I should be running

About two months ago, when I was just starting to see myself as a runner, I registered for Around the Bay — the big race — but also for the Hypothermic Half Marathon, which is this Sunday in Sarnia and is obviously not happening.

This isn’t the first race I’ve missed and I’m not that upset about spending the money or in the mood to whine about how I’m frustrated with this injury (you can read today’s earlier post for that)…I’m just trying to shift my focus from being miserable that I’m not running (especially since the weather forecast is friendlier than I ever thought a February half marathon could be) to using the spare time well.

Besides Kate’s amazing comments on all my rambles about my frustration with my aches and pains, I’ve found some other things comforting:

  • “The Bright Side of Injuries”  — reminding me that this is going to make me a better runner and even a better person when all is said and done
  • pictures and quotes, obvs:

  • selected words of wisdom from an anonymous source who has really helped me lately:

“This is the grown up world and it is so scary…Life is about growning up and dealing with your choice and correcting it as you go. It’s not about regrets and should have could have. It’s about moving forward each day.”

  • my friends and support system (online, face to face, etc.) — thank you

Realization: while I am an athlete and that is who I want to be and see myself being (and I know I will get back to this), I think you can tell it’s been a valuable learning experience here.

    Andddd I should pay attention in this classs.

Did this dose of cheese resonate with you?
What’s the biggest lesson you’ve learned from a silly injury?

    How do you shift your attitude? 


      5 responses to “I should be running

      1. <333 aaah yes I love this!!! all of these things are things I constantly need to look to and remind myself of – I'm running, but its a struggle and it seems like every two weeks there's something new that's bothering me. My whole training log is a "this hurts – oh everything feels good yay! -now this hurts – oh its better!" saga haha. But you're right. The hard times are what shape us into better stronger people and athletes – you can rise to the occasion or you can let it beat you. bookmarking that link & downloading those pics on to my desktop to add to my motivation collection haha! I learned so much from being injured…..I wouldn't change it, actually. I think I'm inspired to do a post on it now wooo!

      2. I’ve been out of running for 4 months now. It’s difficult because I identify myself as a runner. It’s who I am. Even when I’m not running. You have to remember that being a runner is more than running. It’s having the drive, will, and determination to push through when the going gets tough. Injuries can be as tough as it gets, but they will make you stronger mentally and physically! There isn’t a single pro athlete out there who hasn’t had ups and downs in their career. It’s life, it’s hard, but we will make it through!! I’m always here for ya, and I’m going through the exact same thing. Sometimes blogging about it really helps me to remember these things and relate to others, so I hope you feel the same after posting this!!

      3. A silly injury, returning to land running from water running too quickly, taught me that I can pick up the race kit & wear the t-shirt – especially when I run the race two out of the three years I enter it.

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