A whole new woman

Since my kinda cranky post this afternoon, when I was mid-hair do makeover (warning–this picture is scary…scroll down immediately to see the finished product!)…


…you might say I’ve redefined myself.



the process:




Besides loving my hair, accepting that my hip still hurts…and choosing to plan on going to a yin yoga class to try to zone (zen) out and just relax without putting any  intensity into the mix (yin yoga is not the same as restorative yoga but it’s similar and I don’t think it’s going to fix my hip but I highly doubt it will make it worse), and realizing that I have stuff I need to do, should do, and don’t really have to do…and that I can prioritize…I feel like I’ve smartened up.

Step 1 was to breathe. I rushed to get to class and to finish my stuff at the Gazette, but guess what? It’s done. And I managed to pack a granola bar so I didn’t want to eat one of the uber-fashionistas in my Fashion Writing class (FYI I am not a fashion elite and when some girl said she bought a YSL ring in NYC last year I thought she said Micelle and it took me four asks of the girl next to me to clarify that she didn’t buy a blob of fat in water).



…not judging but the $250 price tag is a month’s worth of groceries.   Despite my critical nature, I think the class will be okay. I definitely do not fit in but that’s okay, someone needs to be the odd one out.

When I got home I had leftover curry (with pork and couscous) and then some chocolate. Remember my strife over not feeling like I really let myself have those little treats without “sneaking” them? Taking a picture of them is the first step. Even of the nasty looking mug of hot cocoa I’m drinking (nasty cuz it spilled…don’t worry it’s delicious!). I realized though that my hot chocolate mix has calcium added…and I like it before bed…and calcium interferes with my thyroid meds…so you’re supposed to leave a few hours. Note to self, have it earlier. There’s something also weird about when I deem certain foods “okay” vs. not okay to have. So I’m having my treats earlier and in plain sight…progress!



cadbury "buttons" ... yum!

Now it’s time for me to change before yoga…where did today go? Definitely NOT towards my homework…

When’s the last time you did something big with your hair?
What are you up to tonight?  


10 responses to “A whole new woman

  1. Your hair looks so good Cheryl! It suits you perfectly.

    The last time I chopped my hair off was in third year. It went from mid-back length to a ear-length bob. I was not impressed! It wasn’t the first time I’ve cut my hair that short, but for whatever reason my hair just doesn’t like being short. Not only is it flat and impossible to style, one side flips in and the other side flips out. Impossible!

  2. Thanks! I can’t picture you with short hair, but I bet it’s not as bad as you make out to be! Also it’s reassuring that yours grew back and is beautiful and long now…cuz it is! 🙂

  3. I love your hair!! So low maintenance, but so cute. I’m a fan! I haven’t made any big hair changes in years. I’m scarred by donating 18 inches of hair in 5th grade and hating the resulting hair cut! I cried in the chair – I probably scarred my hair stylist for life!!

    • Oh no! If you have a beautiful ponytail, KEEP IT! I am starting fresh. Something about having a long ponytail when you’re running feels…girly or something. I’ll be jealous, but I also love that it took me 2 minutes to get ready today!!

  4. OMG I love the hair!!!!!! Its super sassy and a bonus, so much easier to take care of when you’re an athlete! I cut my hair back in october and it was fun for awhile….buuuut now I’m tired of it and want my long hair back hahah. Good way to plan your treats around your meds too! I had to stop eating strawberries with my bedtime snack when I started taking calcium hah….and YAY for pics of treats, it definitely helps!! (and cocoa + chocolate = the best)

    • It keeps getitng shorter…but I’ve got nowhere to go except to shave it, and that is NOT happening! I figure it will always grow back. I love having a long ponytail so I think at some point I’ll be wishing for it back.

      Ahhhh frustrating. I love love love yogurt as bedtime snack (it was my “safe” place that I started) so this is gonna be a challenge for me. Challenge accepted, though! I’ll have the strawbs and you can have the yogurt!!

  5. Oooo I am loving your hair, it really suits you wonderfully! It looks great and is much more low-maintenance… this is a serious WIN in my book 🙂

    • I hope I continue to love it…cuz I made it to my class on time for the first time this year I think today…apparently taking two minutes to do my hair instead of 10 is the answer! 🙂

  6. Your hair looks amazing! You look kind of like Natalie Portman when she cut her hair short. 😀 I haven’t done anything drastic with my hair in years… these past 2 years I’ve just been focusing on getting my hair healthy again after all the damage I did to it by not eating properly. 😛

    Also I totally laughed out loud at your YSL misinterpretation. I doubt those girls would even know what a micelle is haha.

    • What a nice compliment! I think this will be a good start for me to have a healthy head of hair, if I don’t go crazy with the dye…but it’s tempting.

      Oh I felt like such an idiot about that ring. But I figured someone else would find it funny 😉

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