Friday fun and frustrations

Today went fast…

After class and in class posting this morning, I wrote my Columbia writing test. Remember how I said I was going to read the “Top Stories of 2011” stuff at the turn of the year last year to prep? I didn’t, but I should have. Listing stories came up on it — oh boy. I struggled but I finished the test so that’s all dandy. I realized I REALLY don’t know how I feel about going to Columbia OR about going to journalism school. Yeah, I’m admitting it more and more — I am CONFUSED.

I was that girl for two reasons today in class – I ate a stinky tuna sandwich and crunchy carrots! Oh well.

I ate all my snacks and lunch, plus a lara bar and more almonds..

After the test, I decided to make it a rest day. I met with Meg for a chit chat and some Starbucks/Remark fun. She has a knack for making me smile!

After Remark, I picked up a cartful of healthy foods. I’m trying to set myself up for success (stay tuned for a “February Goals” post this weekend) and I know I need to bring in replacements if I want to take out some of the foods I’m going to try to get away from (convenience foods and things I feel vulnerable around).

Meg inspired me to give the Ezekiel cereal another go! I trust her. 🙂

Even with that kind of resolve, coming home, I started to pick and even to binge on things (even though I’d had TWO snacks after lunch?). I put a stop to it and made the dinner I was planning – a pita pizza with cheese, chicken, mushrooms, onions and spinach (so good!) and salad.

After dinner I had a hot chocolate and I’m just realizing I think I want my pajamas and bed right now. There’s no shame in that. I might relax with a magazine or a book.

I had to pry myself out of the kitchen and just put the stuff I was picking at in a bowl. I dug into the ice cream in my freezer – I think the idea of controlling my environment makes me worry I’m going to restrict so I was attempting to do the “last supper” eating that I realized a few spoons in isn’t necessary (I can have ice cream whenever I want it).

dates look like cockroaches

Moving on.

Trying to stay positive and to look on the bright side still! There’s lots for me to look forward to this weekend and next week, so I should be happy.  Stay tuned – I promise to bring some happy!

What are you looking forward to this weekend? 


10 responses to “Friday fun and frustrations

  1. I love Remark! Best…store…ever! And free coffee. Love! I can’t believe dates have no added sugar. I’ve been eating them as a sweet snack for ages, but I finally looked at the ingredients the other day and it said only dates. Again…love!

  2. WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO 😀 That pic makes me ultra happy and you made me even more happy today ❤ so happy we met up. i love you more than you know. and yay for taking that pic of the pizza! i was wondering ALL night how it turned out! SO PROUD of you for carrying through with it 🙂 SUCCESS!? I think so! There's a high five for friday 😉 woooooo

  3. Sooo good to see you tonight pretty girl and I always love giving your cute self a hug 🙂 xxoo.

  4. mannnnnn i wanna go shopping with you and meg!!! so jealous you guys go to the same school haha! Props on making today a rest day, and for getting through the test! I know how you feel with the career confusion…right there with ya. Its def good to do ALL The thinking and re-thinking before you commit to anything though – I ended up hating the grad school I went to this fall and getting out was MESSY. And yay for healthy grocery shopping! although if I resolve to like…remove foods from my pantry then I totally am guilty of that “last supper” thing hahaha. but. the pizza looks AMAZING. seriously thats one of my favorite topping combos!!

    • Ahhh, that’s what I’m scared might happen to me. I already pulled out of a program once in my undergrad, another year I dropped out of university entirely, and then went back…my track record is NOT ideal. I don’t like to stick with things just for the sake of it though so I guess I can look at it on the positive side!

  5. johnfranktaylor

    Thanks for posting all this information. What does “listing stories” mean? Can u give us further details as to what the test included? Thanks!!!!

  6. johnfranktaylor

    haha! I had to try! 🙂 Thanx so much anyway! And good luck!

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