Triathlon talk and kale chips

It feels weird to say it but this might be my last first day of school…sort of anyways! Depending on what happens with j school of course. :). I am enjoying my last night of freedom, blogging from my phone at Starbucks! Mmmm mocha get in my belly!

After this afternoon’s post, I got down to business in the kitchen. My friend invited me for her Sunday Funday dinner (which i have let ed talk me out of all year but know I can and want to go to…get used to me folks!) so in lieu of our coffee date I got to see some folks I usually only see in spandex and swimsuits. Quality time with people who also go to bed über early and know what nutritional yeast is was good for me! And we made good on my resolution to make kale chips (thanks Rach!)…and they were pretty delish!

I cooked a lot this afternoon: salmon, pork chops, rice, and a mixture of peas/mushrooms/toasted almonds/chickpeas. I added the rice and chickpea mix and ate that along with some of my dinner companions’ delish creations.

Talking about training made me want to do the half ironman in July even more. Let’s get this knee sorted out so I don’t have that anxiety and then I think it’s on.

After I relish this relaxing mocha a little longer I’m going to grab a few things for my lunches (chickpeas!) and call it a night. I’ve got a date with my foam roller and flannel jammies and an 8:30 class (working out at night tomorrow) on the horizon.

20120108-193710.jpg20120108-193716.jpg20120108-193720.jpgWhen’s the last time you tried something new?
Do you have a weekly get together with any of your friends? What do you do? 


6 responses to “Triathlon talk and kale chips

  1. I’ve always wanted to make/try kale chips, but I’m still uncertain if I’d like them. I’m so intimidated to make them myself too!

  2. They are really like eating air…I saw that Carrots n Cake used em for a little crunch on her soup the other day and I think that would be PERFECT!

  3. ooh kale chips! I’ve always wanted to try that, do you have a specific method/recipe? And dude you should TOTALLY do the HIM! That’d be epic!! I think I want to learn how to swim so that I can join the triathlon fun as well.

    GOOD LUCK tomorrow on your [possibly last] first day of school! Well, last first day of undergrad in any case right? wooot! and an 8:30 class…funnn haha. Your lunches look delish! I can’t wait to hear how the first day went! 😀

  4. Yay for finally making kale chips! Did you like them?

    I have 8:30 class today too. Wahhh, I wish we were still on break! 😛

    • I am always on campus Monday to Wednesday for the Gazette and since I have writing and online courses mostly, I don’t have much class! We should find a time that we could meet for coffee or lunch or a run 😉 on a regular basis!! Do you have classes on main?

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