Coffee break

Happy Friday! The holidays make knowing what day of the week it is kind of irrelevant, but I realized it was Friday when I went to register for tomorrow’s Resolution Run in Sarnia and realized it was sold out. Ditto for London’s. I should’ve done it a week ago when I got pissy about there not being any small jackets left…

I’m taking a positive spin on it and saying I’m saving 65 dollars and can run in the afternoon instead of in the dark evening instead. I’ve got plans to run/reflect (tee hee) with Lisa tomorrow afternoon, knee-permitting (we’ll get to that).


I made breakfast with ingredients I can recognize: a mix of oats/grains and trail mix with a banana, peanut butter, and soy milk. Higher calorie but also higher quality.

I was going to go to spin this morning but then I saw that it was supposed to be pretty warm out so decided to take the morning to clean and run instead.

Cleaning’s not usually funny, but sometimes I find things when I organize that make me laugh.

FYI, Christine is my sister and she used to work at the Human Society in Sarnia during the summers. I think she got bit…and they had to test the dog. How I ended up with this in my apartment here is a mystery, but I needed to snap a picture before I got rid of it!

I was feeling hungry when I was just about ready to run, so I had some rice cakes. Three ingredients, but I was curious how rice turns into puffed rice cakes, so I googled it of course. Thankfully wikipedia filled me in on how rice turns into rice cakes. 


20111230-152940.jpgMy run was slushy and the snow/hills slowed me down. That’s fine and dandy. What’s not is that my knee (which kind of hurt yesterday) made me walk for part of the run. Sucks. I hope it’s nothing serious (and I don’t think it is). It feels more like I hit it than like I did something to it (which unless I was sleepwalking, I didn’t) so I’m choosing to think positive. I’m going to try to get to yoga tonight to stretch it out…I’ve been slacking when it comes to my foam rolling (tsk tsk) so I really hope it’s just a little too much tightness and not enough TLC.  Maybe it’s a blessing that the run tomorrow was sold out? I will still go to Sarnia and see my friend, but a walking reflection might be in order if it is really bad when I get up in the morning…


I don’t like this hair situation…tips for short hair/workouts? A pony tail falls out…maybe bobby pins? 20111230-152949.jpg

After I freshened up, I made myself lunch. I used ezekiel bread (trying to stick to those recognizable ingredients) and fixed my cheese/apple/spinach and light mayo (I know, full of “food like ingredients” but there’s room for that! 80/20) favourite.


After a few trips to the dumpster/recycle bins–and I still have more to carry down (donations, trash, and Christmas decorations to be stored)–I needed to get out of my place! First, I set up my new crock pot. Tonight’s menu: veggie chili! In the mix: tomato sauce, crushed tomatoes, yellow and green peppers, yellow and green winter squash, mushrooms, mixed beans and spices of course! I can’t wait to see how it comes out. How perfect will it be to have it waiting for me after yoga? I’m going to add some corn when it’s almost done and probably top it with plain yogurt or maybe some cheddar cheese. My mouth is watering already…


I’m making progress with my cleaning (still to do: vacuum, clean up magazines (I’ll probably NOT do this, let’s be honest), and laundry) and realizing how good it feels to get rid of some of the crap I’m holding onto for no reason. The timing’s perfect, too, because I’m not so tempted by those boxing week sales!

This morning I watched another video about the food situation (I’m not sure how else to describe Michael Pollan, Mark Bittman, etc.’s discussions). This one was by Marion Nestle, who wrote What to Eat This is one of those books I like to have on my bookshelf–it’s more of a reference book than anything.

I packed her book and came to the Starbucks in Chapters (my favourite, but it’s a zoo!) and while I was wandering the book store I found Mark Bittman’s Food Matters book on sale. I read it as an e-book so I wasn’t about to spend 20 dollars on the paperback version. Then I looked his name up on the kiosk and saw that the hardcover version of the book was on sale for $6.99. Done and done.

My bookshelves are literally overflowing, but oh well. Of all the things to have too many of, I’d say books are a good option. Here come some quotes:

“It is what you read when you don’t have to that determines what you will be when you can’t help it.”  ~Oscar Wilde

“Good friends, good books and a sleepy conscience:  this is the ideal life.”  ~Mark Twain

“”Tell me what you read and I’ll tell you who you are” is true enough, but I’d know you better if you told me what you reread.”  ~François Mauriac

“My best friend is a person who will give me a book I have not read.” ~Abraham Lincoln

“When I get a little money I buy books; and if any is left I buy food and clothes.” ~Desiderius Erasmus 

Now I’m cozy with my coffee and ready to dive in. This weekend should be good — I’m looking forward to yoga, quality time with Lisa and her awesome family, seeing friends, and hopefully running in the sunshine (fingers crossed!). Next week is a little bit of back to reality: I’ve got to finish my journalism school applications and get ready for the semester — scary! This weekend is also about looking back and figuring out some plans for 2012, which of course I’ve already started…stay tuned!

What are you doing for New Years?
What’s your favourite kind of chili?

What are you reading right now?




5 responses to “Coffee break

  1. Your chilli looks wonderful darling 🙂

  2. What are you doing for New Years? Same as every night. . .

    What are you reading right now? Galsworthy’s The Man of Property. Next up: some investment book my library branch put out on a display table, and Bicycling Science

  3. Well, you don’t want to get obsessive (and possibly orthorexic) about food…so don’t analyze everything 🙂 Honestly, you have to eat food still, so don’t fret over cheese or this or that. It’s not like you are eating KFC and SPAM..just remember that..

    I like Udi’s bread and “Food for Life” breads…warmed in microwave, smothered in olive oil and dipped in yogurt.

    I have eaten like 10 rice cakes today 😦 and 1.5 oz of 80% dark lindt chocolate…and I haven’t walked an inch…I know…I feel so guilty for all this…I used to take “food and clean rules” to the extreme and it does backfire on you. You can’t be too obsessive or restrictive or analytical with food…or it wiill drive you nuts!

    I just finished the book “Teenage Wasteland ” that I dug out of the library (limited pickings)…it was decent…about a bunch of teenagers getting lap-band surgery cause their obese…different kind of reading material for me…but different is good.

    • I appreciate the insight…I know extreme measures one way or another is where we go wrong. Sometimes some perspective (KFC and spam, nice choices!) is really what’s important! I’m going to really try to stay balanced along the way. There’s no way I’m giving it all up. Dark chocolate is a healthier choice, especially if you like that kind! I just bought myself a bar of dark chocolate with pistachios ( totally on impulse that I cannot wait to try!

      I’m drawn to non-fiction…I always feel like fiction is a “waste” of time. That being said I prefer memoirs or stories…

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