Running, hip flexors, and smoothies!

What’s this title all about? You’ll see…

Monday was indeed meatless! I had a very vegetarian apple as an afternoon snack, a cheese and lettuce sandwich (with mayo) and tomatoes for dinner, and a buttload of chocolate chips plus a yummy shake as my post workout meal today! 20120109-211506.jpg

It took two tries to get my shake right. Attempt one (which was decent) had soy milk, cocoa, chocolate protein powder, and ice cubes plus some yogurt (this is where I went wrong–it made it too sour but it did help the consistency). Attempt two (the winner!) had peanut butter (always helps, ya know?), ice cubes, cocoa and protein powder. I want to eat it again.




but looks can be deceiving! tastier!

I wanna do it again. 🙂

Today marks day 23 of my 23 day running streak! No big deal, but can I call myself a runner? This end comes just in time for me to rest my oh so angry hip flexor. And by rest I mean foam roll and stretch the crap out of. Teaching spin hurt like heck today so I posted tomorrow’s class to a friend who is so nice for helping me out! I am really grateful to work with some of the nicest girls ever. I’m going to go for a swim in the morning and just instruct my bootcamp class without actually doing anything to aggravate my hip. Luckily my 2 mile run on the treadmill didn’t bother my knee, so it’s just one thing to deal with!


According to daily mile, I ran 150km in the last 23 days.  I did it by committing to at least 1 mile a day and NOT putting any pressure on myself to run at a certain pace or a certain time or in a certain way. I realized I really like running when I’m with a group and that I can find enjoyment on my own, but I really prefer to be outside. Half the time I forget my iPod (which is weird because when I first started running I said I “couldn’t” run without it) so I end up having plenty of good me time to think.

This amount of running is insane for me, kiddos! I really impressed myself. Besides some aches and pains that went away with some TLC (which I am hoping will help this new hip issue), I did okay! In the past any little injury has scared me out of running. I think being able to take it easy on other workouts (i.e. not swimming my face off or spinning to make up for an easy run) gave my body some time to recuperate and maybe is the answer to my running issues. I think a big part of it is changing my perspective. I haven’t had such a healthy outlook on training or running or on finding balance before, I don’t think. Now a one mile recovery run is just that–a recovery run. NOT a lame workout or something I feel guilty for.  Now that I run to be healthy (and exercise to be healthy), I see the merit in easy days, hard days, and rest days alike. Ohhhh, balance and learning and the only way to get here was to work through all those icky emotions that go along with trying something new.

I know signing up for the Calgary 70.3 race was HUGE in terms of commitment. I am going to try to get some kind of rough plan together on my own, but I think a coach is going to be necessary! I really don’t want to get hurt or burnt out and to be honest, I’d like to kill it. You can go hard, or you can go home. Stuck in my head from tonight’s playlist.  I want to race Around the Bay injury free, add some regular swims into the mix (I’m trying my hardest to get into the coached masters program at Western but it’s full right now so I’m wait listed) and keep spinning to maintain/build a base and then come April I hope I can get more specific with my training. At least it’s all going to coincide with warmer weather (I’m a whimp).

So, if you want to be a runner, run. I guess that makes me a runner! 🙂

This month also brought my love for smoothies out. I never used to like them and in fact used to question why anyone would want to drink their recovery stuff instead of chewing it. Oh, how times change!

In honour of my big brave decision to register for the race today and for completing the running streak, here’s some inspirational cheese (your fav!). Remember, I couldn’t even do the mile run in high school. I also used to exercise compulsively for hours a day. I think finding a happy place where I can train for fun and feel good and strong and proud and all those happy emotions I wouldn’t let myself experience for so long is a HUGE deal.

And kind of random, but I love:

What have you done to impress yourself lately?
What’s one thing you’d like to do but could never see yourself doing?
Have you ever tried a running streak or something like it? 


4 responses to “Running, hip flexors, and smoothies!

  1. I’d like to run more, but running scares me. I guess all the more reason to do it!!

  2. YEAHHHHHH GIRLLL!! so proud of you for like everything in this post!! If you like to run, you can call yourself a runner. And I’ve definitely been through a lot of the same stuff – I used to HATE running, and then I was OCD about burning calories…and now finally i’m at the point where I see myself as an athlete. And you’re right, athletes train hard, but they also train smart – rest days and easy days are JUST as important. The difference is that athletes TRAIN and other people EXERCISE. training involves sitting on your butt, exercising doesn’t haha. I’m so excited for you and the half iron man!! Of course you want to kill it – why pay $$ for a race that you’re not going to RACE, right? I think getting a coach is a great idea. I have a coach (well sort of, I have a friend that’s a professional runner – she’s about 5 years older than me – and she says she wants to “coach” me), and I think that’s essential for me because I do have a tendency to push myself too hard. This summer one of the things that played into my injury was that I just didn’t know how to run easy. I’d do a speed workout, and then the day after go for a “maintenance run”, but I’d be running 7 minute pace. That’s a normal pace for me but its not a RECOVERY pace – I should’ve been running 8 minute pace at the fastest. That’s why I fatigued and eventually my ankle bit the dust haha. So YES seek out a coach!! Ok this comment is uber long I guess I just really love running and I’m really excited for you!!

    Oh and yes to the foam roller! is it the hip flexor and the knee on the same side? they’re defs connected…and its pretty normal to have these aches and sorenesses when you’re been increasing the amt of running your’e doing. let me know if you want me to share any of my PT exercises with you, they’re all for strengthening the hip flexors, which, once you do that, takes pressure and torque off your knees which should mean less future knee issues! 🙂

    • No worries about the long comment — thanks for sharing that running background. It’s inspiring to me and you are so dedicated and coming back from your injury smart…I really look up to that! I have the knee on one side and the hip flexor on the other and I bet it’s compensation or something. I think I need a massage to get this out of the hip flexor but I am scared that it might aggravate it more at the same time?

      For someone in kin, I find it SO hard to figure out and take care of what’s wrong with me! It’s ridiculous. 🙂

      PS that is a very fast pace, consider yourself a running IDOL woman!!

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