Where’d the week go

This was one of those week’s that kind of disappeared. I don’t know that I got much accomplished in terms of school, my apartment is a mess, and I feel a little out of it, but I think it was a good week overall!

Tonight I’m heading home again to go back and finish up at the doctor’s. I’m also seeing the chiropractor again about my hip. He told me to go for a short run between the appointments, but based on the fact that I hobbled to school today in pain at a walking speed, I don’t think even a “short” run is going to really benefit me. I can run on the treadmill there if they need to see how it feels…holy smokes I want this to feel better!

Anyways, there’s a snow storm in the forecast for tonight (or at least some bad highway conditions), so I’m considering staying over. I can take home some homework or at least my computer (cuz then I can do work potentially…or just blog!) and come back tomorrow morning. No pressure.

Last night I made myself the pasta I was  hungry for on Wednesday. I added some parmesan cheese, ground beef, and frozen broccoli to round it out.

Even though I knew dessert was okay and had plans to go for fro yo (in the freezing cold, but that’s okay!), I still found myself drawn tot he chocolate in my cupboard. Only with time and seeing that it’s OK to have that dessert will I really be able to leave this behaviour behind. As tempting as it is to say, “no this is NOT working and I am going to keep overeating and it’s not worth it” that is just ED. I can do this.

I did some yoga in my apartment, realizing I had no homework that was really daunting. I hoped it would help my hip…but nah.

Fro yo was awesome. My normal chocolate plus a little hazelnut, topped with skor bits, chocolate chips, and some hot fudge (and the absolutely necessary cherry on top).


I wasn’t alone though! This was a special fro yo date!


I was with Andrea (whose birthday we were celebrating), Chelsea from One Healthy Munchkin, and Meg from A Dash of Meg (who had a tummy ache and just joined us for the company). We had a good chit chat and left with happy bellies and happy hearts!

I was up late looking for inspirational cheese and I’ll share a few gems:


This morning my alarm was really really really not something I wanted to hear. I slept in til 7 (ha ha, sleeping in til 7) but I am in 8:30 class (oops) so I had to get up!

The promise of breakfast helped…but it was one of those “well I made it so I might as well eat it” things:

apple, cottage cheese, pecans, cinnamon Kashi cereal, cinnamon, and all bran buds

The Kashi GoLean Crisp! Cinnamon Crumble cereal that I got earlier this week was…okay. I don’t know if I’m sold on it and to be honest it tastes really reminiscent of Cinnamon Toast Crunch. In the past I might have said that’s awesome…but I’m at the point where I like the taste of healthy things and the idea that I could eat something that’s pseudo healthy but tastes like sugary cereal or something “unhealthy” isn’t really up my alley. If I want something sweet and cinnamon-y I can eat the real thing…I’m going to stick to my crunchier, boring – er Kashi, me thinks!

I made it to campus (slow and steady) early cuz I left about 45 minutes before class time. How? I am literally wearing leggings and a huge Western sweater that should only be reserved for my apartment…but it’s Friday so it’s okay, right? And cuz I wanted a coffee…I’m out of half and half so this morning’s black coffee was not as good as the big one I got when I got to campus…

Andddddd the best blogging occurs in class, wouldn’t you agree?

What are you up to this weekend?
Have you tried the Cinnamon Crumble cereal? How do you feel about stuff that tastes like other “less healthy” things?
Do you like ice cream/fro yo in the dead of winter?


10 responses to “Where’d the week go

  1. you are blogging in class, I’m reading this inbetween classes instead of the anatomy text open in front of me. FAIL! haha. as always, all your noms look delicious! love that your pasta’s whole wheat too, my family always eats the white stuff and i think that’s why it makes me so antsy now – but you’re right. i’m doing this!. And froyo!! omg froyo is my FAVORITE. yours looks so legit too, like a restaurant-made sundae! mine always look like a gross blob of stuff….whatever thats how its gonna look in my stomach anyways I guess hah. GOOD LUCK at the doctors!!!!!! I really really hope it goes well for you!! Oh and I totally agree on the cereal thing. I generally don’t eat them mainly cuz they’re so sweet and taste “Fake”….if you find one or know of one that tastes a little more wholesome let me know lol!

  2. Thanks Kate! I remember nothing from anatomy…that’s not really a good example to set, but just so you know, you can make it through! It truly is memorization and most of the time I feel like if I need anatomy knowledge I can readily find the info in a textbook at my convenience…

    The cherry on top is KEY to the fro yo presentation. 😉

    I’ll keep looking. I really prefer oatmeal, but when I want something crunchy I am at a loss. I guess I could make my own “granola” or something! It’s kind of like my crouton dilemma–I’m a little lazy. No excuses…I’ll get on it!

    Happpy friday good luck with the rest of your classes!

  3. I’m with you girl – I prefer the TASTE of healthy things over not so healthy things 🙂 Funny you talk about Cinnamon Toast Crunch though because it was definitely a cereal I had when I was younger, but now I just couldn’t even imagine having it! NOT because it is a “fear” food, but because it just doesn’t appeal to me whatsoever

  4. Oh man Cheryl I had no idea your hip hurt that bad! Fingers crossed for a speedy recovery.

    That’s a bummer that the cereal wasn’t that good. I don’t think I’d like it either because I’ve actually always hated Cinnamon Toast Crunch – even as a kid. Mostly just because it got soggy way too fast. 😛

  5. Aw man, I need some froyo in my life, and some good froyo dates too! I don’t think I could find anyone to beat yours though – totally wish I was with that crowd of bloggers!! Love all of you girls! I love cinnamon toast crunch cereal so I really would love that. I actually love it when things taste unhealthy but are healthy. Justin’s Chocolate Hazelnut Butter = Nutella. But better.

  6. Just so you know, 100% of your meals look better than 100% of my meals

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