More chocolate

Yoga was awesome today. Full of 50 sweaty people, many of whom were probably making good on New Year’s resolutions. Power to the people!

When I got home I waited a bit and had dinner. My stomach is so off an I’d had a granola bar right before the class to keep the growling stomach away this week. I went with a safe dinner–if you haven’t tried my apple and cheddar sandwich yet, do it! Yum.


I was full and satisfied after but I still found myself craving chocolate. Apparently handfuls of chocolate chips and having a snack that incorporates them earlier wasn’t enough. I just got ready for bed but found myself thinking about mini eggs. I went for it. Now I’m confused. I know eating candy isn’t bad and I know I didn’t binge, though I started to go back for more candy and has a few mouthfuls before I stopped Ed from taking over.

I know what’s going on. Saying I’m confused is silly. I’m nervous for my long run tomorrow. My legs are sore and tight. I’m scared of injury. I’m anxious about this semester even though I have a pretty optimistic plan for it. I’m frustrated that I still want to binge. I’m worried about my applications and I’m especially scared because I have to take a test for Columbia and find some random info for their financial aid application by February. I don’t know what I’ll be doing in the summer…but I think the Calgary half ironman is back on the list of serious possibilities. I think I need a coach to make it happen.

So much to think about.

What I know for sure is that things could have been worse. Some candy and some extra candy on top of that candy is no reason to ruin my weekend my night or to set me off on a negative tangent. I reclaimed my night and it’s up to me to move on and have a great weekend from here on out.


I have too much to look forward to to let this get me down. A great weekend, a great semester, a great life…you get the point!

What are you doing this weekend?
Are you a stress eater?


4 responses to “More chocolate

  1. Hello, I really love your blog) My name is Mary and I am from Russia. Your problem with chocolate is so close to me. I ve been overweight all my life till one year ago I decided to begin my weight loss. I loose about 80 pounds but now I started to gain weight again because of emotional eating( But your blog is such an inspiration! I cant ruin my dream body because of junk food!
    P.S. Sorry for my english/ It s not perfect at all…*)

  2. Ah I know what you mean about those couple extra handfuls of chocolate! I did the same thing last night actually with ice cream. I just wanted a couple more spoonfuls of mint chocolate chip…totally not a binge by standard definitions, but I felt uncomfortable with it – even though it was a decision that, “yes, I want a bit more ice cream, I’m going to have some”, not uncontrollable mindless spoonfuls. oh well. Now that I think about it, I probably didn’t eat enough earlier in the day, so I was hungrier at night…and that’s when I usually want things like ice cream, chocolate etc. It’s all part of learning about how much my body needs, how to listen to it, and how to fuel it best and still allow myself to have what I want! On the plus side, its so good that you changed your focus from guilt to the things you have to look forward to this coming year!! A half ironman? BALL SO HARD girl that’s awesome!!!! And getting a coach would mean your (already high) fitness level would skyrocket, as would, I think, your confidence. I can’t wait to hear what you decide on THAT adventure!!

  3. I’m not a stress eater, but I definitely let stress negatively affect me in other aspects of my life! But it’s great when you can realize that stress is the root of a problem so that you can deal with it.

    That is SO cool that you want to do a half ironman! I know you’ll kick that thing’s butt if you decide to do it!!! 🙂

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