Too sleepy for this

Ooooooh Monday. You are hard even with a good night of rest! Today has been long. I know I’ve been cranky and distracted.

I don’t think I was terribly unproductive…

I did some work, spent the day at the Gazette, and got in to fowler and had physio. Now I’m killing time before spin at the athletic club but this all makes for a long day!

Verdict on my hip: it’s irritated from the increased mileage and switch to the minimal shoes. Great since I just bought a Second pair of those shoes (I have 24 more days to return them to the states…who is down for some cross border shopping?). I don’t even care if I have to wear the ugliest shoes in the world forever if I get to run! I liked the man who did my physio. He tested my muscles and the not so surprising conclusion is that I have weak glutes. I also need to foam roll and stretch. Nothing groundbreaking but hearing it from an authority and knowing the exercises I need to do helps. He also did acupuncture. What the heck, I figured? Restore my chi! I’m cautiously optimistic and an going to go back in a week. I am glad to be going to teach tonight but a little apprehensive. And über exhausted.

I tried to keep my energy up with healthy foods and to stay off the coffee but that only goes so far.

I am really feeling like a chicken with my head cut off. Assignments due, my financial aid app and writing test still in my to do list, and what seems like an endless list of random things to do are making me cranky. Texting or messaging friends is annoying right now. So I know something is off! I’m going to remind myself that I can wait to reply and try checking my email at regular intervals instead. I’m not being mean, I’m just trying to stay sane and nice!

Now it’s time for me to head out. I need to get gas (I think my empty light is on) and want to be on time for spin! Cross your fingers I can stay awake for the whole class!




how’s your week starting?
What makes you cranky?
Did you go meatless today?


9 responses to “Too sleepy for this

  1. meatless monday never ends for me 😉
    soo so glad you were able to get into Fowler so quickly! I actually had problems with the kinvaras too, went back to my trusty asics and it’s smooth sailing – they’re not hideous either!

  2. YESSSSS so glad your PT got the hip figured out!!!! I had weak glutes too, now I have BUNZ OF STEEL. lol. you’ll be back out there in no time 🙂 and yeah, everyone is crazy about minimalism but its just not right for some people. Or, maybe if you’d worked the shoes in gradually it would’ve been ok but thats just a pain. anywho. good luck with the to-do list! i agree with being too sleepy haha I kept falling asleep while studying tonight…umm time for bed lol.

    • I laughed out loud about the buns of steel thing. This is a common thing, no? I think I even learned about it in my kin classes. I always assume things won’t affect me…fail! Have a good sleep. It’s early in the term to be studying — you go girl!

  3. Everyday is meatless for me…but I enjoyed a chunky (and spicy) miso soup! My week has started out really well — went to a fantastic yoga class tonight! The only thing that makes me really cranky is when I am hungry or really late for something. HA.

  4. I feel like my week began by watching an hour long documentary tonight’s-greatest-money-maker-warren-buffett/

    And for my second OOAIJ attempt with steel-cut oats, I suspect I will awake to learn why bananas–not applesauce–are a popular sweetener. (For now, I have redundant sweetening: a cup of sweet vanilla soy beverage contains 1/4 the USDA recommended daily added sugar. Yes, I’m already sorry I forgot to bookmark a primary citation for that: 10 teaspoons = 40g of added sugar as a daily max. )

  5. Yay that’s great news about the hip! I’m so glad it’s nothing too serious! Also, I’d totally be down for a trip to the states with you. 😀

    Having a huge to-do list makes me cranky too. Also, too little sleep, hunger, feeling too rushed, and when I don’t have enough time to just unwind by myself.

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