Feeling it

Yesterday’s post got so much feedback and I feel so supported. Thank you guys so much.

This is one of those in class posts that I should NOT be making.

But I have to share some love and appreciation for all the honest advice I’ve been getting.

And the title works in more than one way: I woke up this morning feeling like CRAP. When I got home last night, hungry, I had another dose of cereal and chocolate chips. In a bowl, but a tummy ache this morning came with the territory of being anxious, uncomfortable, and on the verge of change.

Sometimes a dose of honesty is what it takes to get you to check in with yourself. I’m adding some new/improved goals to my eating right now:

  • Consider all foods as equal but not eat “junk” just to prove to ED that I can.
  • Eat mostly real food. This shouldn’t be a goal that I have to say — it should just happen.
  • Try to eat a different snack instead of relying on store bought granola bars every single day.
  • Take a page from Leanne at Healthful Pursuit and figure out a way of eating that works for me.
  • Focus on sharing recipes that are healthy, new, and based on nutritious ingredients.
  • Notice when I’m relying on convenience food or neglecting to spend the time/energy on shopping, cooking, prepping foods that I want to eat.
  • Focus on quality instead of quantity: this blog, my food, my closet. Whooh, getting introspective on you here!
  • Focus on nutrients, not on calories. As much as I try to do this, I can think of situations where I fall back into that old habit of choosing something “low fat” when I have healthy real food on hand. I should be scared of franken foods, not of fuel.

Yay for resolve. I am going to head to the pool after this three hour class, I think! Then I’m hoping to see some friends and hopefully clean my apartment and have a relaxing day. This weekend is busy but there’s lots to look forward to–a “Strength Considerations for Runners” workshop at Crossfit London tomorrow, Charity Ball, and hopefully a few good swims and workouts.

The point of this post was also to share these uber cute inspiring pics from Curly Girl’s new stuff:

And an old fav.:

What is one goal you have for yourself?
What are you up to this weekend?  


5 responses to “Feeling it

  1. yes yes yes please share recipes!!! all of your food always looks so good to me lol, even though its stuff you eat on a regular basis. I love these new nutrition goals too – focusing on nutrients over calories is something I’ve been trying to do too! My nutritionist has me trying to aim for grams of carbs/fat/protein etc rather than # calories…its hard cuz I’m a human calculator, but such a more healthy way to go about things! And yes to eating mostly real food. I feel like in the blog world people give you flak for saying you want to eat less sweets/junk but like…I feel better, healthier, and more energetic when the great majority of my food is natural ya know? Your weekend sounds so fun!! I can’t wait to see your dress ensemble for charity ball…I miss having sorority formals to get dressed up for!!

  2. That workshop tomorrow sounds awesome! You’ll have to let me know how it is!

    Eat more real food… I struggle with this too! Like with my cereal – just because it’s Kashi, doesn’t mean it’s necessarily good for me. And things like BBQ sauce and stir fry sauces – they’re so full of weird ingredients! I need to ween myself off them.

    My goal is to be better at refueling as soon after a workout as possible, instead of waiting until I get home and shower before I eat.

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