Rushing around

I guess hustling to fit too much into a day is a good way to spend the last day of 2011…cuz it’s pretty much how I feel I spent this year!

This morning I had a quick breakfast and after going back and forth in my mind, I decided to go to the gym. I am worried about my knee hurting so I wanted to test it out on the treadmill.



I ran/walked for a little and it didn’t feel bad but I think since I want to run with the Sarnia group tomorrow (and with Lisa–yay!) I’d better rest it today. 🙂 Luckily I did a great spin class instead. The instructor is so…fun. I know that word is pretty overused, but it’s actually the best descriptor. I love it when a class is sweaty AND you laugh.

I also like it when I can steal music inspiration. In honour of a Ke$ha remix, I found this one on youtube myself:

I love Ke$ha…blame the class for rekindling that love!

When I got home I was hungry, thirsty, and feeling ambitious so I mixed up a green monster! This is only my second one, and the first one I ever made was delicious so I had lots to live up to.

This time I used some different ingredients…


…but was happy with it AND with my new blender. 🙂



Goodbye 2011 Green Monster

1/2 c. soy milk (or whatever type you choose)
1/2 c. water
handful ice cubes
1 frozen banana
handful raw spinach
1 tbsp peanut butter
1 tbsp cocoa

Add all ingredients to a blender, ensuring the liquids and ice cubes are at the bottom.  Pulse and blend ’til smooth. Slurp and enjoy!

I was satisfied for a while afterwards, so I started my laundry, tidied a little more around here, and baked cookies to take to Lisa’s tonight, all before lunch!



I’m looking forward to ringing in a new year…

What’s missing is my resolutions. What you need to know is that I set goals ALL THE TIME so it’s great if you don’t and you can use the new year as a reason to check in (or if you do and you need to check in), but I’m still in the midst of deciding what I want next year to look like, so without getting ahead of myself, I’ll leave my resolutions at the following cute tumblr picture I stole:


“Cheers to a new year and another chance for us to get it right.” ~Oprah Winfrey

What do you want to do in 2012?
What do you think about all this resolution hoopla? Do you set resolutions or goals or do you do it all the time?
What are your plans for tonight?



9 responses to “Rushing around

  1. Mmm everything looks so good! Have a great New Year’s Eve!

  2. That’s a great workout song!! I think they’ve played it in a few classes I’ve been to at the gym.
    Hope your knee feels better

  3. What a yummy green smoothie! 🙂 I need to find some fresh spinach so I can make one too. 🙂

    Happy 2012!

  4. ooh that toast looks yummy! I love bread with seeds in it haha. And the green monster! I still need to make one of these -maybe for lunch since I have a ginormous bag of spinach that needs to be used…..I like to use New Years as a chance to start fresh and really think about what I’ve accomplished so far and what I still want to do….but I haven’t really had the chance to sit down and lay out concrete goals yet. I think I need to spend some quality time with my journal this afternoon though! HAPPY NEW YEAR!

  5. I love Kesha too… this place about to blowww ohhh oh oh oh ohhh. I guess that is how you would type out the lyrics to that song? haha
    Great recipe to finish with 2011, green monsters are just the best, and obviously bursting with HEALTH 🙂

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