Queen of the cookbook

I have so many cookbooks.

I think it’s cuz I picture myself cooking elaborate delicious things and then think buying the cookbook will automatically make myself that person…

The latest addition (I bought it this weekend) I might actually be able to get down to business with!Simple, delicious, and with pictures are requirements when it comes to cookbooks I’ll actually use! I love Whole Living magazine so when I saw the “Power Foods” cookbook at Chapters the other day, I knew it was a must buy (and I was starving at the time, what can I say!). It’s based on 38 healthy ingredients 🙂 …

I even love the intro:

Healthy eating doesn’t have to be a challenge. It should be easy and it should be pleasurable.”

oohhh martha! And there’s a section on nutrition guidelines that just MAKES SENSE:

The recipes I’m most excited to try/share with you guys (cuz I never stick to a recipe):

  • quinoa crunch with seasonal fruit and yogurt
  • whole grain toast with goat cheese and raspberries
  • oat bran applesauce mini muffins (muffins are a fear food for me, but these ones look so good an shave dates and applesauce and honey for the sweetness!)
  • quinoa, apricot, and nut clusters (sub for granola bars!)
  • beet chips
  • greek yogurt and vegetable sandwiches
  • grilled mushroom burgers with white bean spread
  • pita sandwiches with spinach-chickpea spread
  • quinoa and turkey patties in pita with tahini sauce
  • autumn greens soup
  • soba noodle soup with shiitakes and spinach
  • chili with chicken and beans
  • sablefish in tomato saffron stew
  • shredded brussels sprouts salad
  • sauteed spinach with pecans and goat cheese
  • marinated beet salad
  • arugula with maple-roasted pumpkin
  • asian chicken salad with bok choy
  • wilted kale with cranberry beans and delicate squash
  • grilled fish tacos
  • paprika shrimp with walnuts
  • walnut crusted chicken breasts
  • grilled pork tenderloin and apricots with honey glaze
  • roasted fall vegetables
  • savory stuffed sweet potatoes
  • kale slaw with peanut dressing
  • vanilla bean baked apples

So much quinoa. So many meatless Monday options. Why would I ever eat something boring again!? I can hardly wait to get cooking!

Do you have lots of cookbooks? Do you use them?
What’s your fav cookbook?
What’s the next recipe you want to try? 


3 responses to “Queen of the cookbook

  1. Ohhh man girl I can relate – I’m a cookbook hoarder too! My favourite is this one called “Fresh Food Fast” that I got for $1 at a garage sale (!!!). It was seriously the best $1 I’ve ever spent.

    Also holy crap those recipes all sound so good! I can’t wait for you to try them out and post about them!

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