Anything but homework

What’s becoming clear is that:

  1. I should quit school and blog instead. Just kidding!
  2. I love carbs and eating more of them is delicious but a little anxiety producing. Yes, yesterday I sidestepped a binge even though I did a lot of carb-loading. Today, I found myself in a similar situation with chocolate. I had it on a plate and decided that the extra serving I had beforehand is minor. What’s important is owning the decision to have chocolate. I ate at regular intervals and I added extra cereal to my afternoon snack:


    chicken sandwich on ezekiel bread!


    full serving (plus some handfuls) or Kashi GoLean Crisp! with cottage cheeseI


    serious serving of leftover curry, couscous, and pork

    …I don’t know what else I could have done besides eliminate all stress and anxiety (not happening, and what would be the fun of life without some challenges, right?).
    So having a plate of chocolate, even if I also had a handful of chocolate, is a win. This will get easier.

  3. I love teaching bootcamp. Today’s workout:
    Countdown: 10 squats/10 pushups, 9/9,…1/1, 10/10
    Cardio: 90 seconds jumping jacks, 1 minute mountain climbers, 30 seconds burpees
    Repeat countdown (plie squats, wide pushups)
    Repeat cardio
    Plank series (5 minutes)
    Repeat cardio
    Stability ball: hamstring curls, leg raises, ab/adductor work (1 minute each x 2 rounds)
    Repeat cardio
    Cooldown and stretch
    …since it’s a registered class, I have about 10 girls to work with consistently! I am really looking forward to it and to being able to know the participants on a weekly basis. Yay!
  4. I can only do so much. Taking a break and saying I am not going to do any school work for the next hour is gonna help me. I am watching “Biggest Loser” but it’s only an hour tonight…weird!  My to do list can wait though, while I blog, shower, foam roll, and stuff. My laundry will stilllllll be there tomorrow (no I’m not out of socks yet).

Have you ever tried a bootcamp class?
When do you focus on work or homework best?


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