You only get one

Last weekend’s Crossfit: Strength Considerations for Runners was filled with good info (and lots that I wish I’d heard about earlier — maybe to prevent this hip injury) and I even took notes! There was some stuff I wouldn’t do, but whatever.

While I don’t really think I’m into the workouts he suggested in place of long slow miles (only because I’m not going to go out and drag a tire or pull a sled for my workouts…let’s be honest), I do think it’s interesting! Tina at Carrots n Cake is trying out Crossfit and Crossfit Endurance while she’s training for a half…so I’m interested to get her take on it after the race!

Anyways, the part that took the longest was the “Body Maintenance” aspect. Here’s what I think is worth sharing/what I wrote down and remember. We did a buttload (like way more than I am going to list) of stretches and talked about “making change” — and how to see that you’ve got to consistently do these things. We used how a squat felt/looked as an indication of how things can change how you feel. I was surprised with some of them, which are the ones I’ll list!

  • hip flexor with a doorway: basically, you do a low lunge but you keep your chest up, drop your ribcage down, and reach back for the door (or a rack) behind you to keep your upper body up … big time stretch
  • hip capsule: he talked about breaking up the calcium that builds up in the hip joint — regardless, i felt a good stretch (and some bad clicking that I can at least tell physio about) and it looked like this, except that he had us do it with our hips back (like over the ankle) and out in front and then moving front and back and he had us hold it
  • foam roller for calves and IT band: instead of just rolling over and hanging out on a spot, he had us go over til we found one, rolling from side to side too, and then hanging out there, had us rotate our ankles for calves OR bend at the knees for IT bands to “activate” the muscle (more like active release, and more painful but that good oh man this is working pain)

This is the kind of stuff that takes time, can be boring and kinda painful, and that people don’t like to do. But it’s so important! He suggested (out of a long list of things you should be doing) to focus on 2 you really need work on plus one other random one of the things for 10 minutes three times a week to make change. Once you stop seeing gains from doing this, you can move onto three different things and do maintenance of those 2 exercises plus whatever other 2 you wanna focus on instead. That I think I could commit to!

 “Take care of your body. It’s the only place you have to live.” ~ Jim Rohn

It’s the same with physio have to make time for it and you have to be willing to do this. It’s about health and taking care of your body. Not about “getting jacked,” “burning calories,” or doing something “hardcore” 🙂 !

Have you ever tried Crossfit?
Do you foam roll?  


3 responses to “You only get one

  1. I so agree. The reason many people think running is the easiest sport in the world is because they think all you have to do is just put one foot in front of the other and do it fast. But honestly, all the behind-the-scenes maintenance work is what REALLY makes the running happen! I’ll tell you right now, I spend more time on what they call “pre-habilitation” than on working out itself. foam rolling, stretching, basic strength and stability exercises, weight training, core work, massage….yep. it’s tedious and time consuming and i’d rather either run or lay on my bed reading a book, but it’s gotta be done! the runner’s body needs a lot of maintenane haha.

    Hang in there with the hip! I know it can be tough because physical therapy doesn’t work overnight. You’re going to go for a few weeks and not see improvements – that’s cuz what you’re doing is building strength and flexibility and obviously that’s not gonna happen in a day. Believe me, I was in your exact same position last month! And even when things are healed, not every day is going to be great – it’s a slow progression, two steps forward one step back. And that’s okay! Be patient, treat yourself well, and be diligent with the exercises and in a few weeks you WILL see the results! In the meantime, if you need to feel better about yourself, pick up a copy of Kara Goucher’s book (Running for Women I think its called), and read her section on injury – seriously the things you and I are dealing with/have dealt with are nowhere near what she’s been through. It’s really inspiring!! And if she can come back from THAT to make two olympic teams and win a world championship medal…you bet your azz you and I can get back in the game too 🙂

    • I feel like I should set up a section entitled “inspirational advice from kate” or something — I can’t even thank you enough for all the words of support. 🙂

      I think I’m going to do a clean sweep of my cupboards when I get home. Note to self: don’t “clean out” by eating it all! I think I’ll keep my dark chocolate reese’s around 🙂

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