February goals

In honour of Tara’s  post about her February goals, I am going to copy her be inspired and do my own version of a goals post for the month.

Food: Eat real food.

  • Go to the grocery store 2x per week so I have stuff on hand and don’t have to buy too much/throw lots away.
  • Prep meals in advance.
  • Pack meals.
  • Plan out what I’ll eat for the day first thing in the morning.
  • Try new recipes, especially from my new cookbook. I’m also loving stuff from Healthful Pursuit and The Edible Perspective right now. Bring on the variety.

School: Balance.

  • Do assignments at least a day before the deadline.
  • Stay organized.
  • Set myself up for success by printing readings and writing down what needs to be read.
  • Remember that marks aren’t everything.

Relationships: Build, maintain. 

  • Connect with people every day.
  • Realize that a text response can wait.

Career: Don’t rush into anything

  • Talk it out–look for advice and listen!
  • Consider alternatives and write down a few “back up” plans.

Personal: Calm down.

  • When I start to get stressed, take a break. Write it out–if I’m not in the mood to write about what I’m feeling, write about something else. Maybe use a prompt.
  • Breathe.
  • Do one thing at a time.
  • Watch TV. (haha, I’m serious!)
  • Rehab.

Training: Get better and get stronger.

  • Focus on pre-hab and fixing the issues that led to this hip stuff.
  • Come up with a training plan to ease back into things and to get to the starting line of my races injury free, fit, and happy.
  • Foam roll daily.
  • Work on core strength.
  • Focus on improving swim technique.


  • Environment is everything: I control what food I bring into my apartment. I control the state of my apartment (whether or not it’s a pig sty is in my control). I need to set myself up for success.
  • Mistakes are lessons: I may not be perfect, but everything I do “wrong” is a lesson waiting to happen.
  • We’re supposed to be happy: Enough said.
  • There is always time for friends: Homework, cleaning, and whatever else I feel like I “should” be doing mean nothing compared to quality time with people.
  • I can’t control other people: All I can do is control my reactions and attitudes and realize that what people do “to me” is likely not intended to hurt me–everyone has their own issues!

So there!

Andddd I have to add this in, cuz it happened when I logged onto Student Centre to apply to graduate–exciting in itself.

I’m in to my backup plan of Western’s Journalism program. It is SO early to hear — I guess someone up in the sky is looking out for me. To be honest this is stressful cuz it means those alternatives I’ve been thinking about need to get some consideration! I don’t know when I have to accept or decline from UWO, because they start in May I think it might be kind of early. I’ll obviously keep you posted!

What are you goals for this month?


18 responses to “February goals

  1. Cheryl, I have to tell myself to “watch TV” sometimes too. It’s funny how that is seems counter productive, isn’t it? For me it is a chance to sit down, relax and chat with my roommates. De-stressing is key ! xxo

  2. I’m so glad to see you are setting goals too!! My food and fitness ones are essentially the same – except for the fact that I don’t control what’s in my cabinets, and it can be a problem. My family likes to buy ice cream and I like to eat it, but don’t want to be eating it!! Congrats on hearing from the graduate program!! I just heard back from one of my top schools for undergrad and I am so excited to have the option to go there!!

  3. my goal is to kick my horrible, horrible procrastination habit! i always leave school work til the last minute possible! i could blame the internet, but truthfully its me that needs to exercise my self control. its easier said than done though! 😦

  4. I love how are you are always so proactive! These are such good goals and they’re motivating me to get my butt into gear too. 😀 I totally agree with what you said about there always being time for friends. Even when I’m super stressed and busy, I make time because it’s all about balance. School can’t be everything. I wish I’d learned that 8 years ago. 😛

  5. StoriesAndSweetPotatoes

    These are great realistic goals with balance in mind. I’m on board. I love this: “We’re supposed to be happy”!

  6. LOVE these goals!!!! I am still only halfway through writing my goals hahaha….fail. I love how you call it “setting yourself up for success” too – I think that’s my downfall in setting goals. Its one thing to know what you want as the end-result, its completely different to hash out what little steps are going to get you there, but it looks like you’ve really figured out what’s going to work for you and what isn’t!! I especially love that you recognize “environment is everything” – I never ever thought about it that way but it was so true. I can’t wait to see you kill these goals this month, you’ve already made SO much progress, especially on the food attitude front, and I think these goals are really gonna help you skyrocket forward.

    And CONGRATULATIONS on getting into journalism school!!!!!!!! Even if it’s just your “backup” plan, it does feel SO good to have something like that to fall back on, no? you will be doing SOMETHING next year lol! 😀

    • It was a confidence boost FOR SURE!

      I hope getting my mindset right was the first part and that this is just a short delay between the thinking and the doing. Usually I fake it til I make it but I feel like I KNOW what I need to eat/not eat and am just not there in reality yet. Soon, I can feel it.

      Can’t wait to read your goals!

  7. These are excellent goals! I agree about the relationships one too… I need to keep building them and of course maintaining them as well. I can never tell if goal are an okay thing for me to write out… I stick to them, sort of. I think I will try them for next month!
    You are always so positive and this is wonderful 🙂

  8. Great goals! I like the watching TV one because I can totally relate… I need to learn to CHILLL OUT. It’s harder than it sounds though, relaxation doesn’t come easily to me. Check out some recipes from The Healthy Foodie… beautiful pics and creative eats! I think you will enjoy. February, watch out!

  9. Hi Cheryl! I’ve been a silent reader for a few weeks now and decided now to make myself known 😀 Haha, do you still remember me? I only got to know you through only one semester… last last year?! (Food Science and Organic Chem) I hope you’re doing well, and congrats on the early admission! And I hope your hip gets better quick, and stick to your goals! Most of them are great reminders for me as well ;D

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