Back at it.

This week is off to a good start. It doesn’t feel like we are back into a routine yet…cuz I’m not!

I started the day uber early with a 5:15am wakeup call and a trip to the pool. I swam with the masters group even though I’m not registered…yet! It will happen and I will not drown in my half ironman.

Before the swim, I tried a new snack: coffee (obviously) and a banana that was too boring as pictured so I obviously did what any self respecting health blogger would do: smeared it with a tablespoon buttload of peanut butter. Much better!


The coached swim was a lot of drills and some steady swimming, which I followed up with a few extra laps in the pool afterwards. Without any class today, I had plenty of time to splash around and I knew I wasn’t going to be doing other cardio today so I went for it! I probably did about 1900m aka the distance of the race…coincidence. But that’s total, with drills, warmup, cool down, etc. included! It felt so good to start the day with a swim. Apparently taking some time off reminded me that I actually do like to swim! ūüôā

After the swim, I hung out at the library and did some work for my online course. I barely got anything accomplished, but whatever. Breakfast was good (muesli, greek yogurt with honey and almonds, and an apple with a second coffee).


I made myself an appointment for a massage today. Best decision ever. While I spent the whole time kind of in pain, it was the kind that I knew my hip needed. Sadly, no spa massage for me — she didn’t even touch my shoulders! She told me she thinks the muscles were just spasming in my hip, which was so reassuring. PHEW! I am cautiously optimistic that it’s all better and whether or not I’ll teach spin tomorrow still remains to be decided…

After the massage, I had a quick meet-up with my friend who travelled to South America for three months (uh, coolest friend ever moment) and was visiting in London. I also ran into Chelsea¬†today, which was a pleasant bonus! I think there may be a blogger meet up in the works…stay tuned. Next, I¬†delivered my application to the Journalism program here.¬†¬†It feels good to have the last one off my hands! ¬†Then I spent the afternoon at the Gazette.

I’m thinking of heading home now to have some dinner before I teach bootcamp at 6:30! It’s a later class and I don’t anticipate working out so I know dinner could sit well especially since I was up so early. My lunch was at about noon but it was just an almond butter and honey sandwich (unphotographed–my bad!) so I’m getting hungry hungry now for more than just a snack! I think it’s mental, but I am always hungrier when I swim. I am trying not to stress over feeling like I’m eating too much or not enough and just listening to my body…but I have an appointment with the dietitian on Thursday to check in and to see what I should be doing specifically with this running, swimming, and half ironman stuff! I know I’m lucky as a student to have coverage and access to the resource, so I try to learn as much as I can while I have the resource!

Do you feel hungrier when you swim?
When did you wake up today?
Have you ever seen a dietitian? 


One response to “Back at it.

  1. Swim hunger hardly happens for me. What I notice after swimming –other than the chemical residue of an indoor pool–is a different type of muscle fatigue than I get from non-buoyant activity. This goes for laps, aqua fit, and water running all the same.

    Do you pre-plan post-workout snacks? Or grab what you see after becoming hungry/tired?

    Waking up with the sun filtering its way through the clouds is ideal for me. Using a nice, opaque blind these days, I can and do sleep an hour or two past sunrise.

    I avoid using alarms to wake-up; an extra cup of water before bed works so well for me that any alarms I set (for the rare, important, early activity) never get a chance to wake me. Do you use alarms?

    Two dietitians are on campus. One is with the admin’s Housing & Food Services Dept; the second is hired by the USC (and listed as being Brescia faculty–on leave). I have met with and found both to be helpful. Did you know you have a choice of two people?

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