My first meatless Monday!

I did it… I had a meatless Monday to start 2012.

Breakfast sans meat easy enough…


oats/trail mix with banana and almond butter and soy milk

I was going to run this morning but I am teaching spin tonight and there’s a blizzard out there. Literally it is Snowmageddon II so I think I made a good decision not to freeze my arse off this morning.

Which left time for me to vacuum my apartment (YAY!), finish my laundry, and look at my j school applications. By look at I mean say, I need to do these. Why can’t I do these? I guess there’s always tomorrow!

Luckily I had a blogger meet up with Bee from Bee Goes Bananas (check her blog out if you haven’t already!) on the schedule to look forward to!  We found a Starbucks with some seating, talked about lots of stuff (from roomies to food to blogging and even Jillian Michaels), and laughed quite a bit (thanks for the fun–it was just what I needed!). Two hours later, the snow was getting bad and we realized we should probably go…:(


I even remembered my reusable tumbler! :)

I made my way to the grocery store and stocked up on some stuff I need and a few I’d like to try (ingredients for Vegetable and Chickpea Curry from Cooking Light so I can use my crockpot again) and then threw together a quick dinner that I might as well post as a recipe!

Pesto Artichoke Pasta with Parmesan Cheese and Spinach 

Okay, it doesn’t deserve a recipe. Because the name is literally the recipe. But you should still enjoy!

After dinner I drove (extremely cautiously) to the gym. I ran 3 miles before teaching spin. The playlist was perfect and even though I had a small class (I think because of the blizzard) it felt good!

I just spent two hours lazing around watching TV. Perfection. Also perfect was my post-workout snack, though the picture is blurry and doesn’t include the 17 extra handfuls of chocolate chips I ate. It’s greek yogurt, honey, and chocolate chips, in case it’s indistinguishable!

If it wasn’t so cold and I didn’t thoroughly enjoy/want to finish the pumpkin ice cream that’s in my overstuffed freezer right now so much, I might have bought this peanut butter and jelly ice cream that I saw today. Except that I think I’d rather just have a PB&J sandwich…

Still. Very interesting!

Tomorrow’s agenda: grad school applications, a run, and maybe some yoga. I don’t anticipate wanting to leave my apartment if it keeps snowing overnight…so I’m hoping to sleep wayyyyy in (phone is going on SILENT) and to be full of motivation to get going on the applications! Then I could blog about something else for a change!

What’s the weirdest ice cream you’ve tried and liked?
Do you like snow? 



12 responses to “My first meatless Monday!

  1. Yay to us finally getting coffee together! Many more to come!

  2. Oh man PB&J ice cream. Except the Shoppers Drug Mart price tags will haunt me in my sleep because I have to work tomorrow.

  3. Congrats on the meatless Monday! The pasta dish looks so good! I’ll have to try that one with my parents – I love surprising them with delicious meatless meals!
    Pb and j ice cream is good!! They have it in Harry potter world in Florida and I tried it there. I swear it’s delicious!

  4. Oh man I’m glad I’m not in London right now! There’s not even a dusting of snow here in Burlington… it’s crazy how the weather can be so different when I’m only 1.5 hours away! I hope you’re surviving the snow. 🙂

    Yummy dinner! I love pasta with pesto. There’s this one dish at Bertoldi’s that’s spaghetti with pesto, arugula, goat cheese and pine nuts – it’s to die for! I’ve been meaning to recreate it at home.

    The weirdest ice cream I’ve tried is mushroom ice cream at my favourite restaurant in Burlington. It sounds super bizarre, but it was so good! The chef always comes up with the craziest combinations, but they always taste amazing.

    • That’s ridiculous! Today was much better because they ploughed, etc. I am sure it’ll be clear and just look pretty by the time all the students (yourself included) come back. I have a thing of goat cheese in my fridge. No pine nuts, but I think I could make due. Bring it on tomorrow perhaps. Meatless Wednesday look out!

      Do you like green tea ice cream? Cuz I don’t. haha.

  5. I worked at a Baskin Robbins in high school…I’ve tried every weird ice cream there is! (Thankfully at no cost). Your artichoke pasta looks delicious!

    • It is so easy. Try it :)! I worked at an ice cream store too..but we made our own and the flavours were pretty standard! The man that owned it made gourmet chocolates too though, and he made some with bacon and raisins and one with chili powder. All were good (also tried for free). 🙂

  6. oh my goodness, that pasta dish looks like heaven….the sicilian in me needs to make that NOW!! it’d be a huge hit with my family too! and your PWO snack looks yummy too – honey + chocolate + greek yo is something I’ve never tried but sounds like it’d be pretty baller. Actually all your food looks awesome all the time haha. As for PB&J ice cream….I feel like that would either be amazing or totally disgusting. I’m not sure I’d want to find out! I do love the pumpkin ice cream and Edy’s Samoas ice cream….that might be my favorite ever.

    • Yesterday was a pretty appetizing day! I guess I try harder when there’s no meat involved…but I kind of feel like I just use cheese in its place!

      I think if I can find a willing accomplice I’m going to try that ice cream. Since we have 40cm of snow this might be tricky, but it’s on sale for 4 dollars so it seems like a fun and cheap experiment, don’t you think!? Mmmmmm pumpkin. We can’t get that brand here, but it’s a good thing my fam lives on a border town!

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