Looking back

I’m going to go ahead and post about the top ten things that come to mind as my favourite accomplishments of 2011. It’s about giving myself credit for the things that I did, not worrying about being perfect/leaving something out, and about amusing myself tonight since I’m a little bit bored…

1) Starting this blog. It had to get in here so I might as well start with this one! It has been over six months…holy! I feel connected, less stressed, and like I’m doing something fun just for the sake of doing it when it comes to this blog. I get to write, I get to take pictures, I get to organize (or throw together) things that I find interesting, and I get ATTENTION. 🙂 I love blogging. I love other bloggers. I am so glad I stumbled upon Julie’s blog (Peanut Butter Fingers) and decided I could do it too!

2) Going to NYC with Bonnie. Travelling was a big source of stress for me for a long time. Where would I work out? Restaurant meals for a week? You can read all about the trip in my recap post, but know this. It was amazing, we crammed way too much good luck into three days, and I can’t think of a better way to have spent it. It feels pretty cool to check something (seeing the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade in person) off my bucket list and going to Columbia made me excited just about the possibility of going there!

3) Doing a season of triathlon. I sometimes forget that I did that…Tecumseh Triathlon, Bluewater Triathlon, and the Olympic distance triathlon at Lakeside. Holy crap! I had a lot of fun training with friends and meeting people and it kept me busy/sane this summer.

4) Winning Fitness Instructor of the Year last year. Surprise. Went straight to my head… 😉

5) Getting published in Canadian Cycling Magazine…four times! The first time was the best and I cannot believe how lucky I am.

6) Getting to be my sister’s Maid of Honour. Her bachelorette at the zoo was fun, helping her (though I feel like I didn’t do all that much) along the way, and the day itself were all a blast. Perfection.

7) Getting this far in my recovery. There were a few milestones, some ups and some downs, some relapses, etc. But it’s all part of the process and I think 2012 will see me move from “in recovery” to “recovered”. I thank Jenni Schaefer for that extra little push to get all the way there. Meeting her also ranks high on the list of good moments in 2011!

8) Interviewing Tina from Carrots N Cake for my writing assignment about health bloggers. How cool is that? Even she said when it comes to blogging, there’s plenty of room at the top. LOVE IT!

9) Putting together my online writing portfolio. I still don’t have a mark for it, but that doesn’t matter. It was probably the most useful thing I’ve ever done for school.

10) Adding so many races to my list…I just realized I did a LOT. Let’s not think about the money I spent on them. Besides my three tris, I also did:

  • Woodstock Duathlon (Sprint) – 1:05:47
  • CHOK Bridge Race (10km) – 47:44
  • Huron House Boys’ Home  – 47:40
  • Spinal Health Run (10km) – ?
  • Thursday night racing series @ Ciocarro club – I think I got 3rd female even though I only did 2 races all summer?
  • Tour de Frankenmuth Road Race (60 miles)
  • Tour de Mount Pleasant Road Race
  • Conquer the Hills (100km) – hilly ride in Delaware to make up for our rained-out Gran Fondo in Philly
  • Bluewater Trails Half Marathon – 1:46:23
  • Santa Clause Shuffle (5km) – so much fun, especially with Lauren and her sister/friends!

I’m going to classify my solo bike ride to Sarnia (about 100km) in the dead heat of the summer up here too. In 2012 I want to go BOTH ways! 🙂

…that was fun!

What tops your list for fav 2011 memories?


10 responses to “Looking back

  1. Yay what a fun 2011!!
    Triathlon is one of my favorite memories too! winning Wildflower and graduating from grad school are tied!
    good luck in 2012, I know it will be a great year for u!

  2. … realizing a few of my comments are probably trapped as spam because they contain too many links.

  3. holy crap, this year was huge for you!! I had no idea you were published in Cycling…that’s epic. That + interviewing Tina + your portfolio…you are set up to do great things in journalism grad school. And you beasted on the athletic front too – tris and all those races and being a fitness instructor. Damn my year is like not even 1/4 of your year lol!! I can’t wait to see what you’ve got planned for 2012, clearly it has big shoes to fill 😀

  4. Holy cow you accomplished a lot this year! Congrats on everything! 😀 Also, I just read your article on Healthy Living Blogs and you did an awesome job on it. I agree with everything you said!

    That’s so cool that you rode 100 km to Sarnia – how long did that take you?

    • Thanks for the compliment.

      About 4 hours, but I stopped for half an hour because I thought I was dying. It was like 100 degrees smog advisory etc and probably a dumb afternoon to do it ;). It wouldn’t normally take so long! 🙂

  5. Great post. 🙂 Love looking back!

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