Why I didn’t do a WIAW

Better late than never?


I’m moving on.

I had a good enough start to the day: meals were good, class was good, gazette was good (I’ll link to the smoothie recipe that ran yesterday ASAP)…then when I was teaching I got a migraine mid class. Not ideal. I couldn’t teach my spin and it was a good thing I just instructed my bootcamp to do stations (to rest my still hurting hip). I took my medicine but the aura was still so bad and I couldn’t feel my hand for a while. Scary. I hate hate hate migraines but at least it’s been months since my last one. When I could see to drive home I did. I ate dinner even though I really should have went to bed. I felt sick and gross and had too many extra spoons of peanut butter because I was so worked up. Silly. I don’t have to feel guilty or gross and I didn’t realize that til I got up this morning.

By 4:30 I’d had almost 10 hours of crappy sleep but sleep nonetheless so I set my alarm for 530. I stumbled to swim, swam like molasses, and then went back home. I still felt out of it but had my breakfast and hussled to my dietitian appointment. I almost cancelled last minute but I know I needed the check in.

I quickly finished an article for tomorrow’s gazette before I rushed through (a delicious) lunch and hurried to my hair appointment. I am sitting without my computer in front of me (this is a phone post) for what feels like the first time since back to school. I’ve got class this afternoon and more work for the paper but I don’t need to be this stressed all the time. I feel so it of it after a migraine so I know I should not run today–plus my hip will thank me. A few days off running now is smarter than injuring myself and being forced to rest later, closer to my races.

Now that I’ve officially whined like a baby, I’ll move on. I need to obviously find some relaxation during the week and on a regular basis. I know my migraines are worst and most frequent when I let my stress levels get so high that I feel frantic and like I am go go go. It’s hard since I thrive when I’m busy to not let things get like this. I’m going to take time every day to just sit/lay/stretch etc and I think if I remember that the world won’t fall apart if I don’t check my phone all the time, I will be okay (consider this fair warning and know that I’m not ignoring you!). Life goes on!

do you get migraines? What triggers them for you?
how do you deal with stress or stay balanced?20120112-124432.jpg20120112-124459.jpg20120112-124505.jpg20120112-124513.jpg20120112-124519.jpg20120112-124526.jpg20120112-124531.jpg


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