Methinks I earned myself a pedicure

If running 17km (on the hills!) isn’t justification for a pedicure, maybe how awful my feet look these days is.

Though my laundry and some other chores are definitely on my to do list for today (plus a nap), I think I’m going to head out when I finish this post and see if someone can make these bad boys presentable again!

The run was awesome. I felt fueled up (power breakfast!) and my knee bugged me a little in the last 5k but other than that, no pain or even real agony on the hills. I met up with the Feet on Fire group (LOVE THEM) from Sarnia for the run in Arkona. It was beautiful and I’ll definitely be going back to run or maybe to ride my bike this year!

After the run I was ravenous so I quickly snarfed a granola bar on the drive back to London. I stopped in the mall to pick up some face stuff I got roped into buying when I had my facial last week and then stopped in lululemon. Oh how I miss the people who work there! I don’t believe in regrets, but if I did…

I walked out empty handed, which is WEIRD for me. I did buy the new Whole Living issue and I noticed there are smoothies on the front which means there might be new smoothies on this blog in the future.

Lunch, unfortunately, was pretty boring, but oh so full of volume! Chicken salad on a bun with a massive caesar salad and plenty of carb-replenishing croutons on it helped fill me up.

I’m going out to dinner tonight but not til 7:30 so I think my late lunch, an afternoon snack, and hopefully a delicious meal will fill me back up! I think a lot of it is psychological but a run makes me so hungry, regardless of how long it is. I’m going to go with it. After last night’s chocolate realization, I know I need to just trust my freaking body. We are not meant to be overweight so our bodies don’t want us to be fatter than we’re supposed to be to be healthy. Weight is a byproduct, not a goal. Food is fuel, not punishment/reward, etc. Those are the things I’m reminding myself of right now!

What’s your eating philosophy or what do you say to yourself to stay sane?
Do you like your feet? (mine are huge–size 10 for a 5’4″ gal is not exactly proportional–and stinky<–jk! but I like them anyways!) 



5 responses to “Methinks I earned myself a pedicure

  1. “weight is a byproduct, not a goal” – LOVE IT! I definitely need to start looking at things that way – If I’m training optimally and fueling my training well, my body will be the weight it should be. That takes a lot of the stress out of life when you look at it that way! And CONGRATS on the pain free run!!!! that’s about 10+ ish miles right? epic. you are clearly a BAMF. Running makes me super hungry too – even on the 3 days a week that I’ve been running 20 minutes, my appetite’s WAY bigger than on days of just cross training! Long runs make me ravenous too. speedwork makes me want to vom though, I’m never hungry on speed days. In any case, you totally deserve that pedi!! 🙂

    • Yay for stress-free approach to training and weight. Have you read Nancy Clark’s stuff? Even her blog? She often says that if you’re fighting to weigh a certain weight, it’s probably not optimal for your body and that we should just appreciate what our bodies can do and focus on fuelling, training, etc. Love her!

  2. sounds like a great run! And no, it’s not all in your head. Running 10 miles burns about 1,000 calories. AKA your body is hungry and dying to replenish those calories to refuel and rebuild muscle!

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