In good company

Happy Saturday. We all survived Friday the 13th…and I made it through the show last night WITHOUT tripping. I even had fun! There was wine, food samples (makeshift dinner), and I have to admit–I love the attention.  We had vines all over our faces and crazy hair (if I had more hair I can guarantee there’d have been grapes in it like all the other girls’) and I wore a red dress (those pictures will have to wait). Bonnie came and got some pics with her blackberry between shows, so you can have a sneak peak. 🙂

I love love loved last night and when I got home I just relaxed, made myself a fondue wannabe with toblerone and an apple, and crashed. I was zonked from such a big week (and a migraine in the middle of the week always leaves me feeling out of it).


This morning I woke up and attempted to get into some homework. I got a little done but realized my “Writing for the Web” class is going to be tough. I’m already confused. Anyone know how to use a file transfer system? I’m stuck. If you’re a champ at creating a personal webspace, HELP!


cottage cheese, cereal, banana, trail mix, and honey 🙂

Rather than going to the pool (though I don’t think swimming aggravates my hip), I decided to go with yoga this morning. I went to a 90 minute class taught my one of my all time favourite instructors. She always makes me think…regardless of whether or not her class is “hard” or “challenging”, she pushes me. Today she talked about being strong without being hard or forceful (think about the strongest emotion you can imagine…love…which has a kind of softness). Yes, things get cheesy, but I am all about the cheese. Bring it on.

Lunch today came in two parts: granola bar eaten in the car (the alternative was the steering wheel) and a yummmmmy green monster before I headed out for the afternoon. Sure, sitting around worrying about this homework or my aching hip might have been easier than getting out and about, but I know seeing people and getting out in the sun was a better choice.  It’s easy to get down on things when you’re injured, but I feel like I’ve been there and done that…so I decided to try something new.

This afternoon I spent with two girls I do NOT see enough of. We explored Remark (the ultimate best grocery store in all of London, no questions asked)–I took their Remark V cards. They LOVED it and so did I!

Remark is always good for coming home with things I didn’t have on my list…i.e. another squash to add to my squash collection, so I’ll leave you with something I hope someone can relate to…I gave them their own shelf!


Now I’m running late (surprise, surprise), for a meet up I think you’ll be excited for! Bloggers, new restaurants…you can see where this might be headed! Eeeek. 🙂

Do you love squash?
When’s the last time you tried a new restaurant? 


9 responses to “In good company

  1. Your outfit and makeup is so cute! I love how you display your squash collection. I totally would too!

  2. omg I love your makeup!!! that sounds like so much fun!! and wannabe fondue? umm genius, pure genius. Love the squash shelf too haha what kinds are they?

  3. For I use FileZilla.

    I love playing squash. I should follow your cue and start cooking squash more often.

  4. For I use FileZilla.

    I love playing squash. I should follow your cue and start cooking squash more often.

    (third revision is a charm?)

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