lots to think about!

After this morning’s swim and delicious breakfast, I spent some time gathering my readings at the library. Profs sometimes put readings on course reserve to “save you money” but I think I spent about the same as buying a course package to photocopy halfway through the semester—ntm my time is money!

I’m just kidding. Today was actually pretty chill…

I covered a Sculpt and Sweat class at the gym for a friend who was swamped with work today. I love teaching and at least these classes I can instruct without aggravating my hip. Which was angry just at the weather today, but I’m going to stop complaining. Because it’s going to get better and because people are off for months and come back from it, and because I could be so much worse off.

Before I taught, I had a very unphotogenic leftover serving of last night’s pumpkin chili (sans turkey, of course, since it’s meatless Monday!) with a pita (buttered).

Yay for leftovers and packing my lunch.

The workout was pretty simple and you could copy it. I might use it for a bootcamp backup plan!


Sculpt and Sweat 

3 rounds of a circuit:
squats / dead lifts / bicep curls / shoulder press / cleans (15 reps each with a weight that feels “hard”) + 1 minute of cardio (they did jumping jacks, cross country skiers, and football shuffle <– in honour of last night’s game!)

2  rounds of:

8 normal pushups/ hold plank 10 seconds / 8 wide grip / plank / 8 close grip /plank +
30 seconds mountain climbers

1 round of:

stability ball glute raises / hamstring curls /ab/ductor raises / leg raises without the ball

CORE! (we did crunches, leg raises, oblique crunches, super(wo)mans, and planks)

Go get jacked.

Something about teaching to 40 people who I can’t watch that closely to see if they’re using a challenging enough weight and can only yell at about keeping good form/safe knees and back, etc. so much makes me a bit nervous. But I enjoyed teaching the class and when I just sub a different type of class occasionally, they FLY by.

After the class, I was really surprised to get compliments — on the class and on my  hairy bruised legs. The whole time I was teaching I felt uncomfortable because I only had my spare shorts I keep in my locker for emergencies — and I NEVER wear shorts to teach, let alone short running shorts. So getting “what do you do for your legs?” when I feel like a sloth for the last month was like holy crap it’s all in how you look at things. I knew I had to share that with you guys — I’m not bragging, I’m using it as an example to show that you can totally view yourself wrong — I was so worried about those damn shorts. Reality check.

Afterwards, my ego sufficiently boosted (I’m just kidding, I am awkward about compliments and sharing on here was hard),  I foam rolled and did my physio stuff before heading back to the Gazette.


my mini roller! yay! 🙂 and a hairy leg! ew!

I was also starving so I grabbed a pear from the campus grocery store (how lucky are we?!) and had it with my almonds.


When I got home from campus, I was hungry for my meatless dinner so I followed my hunger (I was planning on having a cheese/apple sandwich but was so not feeling it). I had a sweet potato with almond butter, raisins, and a salad with maple dressing instead. I had a buttload of nut butter and nuts today, but if that’s not what meatless mondays are for…then I don’t wanna partake 😉 !


I just took a while here (Starbucks) to procrastinate on Facebook and to sort out some stuff that’s been racing through my mind.

Background music:

Hope you thoroughly enjoyed that! Now it’s time for some readings…and bed. Swim was earllllly this morning.

How was your Monday?
How do you handle compliments?
Did you go meatless today?
What’s your favourite Britney song?  


8 responses to “lots to think about!

  1. hahahahaha u made me laugh so hard. I miss uuuuuuuuuu 😦 that hairy leg comment. omg. you are ridiculous. so happy you actually got a compliment though.

    and go cheryl! YAY for packing lunches! wahooooooooooooooooo

  2. LOLLLL Britney Spears. oh gawd.

    I love the compliment story!!! Sometimes people I meet are like “oh you must be a distance runner right? you totally look like one” and I’m just like…okay I feel like a fat lazy bum and haven’t really run since october, but i still look like a runner? yay!! so I totally know where you’re coming from and It def makes you feel good. And YAY cheers to hairy legs it has been too long since I’ve shaved as well. I blame my shower not staying warm for more than five minutes and then when I get out I’m too cold and want to put pants on asap hahaha. dude that pumpkin chilli looks incredible!! I have to stalk your past posts and get the recipe and make it 🙂

  3. I think I would be uncomfortable with a larger class and shorts too!! I’d be nervous for them in a larger class, especially for things like bootcamp. There are some classes where it’s okay, but such high impact moves need to be done right!! I’m not surprised that they were all giving you compliments – You’re a beast!!

    • Short shorts! You were surprised at the compliments? You’ve not seen my legs. 😉 I am totally kidding and do not have that big of a head. haha.

      I wore tights today. Much more confident.

  4. Hahaha we must be leg twins because mine are totally bruised and hairy too. I swear I bruised my legs as a kid and they’ve just never healed since. And as for hair… who shaves in the winter anyway? 😛 Also yay for compliments!

    I was meatless yesterday except for my salmon dinner! Oops!

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