Weekend wrap up

Hey everyone!

Sorry for being M I A this weekend. I feel like my head is still M I A but I figure a post might help me get back to thinking straight!

My post last night was drunken. Oopsy!

Charity ball was fun! Everyone looked so pretty!

I was Über tired after a long day (awesome day):

  • indoor cycle class (on trainers) at Reynold’s Cycle — it was good, it was sweaty, and I want to buy a trainer (replacement phone vs. trainer, hmmmm?)
  • Crossfit for Runners workshop all afternoon — lots of good knowledge that I’m going to try to share at some point (I took notes) and to put to use!
  • triathlon club swim (did a short set — 2100 ish — and felt like I was asleep the whole time)

but I am glad I went!

I hate that I can’t photo my eats…but they were good yesterday! There was greek yogurt, berries, butternut squash, wine, all kinds of goodies! I had kettle corn, chocolate chips, etc. in the midst of my drunkennness and feel like I would be repeating myself if I went into all the crap about how drinking makes me vulnerable and so does being too tired and being stressed and being at big social events. I had fun at the dance, though, and I’m focusing on that and not allowing myself to beat myself up for anything that I feel was “bad”. Everything’s a learning opportunity, and I am thinking of it like this:

“I will never take a step backward – sideways, diagonally, up, down, but never back.”


As a side note, I have not gotten so much love for this blog in a long time. I know I’ve said it before, but it means so freaking much to me. And I got a shout out from Tina, who I 100% look up to as an example of the kind of blog I’d like to have some day! So flattered.

Today was another busy day. This morning I went to work at the Gazette before heading to swim with one of the tri clubs in town. Then I met up with a friend who is currently the cutest pregnant woman ever for a MUCH needed, overdue reunion! She gave me my Christmas gift — espresso and an which I am so excited to try out but which is only going to fuel my caffeine addiction ;). I can’t take Β a picture but it looks a lot like this one:

Yay! Thanks to her and her husband for the gift. πŸ™‚ It was really good to see her and to have a conversation–she’s also someone I really look up to! Role model alert: teacher, coach, and great source of encouragement. πŸ™‚

Afterwards, I went to my friend’s house for Sunday Funday dinner. I love this tradition and I can’t for the life of me figure out why I took so long to start going. Note to self: you WILL feel better if you hang out with your friends for a while. I even got some pre-dinner QT with RachelΒ and Mel — and a much needed pep talk.

When I got home I rounded out the delish stuff I tried over there (I had lunch at like 3:30 so wasn’t hungry hungry at dinner time) with a sweet potato and almond butter with some raisins. So good. Now I’m diving headfirst into a buttload of work: writing and editing for the Gazette, readings, thinking about what I’ve got this week (too much). On the schedule:

  • spin classes, bootcamps, and swimming πŸ™‚
  • buying a trainer
  • replacing my phone 😦
  • my writing test for Columbia
  • financial aid application deadlines
  • an essay and two other assignments due
  • staff meeting at the gym
  • physio — I want an answer
  • classes
  • readings
  • work at the Gazette

Blahhhhhhhh. Can it be spring break yet?!

How was your weekend?
What are you dreading looking forward to this week?Β 



8 responses to “Weekend wrap up

  1. You looked awesome!! You rock the pixie cut, I love it. This week will be full of work for me because it’s my boyfriend’s 21st bday on Sat and I’m coming to Londy to surprise him!! Hehe, he has no idea I can’t wait. An 11 hour train ride is worth 1) being there for his bday and 2) getting tons of work done

  2. YOU LOOK SO GORGEOUS!!!! omg seriously I love your dress! That’s definitely the kind of style I like to wear too! So glad you had a fun weekend. and yeaaah the trainer works you like none other! I ride my trainer and omg, it hurts haha. like, very few workouts can leave me feeling absolutely spent but the trainer totally does. And yeaa drunk eating…I never make myself proud with that either. But its okay! I mean who does, really? I don’t know a single chick that snacks on carrots and celery when she comes home drunk, lol. PROPS for not beating yourself up about it and moving forward though!! πŸ˜€

  3. You looked GREAT at charity ball! That dress is so cute! πŸ™‚

    Ugh drunk food – I’ve been there. My weakness is always shawarma or ordering pizza at 3 am. πŸ˜› I just wake up and pretend it never happened so that I can’t feel too bad about it haha.

  4. You look so pretty in the pics!!! It looks like you had a good time and definitely had quite the workout schedule going this weekend. I actually love feeling ridiculously tired after working hard, at least in my training!! Gosh your week does look hectic! I’m dreading going back to school. I’m dreading going back home actually. Miami is so warm!!!

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