Time flies…

You’re getting a double dose of me today! I just posted my workout from bootcamp this evening under my training page. Yay for making this blog better. I might as well work on it while I brainstorm about where I’m headed (online writing course assignments as motivation, thank you very much)!

I’m happy right now with my hot chocolate, a few things checked off my to do list, and a general feeling of being busy but in a good way. I also know that the things I feel “bad” about doing or not doing today are lessons and spots for me to do better tomorrow. Time kind of flies when you focus on the stuff you CAN and NEED TO get done and on having the best time possible while you do it…

i.e. I may be struggling with this hip injury, but I CAN and I GET TO swim. When I was a kid you had to DRAG me out of the pool. Now I can go on my own time for as long as I want (or til I am a prune). I also realize that not everyone has access to such a beauty of a pool as I do…horseshoe, up my butt.


Foodwise, I made a list of what I thought I’d try to eat today and I refuse to beat myself up for not sticking to it. I was hungrier than anticipated today and I didn’t make awful choices, just different ones. I think the writing down at least a preliminary plan (and sticking with it if the foods I plan/pack are appetizing) is a good starting point for me. It’s the not beating myself up for eating more or different or whatever that is important, though!

I thought I’d wake up feeling sort of full because last night I had a late bedtime snack—a really good green monster. I made it with banana, chocolate soy milk, cocoa, spinach, and peanut butter and gave up the guilt over having a heftier snack at bedtime and for having two bananas in a day. I remember when a banana was “too much sugar” and I’d choose apple after apple instead. Insanity. Look how far we’ve come.. 😉

Anyways, I was ravenous and had a big bowl of cottage cheese, cereal, and grapes with some pecans this morning (alongside coffee of course).

I packed myself a good looking spread for the day (it was gonna be a long one).

We had a staff meeting at the gym and afterwards I hung out at Starbucks while I waited for the mall to open so I could go figure out my phone situation. The hungries came back so I bought a greek yogurt parfait, skipped most of the granola in favour of my banana, and said it’s better to eat too soon than to wait to long, in my case!

After I fixed the phone situation and bought myself a trainer – Cycle ops fluid, if you’re interested – I snarfed my LARA bar on the way to campus. I spent the day at the Gazette working and I had the salad I packed, the almonds (mixed with a box of cranberries that I had in my desk), and still felt hungry enough after my swim to down my apple before bootcamp.

When I got home I was hungry (but not as desperately so as normally) so I made a quick dinner: grilled cheese and tomato soup. Comfort food that tastes like my childhood, but pretty healthy.

There was a little chocolate after dinner, but I’m over it. Remembered that you don’t speed up if you realize you’re speeding and see a cop…so why when I started to realize I was eating out of habit would I keep eating? I put the chocolate away…

Random thoughts, go:

  • I am uber excited to ride my trainer (okay, if I can figure it out).
  • I am not so excited for the Writing test on Friday afternoon.
  • I’m looking forward to the assignments I have due this Friday.
  • I’m anxious to drop Fashion Writing (tomorrow).
  • My hip is staying about the same and I go to physio again on Thursday, plus I have a massage then!
  • I think for next week’s Gazette Sex Issue, I am going on a blind date. I have this funny feeling it’s going to be easy to write about—so many possibilities. Obvs I would volunteer for this!
  • I have to share this video from my friend. She is a crazy inspirational swimmer/athlete, FYI, and I cannot stop watching this since she shared it with me! It’s worth the click:

Do you find it helpful to plan your meals on a daily basis?
Have you ever been on a blind date?


16 responses to “Time flies…

  1. I had no idea Starbucks parfaits were made with Greek yogurt. You learn something new everyday! I need to pick up some more yogurt when I get groceries this weekend. I’m all out!

  2. your a lot more successful than me…i ate my usual bedtime snack (which is WAY bigger than your smoothie recipe on every night) ,,then I binged on a box of granola bars…it is almost midnight now…and i’m guilt ridden and ashamed…
    and I’ll still wake up and eat a huge breakfast + big meals and snacks all day…including carbs…and I won’t exercise (cause I can’t).
    God, I’m really failing now…I don’t try anymore. i’m ashamed.

