TGIF the 13th!

Andddd it’s the first week of class and I’m already being “bad” and blogging during…it happens!

This weekend is going to be busy. And by this weekend I mean every weekend. I think just with the nature of my schedule — classes, teaching, and working at the Gazette — I am going to feel a little crazy (flying by the seat of my pants) til Thursday and then I’ll be able to hopefully get my life together (clean, do homework, see friends, grocery shop, sleep, and train) over the weekends. Not a bad set up, I don’t think, so long as I keep it balanced.

This morning it is COLD. After last night’s yin yoga class, my hip feels a little better. I turned off my 5:30 swimming alarm last night when my mind was racing and I realized it was after 11:00. Sleep > a random swim right now. I might run after my classes (3.5 more hours here) but tonight I’m modelling (haha aka trying not to fall over) for the place that did my hair at the Wine & Cheese show. I tried to rope some friends into coming…so we’ll see what happens. I hope there is some wine sampling involved…but not too much cuz heels are tough enough as it is! Anyways, it means I don’t get my evening to relax or do yoga or homework, but whatever. Those things will be there tomorrow anyways.

PS Yin yoga was perfect, but I was so relaxed after that I actually walked into the men’s change room. Made some guy’s night–he was fully clothed and found it rather humorous. Another woman followed me in, so it musta been an honest mistake. At any rate, yin yoga is different from the physical yoga classes I’ve done before and I had a feeling it would be awesome, hard (to quiet my mind), and different all at once. And it was. I was glad I wore crops instead of short shorts and I liked that the teacher explained it more than just the descriptions I read:

“Yin Yoga – (Non-Heated)

Complimentary to more physical styles of Yoga, Yin Yoga targets the deep connective tissues such as ligaments and fascia. Postures are held for longer periods of time (generally 3-5 minutes) in order to stretch these deep tissues. The nature of Yin Yoga also promotes a quiet practice where students can still the mind.  Also suitable for prenatal. Taught with soft music.”
Fascia-nating, no? …bad joke, yes. I liked the class, I think it helped (and certainly didn’t hurt) my hip, and I was uber relaxed after! Win, win, win.  I actually wonder about fascia sometimes–cuz I learned anatomy and all that jazz and memorized 1203901239012 muscles and stuff but fascia is a mystery to me. I found this article–Understanding your Fascia–from Running Times. The only time I really thought about it before was when my chiropractor offered a description of how everything is connected by fascia…tres interessante. An injury somewhere could be coming from so far away…via the fascia. It’s like in a realm of its own.
Today’s a good day for my portfolio. Check out today’s issue of the Gazette or just my stuff, which is a piece about how to deal with a busy gym  (with exercises to swap in if you’re desired machine is used), and what I’m really excited about — my first Mad About Fitness (get it, my last name is Madliger…har har!) column! We’re going to take a question every week and answer it. Fun, much?
This week’s question was about signing up for your first race…check it out!
One class down…1 three hour one to go! Wish me luck and stay warm. I’ll update this weekend about whether or not I managed to stay upright on those heels. Or if the dress that I couldn’t try on ahead of time will zip or not. Eeek!
What do you know about fascia? Feel like your anatomy class kind of skimmed over it?
Have you ever been in a fashion show or done anything like it?
What are you doing this weekend?
What’s your fitness question? 

6 responses to “TGIF the 13th!

  1. Stay Warm, Get a Hat to keep your new hair looking fabulous, and you will rock it tonight. I would go if I was there to support you, instead have a drink for me.

  2. I read your article while I was cooling down at the gym today. Loved it! Also it made me smile because I remember making that comment about you coming out of the womb in running shoes. I’m so honoured to be quoted hehe. 😀

    Have fun in the show tonight!

  3. Sigh. I can’t control myself. A lot of chocolate at night (real chocolate…not hot cocoa 😦
    Being underweight is no excuse….

    I saw that blog on your blogroll “Drop it and eat it” RD…I couldn’t comment on her blog (blogger is weird) and I couldn’t find a contact email for her…i wonder if she’s open to emails? I cant’ find out because I can’t comment 😦

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