, we wouldn’t be talking about it, ya know?

  6. You’re not “bad” because you have an ED. Everyone has something, whether it’s obvious to others or not. There are always things we, as humans, are dealing with on a daily basis. I hate that you feel guilty about feeling like you need to exercise due to your day’s B L T’s. It’s part of who you are, and it’s getting better. I can totally relate. I am the queen of addictive personalities and I always wonder how other women can just eat and not obsess about it, but they have other things going on in their lives that I will never understand. Chin up, girl. You are unique and it’s not a bad thing. Everyday gets better. You are learning everyday. I love it. I love reading about your journey.

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