OOIAJ success

So, last night I made it to a yang/yin yoga class. Like last week, there was lots of holding long long poses and trying not to let my mind wander, but this time the long stuff came after a more active practice and the class was in a heated room. I much preferred this week. I especially found it helpful when the instructor said to notice if you are focusing on what you’re trying to “get” out of a pose. We were in pigeon:


…and I was hoping that my hip would spontaneously release. It didn’t, but that was a good check for my ego!

This morning’s masters swim was really good. There were some 50m “hard” efforts…I realized how I always swim at one speed and intensity and only push it or slow down if someone specifically tells me to. Thank goodness for the coached swim! πŸ™‚ I was feeling something crunchy and sweet so I had some Kashi cereal for breakfast!

I had a lovely breakfast date with my friend Alysha this morning. She has a way of making me feel good…about training, this injury, school, life, etc. πŸ™‚ We made plans to maybe make some inspiration boards this weekend (inspired by Tara at XC FoodieΒ and by Oprah’s dream board idea, of course!) and the morning flew by!

Breakfast was exciting because of the company but also because I redeemed Overnight Oats…because they were in a jar that had tons of peanut butter, and because I used a LOT of honey to make em sweet. I think I need less yogurt (too sour) and more soy milk next time!

Then I did some work on my recertification course for Canfitpro. I signed up for a Human Kinetics course on Advanced Exercise Nutrition to get the continuing education credits that I need to stay certified as a personal trainer and fitness instructor. I plan on going to the Canfitpro conference this summer, but I need the credits before August so I figured this would be an easy easy way to get it done. And it’s been pretty straightforward–but the course is nice to refresh some stuff! I looked into TRX certifications but they’re all filled up or really far away, so this was the best option.

I had a quick lunch before coming to the Gazette (wasted money on a salad that was so not up to snuff and essentially ended up eating yesterday’s chicken/apple butter etc sandwich again), and now I’m kinda killing time til my Fashion Writing class. It’s three hours, computer-less, and I don’t really understand the readings…hmmmm! Tonight I think I’m gonna get some fro yo (hoping I can make it!) with some lovelies (stay tuned) and then I’ll be crashing. My hip is starting to feel less bad, not good, but less bad. Tomorrow I go to the chiro and back to the states…busy busy busy!

Do you like overnight oats? What’s your go to recipe? I used Kath’s recipeΒ but my next jar is gonna be reserved for Meghann’s creation.


4 responses to “OOIAJ success

  1. I’m so glad you’re mastering OIAJ! I found that yogurt made it way too sour and I might try leaving it out entirely next time. That yoga class sounds awesome! I found myself moving through poses too quickly yesterday as I did yoga in my apartment. I need to focus on slowing down and holding poses. I think playing some “yoga music” might help me relax and pace myself. πŸ˜‰

  2. No way! I was totally thinking of making an inspiration board this weekend too! Looks like we’re on the same brain waves. πŸ˜€

    I’ve tried Kath’s version of overnight oats and I liked it, but I way prefer Angela’s from Oh She Glows. It tastes better to me without the yogurt!

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