    • I feel for you. I think you can break the cycle…and the fact that you feel like what you’re doing now is not ideal is something. That you’re saying that means part of you wants to stop…and I think you can do it. I know it’s possible.

      • There’s two different ones, actually! They’re a rip off but that’s okay in a pinch compared to something unhealthy and a bit cheaper…

      • How do I deal with it?
        I woke up only a few hours later and forced in a big breakfast..and now am constipated. I don’t exercise (but am underweight). Do I eat less? eat less carbs? was i crazy to force in a huge breakfast and now end up consipated and a belly bloaed like i’m pregnant). Do I eat just as much or more? no exercise…is that awful? how do i get the body “back on normal track ” post-binging (for weeks in a row) when I don’t exercise + i keep just eating and eating the next day as usual…

      • I can’t tell you how to eat. All I know is that if what you are doing is all about “forcing” and feeling bad, it’s not the right thing. HAve you read “Intuitive Eating”? It’s one of my favourites.

  3. Planning meals sort of happens. The more I use the slow-cooker (and bread machine), the more I am planning what is available. Packing a couple sandwiches and veggies for my hours on campus is one method of planning.

    I enjoy reading GazEd blind date write-ups. Have fun with it.

    A trainer sounds like fun. From the manual: “Using stationary trainers will cause increased tire wear. Use harder rubber composed tires.” (and proper inflation. Are you going the route of having a second rear wheel? or just changing the tire?)

    • They threw in a training tire when I bought it, actually. Forgot to update their website after they had posted “for one week only” about a month ago. So I said that, showed them online, and they had to do it. Free. That’s a big deal on a student budget! So I’ll have to get that switched for the next few months here… another learning opportunity! The first time I got new tires on my bike a friend did it for me as a Christmas/birthday surprise.

      • Way to get good customer service!

        Tire/tube changes are well worth understanding (unless/until you have a support van trailing you).

        Written details: http://sheldonbrown.com/flats.html
        Practical: Come upstairs and visit PurpleBikes.ca

        Even better, turn your learning experience with Purple Bikes into a story for Wed Feb 15 (on which PB plans to be in the UCC atrium to raise awareness for cycling).

  4. I’m really proud of you for honoring your hunger! I know I always feel guilty about “hungry days” too, but I think it all balances out over times. Some days, regardless of the workout i did, I’m just not hungry. Some days, again regardless of exercise, I’m a bottomless pit! It used to freak me out a LOT and I would restrict like a madwoman, but now I know its okay to eat less when I’m not hungry and eat more when I am. That way I’m never over-stuffed or uncomfortable and I get most of the food I need! And props for the bananas and bigger bedtime snack – ATHLETE FOOD!!! I eat a banana after every workout. so if I do two workouts….hehehe. I love your green monster idea!! totally a super healthy bedtime FUEL. I will call it fuel because its so full of the good stuff, that’s what its gonna do for ya :). I always have a pretty large bedtime snack, mainly cuz I only eat toast before my AM workout ( I just hate working out hard w/ food in my stomach) – so I have a PB -honey sandwich and like 2cups of fruit. I’ve actually been eating that for like four years haha. Also YEEAAAAAAA for the trainer!!! I have that same one too and am about to go ride it right now actually 😀 CHEERS!

    • Ohhh, that sounds like a delicious way to end the day. Nancy Clark always says you can eat at night and just “top up” in the morning. I tried it this summer when I was having GI issues on morning runs. I found it tricky at first to realize that food would be there as fuel and not as fat in the morning, but it did work as a fuelling strategy!

  5. This is great that you are honoring your hunger and shows how much you are progressing! As you may or may not have read, I have been talking about the same thing on my blog lately so yes, I am so with you on this one! Not comparing myself to others is key in all of this.. I just need more food than other people and that is the way it is!

    • Your blog is amazing. I just realized it wasn’t on my blogroll but I fixed that immediately.

      Comparisons are always the downfall…unless they’re with yourself and you realize how far you’ve come!

  6. Yes! Meal planning has been a lifesaver for me this semester! I have later afternoon and evening classes this semester, so I have to plan packable dinners or fast dinners to make when I get home. It’s helping me stay so much more organized and less stressed!

  7. i am loving all of these eats 🙂 ooooo the pumpernickle gets me every time ❤

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