Winesday Wednesday

Today was one of those days that feels really long, in a good way!

It started with a repeat of yesterday’s yummy oatmeal/trail mix/almond butter/banana/soy milk combo for breakfast.


And moved right into work on my grad school applications and a chilly (but awesome) run with Sarah. The sun came out, I wore three shirts, and Sarah’s so positive that even a cold morning makes for a good workout. Love training buddies! We ran about 10km around places that were new for us and got caught up on all the things that have happened over the holidays. Fun fun fun!

When I got home, I took time to do some yoga (using my playlist, of course) and then ended up rushing to get ready for Bonnie’s arrival. I took the time to make another green monster, but this one was a little chunkier than I like. I was aiming for mocha but I’m not ready to share the recipe just yet (though there was chocolate protein powder and instant coffee and spinach, of course, involved)…I’ll wait for perfection. It was still decent and you better bet I finished it.


We made it to the states with plenty of time to spare before my appointment, so we went to the bookstore and you can guess what I bought: MAGAZINES (Triathlete and Runner’s World)! And a coffee! I’m so predictable…

My appointment was quick (results come later but I’m believing there’s nothing wrong!) so we had time to grab lunch at Tim Horton’s (we had the same panini I tried a few weeks ago–Tuscan Chicken, and it was delicious) before we went to Target, TJ Maxx, and MC Sports. I got myself a new desk calendar for the year (2012, I will be organized!) and found a running jacket on clearance for $20! Since my lululemon one is mesh, this one will probably be a little more practical. It’s not very warm but it’s polka dot and nike and will definitely come in handy this spring! Yay for bargains. I also got folders to send my grad school applications in. A step towards finishing them.


When we got back we gave each other our Christmas gifts! From me, Bonnie got a Hello Kitty inspired present and an IOU for a pedicure (with me, of course). I took a shot in the dark but got lucky with the Soul Pancake book I got her. The guy who plays Dwight on “The Office” wrote it…random. But it looked cool and I wanted it so I figured she would too. And she did!


Bonnie got me a yoga mat…yay! and a bunch of things I love: lotion from Bath & Body Works, an iPod player for my car, an adorable cupcake-shaped spatula, some new goodies to try out on my next big training session (Stinger Bites to take the place of Gu Chompers and some chocolate Gu, my fav!), and a bottle of sparkling white wine that you better believe we busted open. I am a champ at popping the bubbly but I think a window in the apartments across the alley from me might have gotten nailed…my bad.


We said cheers and drank the whole bottle. It was small. Bonnie did most of it.



When she left I had dinner — a slow cooker curry that I’m going to post later as a recipe.


Then, I drunkenly finished one of my applications. That’s right, FINITO! I sobered up with some decaf coffee/hot chocolate and am feeling pretty accomplished but also realize that this is serious stuff. What’s in that envelope? Just all my future ambitions and hopes…NO BIG DEAL.


I think the following inspiration is appropriate, especially if you’re feeling any remorse over what you may have done or not done over the holidays, or in 2011, or whatever. Anddddd, reflect:

I thought I earned a break and what better way to spend it than blogging…hope you’re having a great night!

Do you have a running buddy?
What’s the last magazine you bought?



4 responses to “Winesday Wednesday

  1. i defintiely keep re-reading…good advice..must try harder (like get off the computer).

    you look like natalie portman, but with longer hair…or ashley judd…i think so anyway.

  2. Congratulations on sending away one of your applications! Now it’s out of your hands and you can try to put it out of your mind and wait for things to unfold. No matter where you end up next year, I know it will be on your very own path to greatness!

    Sorry if I oozed a bit of cheese there… 😉

    I have zero running buddies. I’m sure I could find one, but running is a very personal thing for me. I’ve never really been a runner, so it’s taken me a lot of training and confidence-boosting to get to where I am now. I’m afraid having a running buddy–particularly a faster one–will shoot down my confidence. It sounds silly writing it out, but it’s one of those things that makes sense in my head and my heart. Eventually I would like to run with people! Maybe when I enter my first race this spring/summer!

    • I bet you’ll find a way to be social if that’s what you need. I used to only run by myself for similar reasons when I first started. I thought for sure I’d hold someone back or I always felt like the “fat kid”/slow poke when I was with others. After that I got so A type that I didn’t want anyone to slow me down. Now I love running because you can be so social. Funny how we change…

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