Weekend wrap up

Whooh! It’s been a while since I checked in, but I’ll do my best here…

Yesterday morning I made do with what I had that was totally non-perishable at my mom’s. Enter instant oatmeal packets, vanilla soy milk, and raisins!20120121-154313.jpg

I made the most of the fact that it was snowy and the roads seemed iffy by heading to a hot yoga class! I am always happier after going to one of Tory’s classes and I love running into people who I know/don’t see very often. I do miss Sarnia…

Before I got on the road I made a pitstop for lunch at Tim Hortons. 20120121-154318.jpg

The roads were actually pretty good!

When I got home I went grocery shopping, tried to clean, and enjoyed a double dose of afternoon snacks before heading to swim practice with tri club. I’m not a member YET but I promise to pay my fees as soon as you tell me to, folks.


I forgot to include a pic of the stuff I picked up in the states: chocolate, chocolate almonds (has anyone tried?!), magazines, and book (“The Woman Triathlete”, cuz that’s what I am!).


I also felt like my hip was getting better. I jumped the gun, ran a short loop around my area, and felt like CRAP after. I could hardly walk…note taken, hip!

Devastated, I know what I need to do: get ANOTHER opinion. I am calling the physio place on campus first thing tomorrow morning and I will take the first appointment I can get!

Luckily I had plans to spend the evening with some good people last night. We came back to my apartment after swim and made french bread pizzas and caesar salad, drank some wine, and mostly chit chatted! LOVE quality girl time, don’t do it enough.


Alysha even supplied dessert! She made date cookies that were out of this world.


I am still not sure that this dessert challenge has really worked the way I’ve wanted it to. Every day I eat chocolate chips, drink hot chocolate, and pick at things. So is it backfiring? I think I need to accept that it might take more than four or five days to let myself truly allow dessert. It WILL happen, I know that though!

This morning I had a leisurely morning with breakfast, some homework, and absolutely no cleaning (oops). My to do list is seriously long and I haven’t gotten half of what I wanted to done this weekend, but I did spend lots of time with friends and people that I know are more important than having a spotless apartment or assignments that aren’t due til Thursday finished.

Lunch today was minimal because of alate breakfast and plans to swim at 1:00. I met with a new training group–details to come–and swam. We took videos of my swim which was really an eye opener. I am a messy swimmer and the things that I needed to work on are actually far less noticeable than the things I never thought about (how far my head comes up when I breathe, what I do with my hand when I’m breathing, how I kick). It was frustrating to not be able to do the workout part after the swim with the group (because they were biking and running), but I spun with no resistance and it felt alright. I’m going to try teaching tomorrow night to see how it goes — eek! This is me getting excited and hoping for the best. I also hope that Fowler can get me into a physio ASAP!Β 20120122-201301.jpg

After the practice I had a banana and a misto (with skim milk) from Starbucks. I was heading to Sunday Funday dinner pretty early so I knew I’d want to be hungry! And hungry I was…I made curry, couscous, and pork, which so didn’t fit with everyone else’s carribean stuff (I missed out on the theme), but whatever! There were fried plantains, delicious salads, yummy mixes, and Alysha’s desserts again!



We played a game and I just got home. I’m having myself a little treat (this time putting those friggin chocolate chips in a bowl) with some hot cocoa. This is my break before I tackle some of those readings I meant to do this weekend! I’m not swimming in the morning so there’s not a huge rush to get to bed…but 8:30 class is still a reason to have a relatively early night! I love Sundays when they’re relaxed like this. This weekend was so good even after a tricky night on Friday. I feel like even though I’m struggling with food and with this injury, I’m in a decent place. I can do this. There’s not an alternative!


Things I DID get done this weekend: updated my blogroll (check out Rachel, Courtney, and Ryan)! had fun with my friends! swam a buttload! saw people I miss! I think I can call it productive, don’t you?

This week is getting pretty busy, but I’m going to take it one day at a time. Again, what’s the alternative?

Chiro vs. physio — what’s your take?
What did you do this weekend?
What’s your fav clif bar flavour?Β 


10 responses to “Weekend wrap up

  1. I miss you girly! We should have another coffee date so I can return the first book you leant me. Not going to lie, I haven’t started the second. I’m way too drawn into the Hunger Games and Maze Runner series. I promise I will start it asap!

    What did you eat with your veggies? It looks like some sort of dip or cream cheese, but it looks yummy!

    • Herb and Garlic cream cheese! It wasn’t bad! πŸ™‚ I prefer peanut butter..

      Agreed on the coffee date! this weeks a bit wild but whats your schedule like? or maybe next weekend? Hope you’re better!!

  2. caloricandcrazy

    Those date cookies look awesome! I love the oatmeals too πŸ™‚
    Love your blog! Adding you to my blogroll =D

  3. Your weekend sounds so fun! It’s so much more satisfying to have a weekend filled with friends than to finish the weekend with a clean apartment and finished homework. We have the weekdays for that kind of stuff. πŸ˜›

    That Caribbean themed potluck sounds awesome! I’ve been obsessed with Caribbean food ever since I made a plantain and black bean dish once.

    I hope you can get an appointment at Fowler soon!

  4. Yesssss. Let the sweet, sweet hits pour in

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