WIAW – First for February

New month! WIAW! Excitement!

Ohhh, today was delicious!

Breakfast was cereal and banana and soy milk with pecans and was perfect.

After class this morning, I dropped Fashion Writing. Yay for Thursday afternoon freedom (tomorrow filled with a dietitian visit, physio and a trip to talk to a triathlon coach here in town and then maybe heading to a support group for a check-in)…Afterwards, I had something different for my morning snack – I can’t remember the last time I ate hummus! I always buy it, but it just sits there in my fridge til I share it or throw it out.  With zucchini and carrots, it was nice for a change! I had lots of options to choose from because I packed a fridge-ful of food in an attempt to stop myself from getting desperate or having to buy stuff today! Set yourself up for success…

ham and cheese sandwich, leftover tomato soup, apple, orange, almonds, peanut butter, carrots, zucchini, and hummus ... oh the possibilities!

The lunch hungries came early. I had my ham and cheese sandwich (on pumpernickel—making the most of that loaf!) and leftover tomato soup. It was amazing.

I spent the day working at the Gazette and trying to get started on my 750 word personal essay assignment. It’s due Friday. Ideas: losing toenails, my cookbook shelf, what it meant to cross the finish line of the first half marathon I ran, etc. I’m leaning towards the last—because it started off as a draft with my experience of grade 9 gym class. 750 words isn’t that much and it’s just a draft that is due on Friday, but I really want to try with this class because it’s something I enjoy and want to get better at! I spent some time at the library, where I downed my apple and peanut butter before heading to the gym to teach bootcamp and spin!

Both classes went well. I did a revamp of yesterday’s workout for bootcamp and I unfortunately forgot my new cd and had to use the spin playlist from January 9 …but oh well. Familiar faces and a good sweat session, though I’ll admit I couldn’t get into it myself. Hmmph. I am so cautious with this hip. Cmonnnnnn physio!

After my workouts, I snarfed my orange in the locker room so I’d have enough fuel to cook a dinner, which I did! I am pretty excited that I made such an improvement from last week’s post workout eating spree!

I made roasted potatoes (which I microwaved first), spinach chips (a la kale chips) which I boosted up with some steamed (microwaved) spinach), and a salmon steak! Best part? I have leftovers for tomorrow!

After dinner I picked up my replacement iPhone. Still praying I don’t end up having to pay when they realize it’s water damaged…

I also went in lulu – dangerous. I am having a decaf Americano now and need to do some work on two assignments due for Friday and then do my physio stuff before bed! I am going to try to get into that routine so that I’m off the computer and doing something not staring at a screen before bed! Swimming is early tomorrow but I’m looking forward to it and to a busy busy day.

A plan for my new phone is to keep it on silent except phone calls and to answer stuff less often (sorry folks, if it’s important call me). I don’t need to check my email every time I get out of the car or sit down somewhere. Just sayin’…I’m also thinking of keeping facebook off of it…but I’m not sure! I like posting at the end of the day here with my camera’s pictures so I might have a new routine going.

I’m going to rant for a second here, and then stop whining:

  • The weather outside is warm and crazy for February. While I don’t wish snow upon any of us, I am really frustrated by my injury because I can’t be out running in the warm weather.
  • My hip is getting expensive. Physio is 50$ an hour, massages are 60$ an hour, and parking on campus is pricey but when it really hurts, I’m going to shell it out. I want to be better—now.
  • Teaching bootcamp is fun but I am ready to be able to do it with them. C’mon hip, heal. I am so frustrated and I learned my lessons – don’t complain about “having to workout”—every workout is a treat (remind me of that when training gets tough), don’t jump into things too soon, don’t neglect your body, give yourself time to recovery, eat well.
  • If you have a boyfriend, don’t whine about how much you hate valentine’s day. Leave that for painfully single gals like me and just keep it to yourself, even if you think it’s a commercialized waste of time. I’ll take your chocolates. Thanks.

That’s all!

This ended up being so long. Props if you’re still reading and comprehending.

This also just happened:

What did you eat today?

What’s your favorite kind of hummus?

What could you use a rant about? Feel free…I’m all ears. 


6 responses to “WIAW – First for February

  1. LOL valentines day….yeaaaa. they’re not great. I think this is my first v-day that i’ll be single innnn 5 years? and I’m looking forward to it! stupid holiday that’s too much pressure if you’re in a relationship and kind of depressing if your’e not hah. ANYWAY looks like once again a solid delicious day of eats!! props for cramming something in post-workout too, and spinach chips is like the best idea EVER!! esp. cuz I’m not the biggest fan of kale lol. Hopefully the PT will start working soon – in my experience obviously strength and flexibility aren’t built overnight, so there’s gonna be a few weeks where you feel like its not doing anyting – give it time!! Happy 1st of the month!

  2. Totally agree with the valentine’s day comment.

  3. I hadn’t had hummus in ages but I think I had it every day on vacation! I always forget how good it is, but it tends to go bad pretty fast (at least in my experience) so we rarely buy it. I guess I’ll just have to eat it faster!! I can totally relate to injuries getting soooo expensive and taking care of them just gets annoying after a while! People probably think I have major issues or something because I ALWAYS have appointments!

  4. Spinach chips?? I need to try this, I didn’t believe it was possible!
    BTW overnight oats with mango+orange zest+coconut = pre-swim tropical heaven

  5. Yay for hummus! I actually like a lot of different kinds. I think Sabra is my fave, but President’s Choice and Garden Fresh are both good too! Not a fan of La Fontaine though.

    My rant: negative people. I hate it when all a person does is complain and swear. Especially when I’m stuck sitting beside that person in class. 😛 I don’t need people like that bringing me down!

  6. I recently made my own “Hummus” with white beans and sesame seeds (No tahini in my kitchen at the time). SO yummy, and a different twist on the traditional- try if you’re interested in changing it up. I use garlic, onion, white beans, sesame seeds, and olive oil- Thatzit.

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