Meatless Tuesday too?

It was an accident, I swear.

This morning, I woke up, did some work on my applications, and ogled at the snow for a few hours.

My breakfast got rid of a bunch of berries that were on the verge of going bad. Love not fresh produce…NOT!

I was hungry shortly after so I had an early lunch. I mixed up a salmony spaghetti squash creation but it made me gag a little (so I guess “meatless Tuesday” isn’t really accurate) so I remade a blander but better bowl.


yummy: spinach, spaghetti squash, pesto, and parmesan cheese

I picked up a spin class and a yoga class for an instructor at the Western gym who was sick. I ran on the treadmill before the class but the whole time my stomach felt yucky. I got four kind of slow miles in and the classes had good energy (all girls…I’m going to be single FOREVER) so I call this afternoon a success.

The gym wasn’t that busy but I know next week when people come back to classes it will EXPLODE. It’s always a pain to get a treadmill in the New Year’s resolution time of year and in the weeks leading up to spring break/beach vacations.

I used yesterday’s playlist again for spin but I made a new yoga CD so stay tuned for that post! Tomorrow’s a busy day but I’ll try to get it up as a relatively quick but fun post for you guys to zen out to.

After the class, my appetite was back so I had a quick granola bar. I started to feel really sick though, and I was not in the mood to go home and be miserable so I did what any normal girl would do…I headed to Chapters. I was hoping to buy a cycling, running, or triathlon magazine but I ended up getting the latest copy of Outside (adventure travel, active lifestyle, hot cover mans, etc.).

I sat and had a coffee and reflected on anything but my aching tummy or my stinky applications. I can’t figure out why my attitude is so off…except that I’m doubting myself. I don’t think anyone knows if a certain field is the right one, but that little voice that says I can’t be a journalist is trying to be so loud. Shut up, I say, because even if I go to school for it and find out it’s not for me, I’ll be better for it. So guess what? I felt better after my little break and am determined to get these things done in the next 3 days so I can send them out (maybe expedite them?) this Friday.

When I got home I had a quick shower and made my accidentally veggie dinner, which is pretty boring considering I eat it for lunch probably four days a week.

apple and cheddar sandwich (with spinach and mayo on ezekiel bread) and a maple dressing dressed spinach salad with walnuts!

Even though dinner was kind of late, I just found myself hungry (must be all that organizing I did for my Ryerson application tonight) and decided to have a bedtime snack.

Greek yogurt, honey, and walnuts.

And now I’m watching the premiere of The Biggest Loser, trying to stop thinking about those pesky applications, and trying to get excited for tomorrow. After a morning (cold) run with Saran, Bonnie is coming down and we are going to the states. I’m ignoring the fact that I have to have an ultrasound of my thyroid and all the anxiety that goes along with that…and focusing on the fact that we will probably have a blast bonding for an hour en route either way (my doctor is over the bridge), on the possibility that we could go to Target, and on the feeling that Santa is coming (tomorrow’s our Christmas!).  Thursday is also looking good because I’m heading to Guelph to try some indoor rock climbing with another friend I don’t see enough of! That leaves less time for my training, my applications, etc. but also less time for stressing…hopefully!

Hope you’re having a good week!

Do you ever give up on a meal halfway through to start fresh?
Have you ever climbed?
Do you watch The Biggest Loser? 


7 responses to “Meatless Tuesday too?

  1. Mmmmmmm spaghetti squash ❤

    Can't wait to cook with you when I get back to Londy xo

  2. Yummmm that apple cheddar sandwich sounds out of this world!!! Ugh I know what you mean about stress – might be why your stomach was feeling off too, I know mine always acts up when I’m stressed and upset! As for careers, my mom was telling me yesterday “don’t feel like you have to know what you want to do for the rest of your life. Most people really don’t do the same one thing they’re whole lives – career changes are the norm”. And I think journalism school would be a great learning experience for you whether or not you decide to go into the field! Also, I love the new blog layout!! 😀

    • My mom gave me a similar talk (via text, so I can’t really call it a talk) when I told her I was feeling so stressed…it’s funny how moms have a way of getting through to you. J school will be good especially if it takes me to a new place (i.e. I see myself running in Central Park if I go to Columbia or training in the mountains and doing open water swims in the Pacific if I go to Vancouver/UBC). Bring it on! I guess I can do this after all…:)

  3. I feel ya on the stress lady! The most stressed I have ever been was my freshman year at the University of Vermont… where I was so depressed and homesick and STRESSED! I had the most epic belly aches sometimes because of it … not a good time
    That apple cheddar sandwich sounds perfect.. love flavors like that together!

    • I’m hoping they go away. I kind of realize that I am not sleeping/feeling like crap because I’m procrastinating and no one can make me do it but me. So I just need to do this work, or admit that I don’t have to finish it this very second and get on with the rest of my life. Still, I’m setting myself the goal of sending it by Friday. Do or die! Thanks for the comment. 🙂

  4. “all girls…I’m going to be single FOREVER” <– Story of my life now that I go to Brescia! But once I start my athletic club groupon deal, we can scout the gym for hot athletic men together. 😉

    Also don't stress out so much! If that article of yours I read is any indication, you are an amazing writer and you'll make a kick butt journalist! You have no reason to doubt yourself at all!

    Have fun climbing! That's something I've been meaning to do this break too. I haven't climbed in like 4 years, but I used to love it. I

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