Monday rundown

Happy Monday!

Just a quick post before I head to spin (and I promise to get you a playlist when I can sit down for long enough to youtube the songs!) tonight.

The week is off to a fast start! Where’d today go? I was up uber early and I tried to get lots done. Success on some fronts, like getting my digital camera going, work at the Gazette, and a trip to the physio. I had a little breakdown over the stress of this week and over Fashion Writing. I think I might drop the course and take the WDN on my transcript. I called the registrar and asked if it affects getting into grad school — they said NO as long as you still have your degree. I’m meeting with my academic counsellor on Wednesday morning. I guess I’ll sleep on it for a day or two but a major thing is that I think I’ll become a part time student if I do and I won’t have all the same benefits (dietitian? health care?) if I do. Hmmph. I am thinking I’ll keep my other “challenging” writing class because I actually LIKE it and one low-ish mark won’t kill me if it’s averaged out with some other higher ones! I aced my first assignment in Sports Sociology 🙂 so I feel good about where that course could go. Yay for essay courses in things I find interesting…

On the eating front, I kept today to a meatless Monday! I feel good about my choices. My unphotographed breakfast was greek yogurt with an apple, muesli, and maple syrup. My morning snack was my almonds and a banana that I got at school. I need one those banana carriers so I don’t ruin my nanners but could still pack em! To be honest, 61 cents on a piece of fruit isn’t so bad…My lunch was a leftover black bean burger with zucchini, onion, and romaine and tzatziki in most of a whole wheat pita. Yum. Afternoon snack was a LARA bar because I was not interested in the berries or the carrots I brought. When I got home I immediately made a cheese sandwich with some cherry tomatoes on the side. Pumpernickel bread was new and yummy for me and I can’t wait to have it as toast later this week. Yay for eating new things and for keeping it fresher than I have been.

the snacks and lunch i packed this morning

On the agenda tomorrow is a swim, a staff meeting at the gym, and replacing my phone! I’m also going to try to pick up a trainer, miss as little time as possible at the Gazette, and I teach bootcamp. There’s still a bunch of homework and writing on my to do list, including an assignment that requires me to watch a sports film and “read” it in a sociological context. I’m thinking of using “Stick It” or maybe “Blue Crush” but I do own the Rocky box set if it comes down to it! Tearing apart my fav movies for promoting gender or class ideologies or whatever is going to be hard! NTM I am really bad at watching movies! Anyone care to join me for some analysis, perhaps with a simultaneous epic foam rolling session!?

Now it’s time for me to get going on things! My laundry is going in the machine when I leave (I am committing) and I’m going to spin a bit before the class and do my physio exercises after. Swim is early tomorrow so I’m gonna hit the hay ASAP when I get home!

Do you like Rocky? What’s your fav sports movie?
How was your Monday?
Have you ever dropped a course and taken a WDN? (This won’t be my first one)



12 responses to “Monday rundown

  1. Every time I run or bike I warm up to this song, if you like it, add it to the playlist! Also, cherry tomatoes are from heaven.

  2. ok so i love pumpernickle too 🙂 try it with mashed avocado k?????????????????? 🙂 yummy. i promise

  3. I would totally watch a movie and foam roll with you!! except i suck at watching movies too, so…yeah that would be a fail hahaha. hopefully the physio appt went well!! i’m looking forward to a spin playlist, my workout music seriously needs a facelift or something. Love all your eats of the day too, so fresh! pumpernickel bread is one of my faves, it’s REALLY good as toast. I like it best with fruit preserves, but in an odd way, peanut butter is good on it too…

  4. jam + cheddar on toast is good

    also coconut oil + jam + toast dipped in yogurt

    – what is “wdn”?
    – u are a terrific eater…does your dietitian ever give sample meal plans ? mine might…i’m nervovus…i don’t know how to eat intiutitively..i don’t know what I like ..what i want…underweight and i just shove food in..and then binge and what i thin k i “should”…how will a dietitian know what i want?? i have zero clue

    plus, so many different food regimes i admire…like i like the whole protein and fat emphasis..but then i see others with such balance and wholesome goodness that i think maybe the food guide is correct..etc etcc
    the worse is knowing how to recover after a binge..i feel like i need a freaking detox…but when underweight i can’t risk that…

    love your blog.

    • Thanks for the compliment.

      I love cheddar.

      I’ve had specific plans from the dietician and then more generic ones with options. I found I needed different things from her at different times!

      I think the only way to know if a dietitian is a good fit is to talk to her. I had a very flexible meal plan for a long time (i.e. a grain serving that I could CHOOSE the grain and options for combos). It’s scary but so worth it to give it a shot!

      Food is fuel, plain and simple. It should taste good and it should be real. It should fuel whatever it is you do with your life. It shouldn’t have a lot of power. That’s where I’m at in MY recovery, but everyone comes out with a different view.

  5. Cheering is a sport: Fired Up; Bring It On
    (Film + foam rolling sounds great. If our schedules match, and you want something more ‘traditional’ than cheer, I am curious about Redbelt; Rocky as a character is all I remember from that series of movies.)

    Monday: Adjusted SPD cleats before and after class. Hope I can warm-up on a bike today to check that I’m good for Wednesday.

    WDN: Withdrawn without academic penalty (typically between the last date to add and the last date to drop a course).

    For one class my being interested in the course material was of no help. I was just missing the main concept which was being applied recursively. At the third recursion, I called it quits for the course. I kept the textbook in case for when my interest resurfaces.

    I heard the full-time/part-time difference may have changed, but at one point anyone could register as full-time, pay the additional fees (e.g. bus pass, health plan), and then drop the extra courses. The change I heard was that up until some point in time (cannot say when) they’d refund some of the fees.

    Practically speaking, health plan opt-out is in fall term and it’s too easy to say ‘lost my bus pass’ if you’re ever asked to return it.

  6. Apparently “part time” status takes the whole year into consideration – just just one semester. So as long as you took 4 or 5 courses last semester, you should be fine! 🙂 At least, that’s what they told me when I only took 3 courses last semester.

    Your food yesterday all looks so good. I love pumpernickel bread! Especially with cream cheese and smoked salmon. Mmm!

    My favourite sports movie as a kid was always Little Giants. Ok, I’ll admit it, I still love it. Please tell me you’ve seen it? 😀

    • Hey! I didn’t take enough last semester either though! That’s okay…I’ll worry about it if it becomes an issue.

      And I wish I could eat that RIGHT NOW.

      I forgottttt about that movie. but love!

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