Happy 2012!


After yesterday’s rushed post, I made my way to Sarnia. I popped by my mother’s to get rid of my Christmas decorations and to deliver cookies and then went to Lisa’s house! I met her boyfriend, hung out with her family (including one of my closest friends from elementary school — love that two girls I love are SISTERS!), and filled up on cookies. I think I ate half a dozen…

This is not an OMG I ate six cookies I’m obese post. This is an OMG I ate six cookies you need to make yourself and your family this deliciousness…

…yes I used a mix. Add some extra chocolate chips and you’re going to have the best cookies you’ve ever made. There’s no shame in having help when they are this delicious. Another tidbit of advice: have them with vanilla ice cream. Smile after because the world is perfect.


Cookie number 5?


The night was also filled with UNO and my new favourite game ever: Dutch Blitz (A Vonderful Goot Family Card Game). 

I loved the quality time with friends. At midnight I shook my money outside (a tradition to bring wealth in the New Year) and we watched the party in NYC. It’s hard to believe I was there just a little over a month ago…CRAZY!

My favourite part of the show was Beyonce’s addition:

…if that’s not a prescription for how to live your life, what is?

Since I’m sure you’re bombarded with goal talk and stuff regarding NY Resolutions, there going to stay out of this post…

Today we slept in, had breakfast (boring picture: toast and jam with orange juice), snacks (bananas), and then headed to Canatara Park to do a Resolution Run. I ran with Lisa and a few people from Feet on Fire. I LOVE RUNNERS. What a community, and what a great way to start 2012!

We got medallions and felt pretty darn accomplished. Go us! Around the Bay is 85 days away. I might as well not hide it, today was the 14th day of my secret  running streak.  I’m going 23 days for my 23rd birthday if things continue going as planned… 🙂 I’m a runner!

After the run, I met my mom for lunch at Coffee Lodge. Bring on the falafel wrap. If falafel is bad for you, I don’t want to know. Ignorance is bliss, especially when it’s delicious and makes me feel good for going veg for a meal!


My mom gave me: whole bean coffee (Snickerdoodle flavour) and some much-needed comforting regarding how confused I am about what the heck I want to do with my life…sometimes you can hear the same advice over and over again but you need to hear it from someone closest to you. Go Momma Bons (Bonnie’s nickname, not mine!)!

I came back to London and pretty much headed straight for Moksha. There was a granola bar and some unpacking in there…and some standing in the cold because I was actually TOO early! I did the community class (7$ donation–money saved, money given to a good cause) and loved my zen.

I repeated my spaghetti squash dish from last week for dinner (this time with real butter instead of margarine) and now I’m enjoying a cup of decaf coffee with steamed soymilk/cocoa (quickly becoming a favourite). My laundry is in process and my floors are dirty but I am going to bed. ‘cuz I’m taking it easy on myself this year!

…HAPPY NEW YEAR! I hope everyone’s enjoying 2012…it’s going to be a good year. I know it because my 2012 horoscope says so.  It also says:

The winds of change are not about to let up just yet! With the arrival of 2012 comes yet another flurry of eclipse patterns to shake up your status quo. In June, the full Moon lunar eclipse in Sagittarius is the last of the series, bringing the final wave of a sea of oceanic changes you’ve weathered over the past few years. You’ve probably experienced dramatic endings or beginnings (or both) of important relationships and extensive personal transformations recently. Depending on where you find yourself at the start of the year, you can expect to experience the total other end of the emotional and relationship spectrum before 2012 is over.

I’ll take it.  Get yours if you wanna!

You should also take time to watch this…


What’s your favourite card/board game?
What did you do for New Year’s Eve/Day?
Do you read your horoscope?  


6 responses to “Happy 2012!

  1. I really need to get back into yoga, but I’m so intimidated to go to a new place by myself! Where do you recommend?

  2. I like your hair alot..

    President’s Choice makes good stuff 😉

  3. You started off your New Year with a run… and I started mine off with 5 hours of watching X-Men with my family and another 4 hours of watching Bones with my sister – I barely moved off the couch all day haha! 😛

    • Family bonding is important though! 🙂 I gave myself plenty of external motivation to do things today, otherwise I wanted my flannel jammies and movies all day long. Maybe today!

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