Where’d the weekend go?


Whoahhh. It’s Sunday night. I just want to watch the Superbowl, which meant I had to have a productive-ish afternoon.


It was a double drink kind of day at Starbucks, but I got my writing stuff that I need to have for tomorrow done all finished. Accomplished!


I swam this afternoon, but I was uber tired because last night, I swam the farthest (furthest?) I ever have—3000m! That’s a lot for me, so if you’re laughing right now, just be proud!


That was at tri club swim, which came after a long-ish day.


I spent the morning studying and the day on my blind date for the Gazette. I can’t give too much away since we’re going to publish it in a bit, but I will say that I had fun, am a really good bowler, and had fun writing the story too!



chicken, cranberries, lettuce, and mayo on ezekiel bread


pear and peanut butter…so good!


Last night’s dinner post-swim didn’t get a picture. Squash and almond butter with raisins. Use your imagination!


I watched my friend swim her time trial last night. She made the time she needed to, which is literally twice as fast as I can swim, and looked so good doing it! I am so proud of her, inspired by her, and cannot wait to cheer for her in the next couple months.




The tri geeks went out last night. Last minute decision but it was really fun! Some ridiculous stuff happened at the bar, but I haven’t gone out and danced and had fun like that in a long time.





When I got home I refueled. Haha.



post bar recovery 😉


This morning, I did some organizing, cleaning, and schoolwork before I went to the pool. I started the chili for tonight’s Sunday Funday dinner – it’s got a secret ingredient. Okay, secret’s out – it’s pumpkin! Right now it’s vegetarian, but it’s gonna have an optional turkey addition (if I get my act together and go cook it!).  If it goes over well, there’s a recipe in the future! I’m also going to attempt beet chips (again, if I can get my act together).


yogurt bowl -- banana, honey, greek yogurt, ezekiel cereal, and peanut butter



I swam this afternoon and like I said was uber tired. I literally had my bike shorts (and two pairs of pants on) and was ready to get out on the roads today, but I realized something. Yesterday I said my hip was feeling less bad and that I thought I’d give it a day or two after I felt NO pain to be safe before I did anything. That went down the toilet (I blame it on feeling blah and lazy or something) but I caught myself and reminded myself: I want to be healthy, injury free, and training for a purpose, not driven by compulsion. I would rather be undertrained than overtrained, injured, or crazy. Sound like a good compromise?


I also made the BEST green monster today. It was inspired by Healthful Pursuit’s Caramel Apple version. I’ll perfect it and get the recipe up ASAP, promise!


In the mix: a frozen apple, vanilla yogurt, vanilla soy milk, spinach, a few dates, and some flax seed. Everything was perfect: the color, the consistency, the taste. I’m not hung over but the hydration helped!




My morning snack was also amazing. Ricotta cheese, where have you been all my life?



This post was so random and out of order. Hope you made it through.


How was your weekend?
Do you have a training motto?
Have you ever been on a blind date?
What are you doing for the Superbowl? 












4 responses to “Where’d the weekend go?

  1. Congrats on the epic swim!!! 3000m is no joke!! My furthest is 2000m. I would like to figure out how to perfect my form though before I ever do that again. In the mean time I’m just trying to develop some swim endurance – it’s a totally different beast compared to running!!

  2. Wowwww you’re a tank! Nice job on the 3000 m! 😀 How do you keep yourself from getting bored when you swim that long??

    That smoothie sounds so good! I’ve never tried making one with an apple before – I’m a banana smoothie girl through and through. 😉

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