Carb queen, ch ch ch changes and some entertainment

Call me carboloaded. Yesterday after my toast dinner and iPhone post before spin, I was STARVING. I ate my second granola bar of the day before spin. I was driving and literally could not stop thinking about the fact that there was one in my glove compartment. Carb cravings from lack of sleep much? Whatever.

Spin didn’t hurt! I didn’t push myself with tension, which is not easy for me (I am really bad at “easy” workouts), but I know to be smart about this hip! I am looking forward to a full speedy recovery and I know what it takes. πŸ™‚


Afterwards, I still felt like I pushed it, at least according to my hungry belly. Even though my eyes were struggling to stay open, I was hungry enough for a snack — chocolate (dessert!), walnuts, and honey on greek yogurt. I started to eat a few handfuls of the chocolate when I realized just what was about to happen. I wanted to binge. Β In the past being really tired and stressed about school and about having eaten what I thought was “too much” or just differently than normal (2 packs of granola bars, 4 pieces of bread, and tons of cereal in a day seem like a lot to me but then I realized that it’s not a lot and that I don’t always eat such a boring, grain-filled diet so I really shouldn’t beat myself up) would have set me up for a bad night. Then I remembered that regardless of what I may or may not have done wrong that day (not doing enough homework, eating too much chocolate, not getting my laundry or chores done, whatever!) is NOT a reason to make myself feel bad or punish myself with food. I had an extra long shower instead and went to bed relaxed…but only after posing the question to a few friends: How would you feel about a blogging name change?

Get excited guys. I know it’s mean of me to leave you on the edge of your seat, but there are ch ch ch ch ch ch changes a-comin’! It’s not that I don’t continue to eat, play, and love…but I know who I want to be in the blogosphere and I hope you guys will follow along with me when I make the switch.

This morning I woke up hungry again. I can’t even blame cold weather or extra exercise. I think when I don’t work out as much or as hard I actually FEEL hunger! Maybe eating more (closer to what I really need?) is re-awakening my metabolism? Maybe I’m burning through the carbs like I should be? Anyways, I had cereal and milk this morning (doubled my half serving to a full one — I know I should eat more earlier in the day because I will burn through it and because I don’t want to feel hungry during my swim or ravenous by the time I get to my real breakfast!).


Swim was good today! We did drills but the hour went by really fast. I think with the kicking I did after it was about 2100 for me. Short course, so that’s a whole lot of me wishing I knew how to do a flip turn. I was hungry for bread after my swim so I left my muesli uneaten and bought a bagel instead.


Now I’m at that awkward time where I know I’ve got homework to do before the Gazette. Bring. It. On. I am going to try to make up for a day of slacking yesterday with uber productivity today! I’ve got bootcamp at 6:35 to teach and I have no idea what to do with the group…it’s weird for me to be clueless as to a plan for butt kicking. HELP!

Here’s the entertainment I promised…it started with Rachel’s sharing “Sh*t Triathletes Say” yesterday.

So funny, and so true! I definitely laughed out loud!

Then I thought about what I’d put in “Sh*t Healthy Living Bloggers Say”…turns out there’s one out there, and it’s pretty funny.


Suggestions for a bootcamp workout?
Do you know how to flip turn in the pool?
Have you ever changed blog addresses? Advice?
What would you put in a “Sh*t Bloggers Say Post”?
What’s your favourite “Sh*t ______ Say”?Β 



15 responses to “Carb queen, ch ch ch changes and some entertainment

  1. I think I commented enough on your FB link HAHA πŸ™‚ So I don’t even need to comment on that……… but I must say that chocolate/walnut/yogurt bowl looks amazing πŸ™‚ I just finished up a bowl of cottage cheese and walnuts πŸ™‚ We were always considered to be alike, right? πŸ˜‰ Haha twins ❀

  2. Ooooh I’m curious about the name change! I’ve thought about it because XC Foodie doesn’t make a lot of sense to people who don’t know the acronym, but I’ve kind of taken it on as a nickname so I don’t want to drop it!

  3. Yay for the binging win! So happy for you Cheryl. πŸ˜€

    Oh my gosh I wish I knew how to do a flip turn too! I feel like I look like a total dork when I’m turning around in the pool to change directions haha.

  4. I can teach you how to do a flip turn!!!!!! I need to get Greek yogurt πŸ™‚

  5. Flip turns always get water up my nose… I think I need to keep practicing…

    The bloggers video was pretty funny… I don’t know if I say much of that stuff though, darn it… I might have to work on being a better fitness blogger! πŸ™‚

  6. The biggest question I have for my nutritionist every time is HOW DO I KNOW WHEN I’M FULL? Any tips or is it something that comes with time? Thanks in advance! Stay gold girl

    • Ohhh, this one’s tough. I’m not sure if you also find it hard to find “hungry” (I could only find “starving”) for a long time. When I first started to add more food, I always felt like I was overeating. Now I know that sometimes I was, but often I wasn’t. Now I struggle with truly overeating when I let myself get too hungry. I think you eat too fast if that happens and you can’t let it register. To be honest, I’ve not mastered it, but focusing on how you feel when you’re satisfied is important. I never struggled with eating too little at a meal in terms of volume (just too little overall and too much of things like lettuce, etc. that don’t carry any real nourishment), but usually too much. Checking in with how you feel and remembering how bad it feels to get to the overfull point was important. So was sitting with the feelings of having eaten too much. Without getting too specific, when I was purging, this was the hardest thing in the world. A couple of binges where I wouldn’t give in and purge made my binges smaller, automatically. And brought up a host of crappy emotions, but they were the ones I needed to feel!

      Sorry for the novel. I’m always happy to share my imperfect insight.

  7. aaaaahhh I can’t wait to see what the name change is!! I don’t think I’ll ever change mine until I catch that big goal I’m chasing πŸ˜‰ And I totally know what you mean about being hungry! Intense exercise actually does supress hunger – well, not 100% of the time but its a fairly common phenomenon. I know it happens to me! Generally after tough workouts or races, I really don’t wanna eat the rest of the day. Conversely, rest days are days when my body plays “catch up” and I get super hungry! When I had to take 2 weeks completely off exercise a few months ago, oh man, that first week I was ravenous. And yeah, I think eating closer to the amount you burn will perk up your metabolism too – nowadays, if I miss out on those “extra” calories, I get super hungry as the day goes on and the next day too. On the other hand I was always hungrier during the school semester, if anything because, even if my workouts were the same, I would spend the non-workout part of my days walking all over campus and studying really hard rather than chillin and driving around my hometown haha. Glad you’re listening to your body though – it’s asking for carbs, so carb away! πŸ˜€

    • You always make me feel better. Knowing I’m not the only one helps me so much :)!

      And I saw (creepy) on dailymile that you’re also listening to your body — yay!

      My goal is to have the new blog up and running by the end of my spring break…which is so not during spring but is in mid February! Plenty of time to do it right. πŸ˜€

  8. Thanks Cheryl and Kate! This is definitely my biggest struggle right now… so I’m trying to just eat sufficiently and slowly and try to really register how my body is feeling… my hunger cues are wack (to say the least). Keepin the hope though!

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