I could go to bed

…but I’ll update you instead!

Breakfast today was an old favourite: cereal, yogurt mixed with instant coffee, and a banana.


…but it was boring, so halfway through I threw some honey and pecans into the mix.


…much tastier!

I went to the gym this morning and ran on the treadmill (in neither of my normal running shoes–oops). I did four miles and then was running (ha ha pun intended) late for Tanya’s TRX class!


The class was the Kascade workout that she did a few weeks ago. I like it, but I have done so many countdown workouts (okay, three is not so many but it is a lot) lately that I could have used something different. I’m not feeling into my workouts lately, which sucks. Hoping for some good runs this weekend and some good classes next week to get me excited about it all again!

When I got home, it was about 11am and instead of rushing and having an early lunch, I decided to try eating a snack and waiting til the afternoon to have my bigger meal.


I’m loving almond butter lately. And don’t you love that my uber large apple is too big for my new snack plates (thanks Santa!)? At any rate, it tasted great!

About 2 hours later (after a kind of revealing blog post and some cleaning) I made myself a big salad of mixed  greens, maple vinaigrette, pecans, dried apricots, and salmon. NOM!


The afternoon went by quickly so I decided I needed to get out of the house. I thought about trying to get in for a massage (because I have a gift certificate kicking around) but then I remembered that I had a “Birthday Facial” coupon from Caryl Baker to use. I went for it and they got me in at 5. Before the facial, I had a snack and headed to the mall to make some returns.


I left the mall with more money (or credit, I guess) and a clean feeling face. I also got lucky and got a mask treatment for home (which I have to go pick up next week — let’s hope I don’t forget!) for the price of the mask upgrade I always get suckered into (“free” facial my butt!).

I was starving when I got home so I used my leftover spaghetti squash with some PC Blue Menu Chicken Meatballs and spinach, margarine, and parmesan cheese.


Healthy enough, but I’m hungry now! I don’t miss the pasta at the time but I do end up hungry pretty quickly when I use squash instead of pasta. Oh well, that just means I really want tonight’s bedtime snack…which I think might be movie popcorn!

Still, a friend has been raising some good questions about the food we eat and all the Michael Pollan reading and envying has really gotten me, I think. Tonight’s insight: how many chickens do you think went into one of those chicken meatballs? Sure, they’re “Blue Menu” — healthy — but are they really…good? I don’t know. I would like to get to a point where I know where the food I’m eating comes from. I’ve always been interested in local eating, The 100 Mile Diet has inspired many an essay or writing project for me, and I love the farmer’s market, but for some reason I feel like there’s some roadblock stopping me from really eating in a responsible way. Maybe it’s because it means eating more real food and giving up some of the Ed-driven habits (sweetener, low fat stuff, etc.) or because, like everyone else, it’s harder–at least at first. The reason the North American diet sticks around, I think, even though it is making people sick is because it is so darn convenient (leaving out the part about how “delicious” it might be, etc.). I think I’m at a place in my recovery where I can start to eat like the person I want to be.


Watch this video where Michael Pollan talks about his newest book. It might change your life. A reader sent it to me and I really appreciate it–an hour of my life I feel better for spending how I did.

Enough insight for now!

Meghann at Meals N Miles says We Bought a Zoo is good (and that’s enough to convince me). So I’m forcing a friend to go with me…to the late show. I gave him permission to elbow me if I start snoring since it is already my bedtime…

What’s the last movie you saw?
Have you ever considered going veg? 


12 responses to “I could go to bed

  1. I feel guilty cause I can’t afford (or can’t find) the “organic” or “healthy ” meats and chicken and stuff…so I just have to buy the cheapest and available (i don’t want to restrict them)…i want to buy ground beef so bad…but can’t find anything “good”….see? that’s my old orthorexic traits..i hate that…i just want to freaking buy it (i think the blog world makes it worse…makes me feel “guilty” cause i can’t buy organic or free-run ,etc etc)…

    i wish i could have a sensible bedtime snack and stop…i get into the chocolate …and the crunchy cereal…and a big yogurt mess, etc…i know i’m all backwards…but the guilt and worry is so exhausting u know?

    god, i miss exercise.

    we bought a zoo sounds like fun…i wish i could see the Muppets!!

    • Good vs. bad are not really words we should use for food – it’s so tough not to, props for realizing!

      I think night time eating is where so many of us (myself) get hung up and to be honest I feel “bad” for eating anything — even if it was, say a can of tuna or something carb-less, flavourless, whatever. I don’t know where it comes from but I know it’s not right. Eating what you want, at whatever time of the day, is the best way, I think. Right now and probably for you it seems like it’s not necessarily what you want but more of a habit? When I first started seeing a dietitian for my issues, she made me eat a bedtime snack every night. I wasn’t underweight then, in fact I was seeing her to lose weight (when I was actually overweight at least by BMI standards). She said knowing that I’d have a snack, and for me that safe snack was the same every night and it was yogurt, would let me relax about dinner, etc. It worked for me and I think it is something I could come back to…just a thought!

      • Oh god…yogurt is only a 1/10th of what I eat at night…i eat about 500 cals..

        I need to get in 2000-2500 per day (i’m not exercising…but i think i’d need this to gain..even though i’m only 5 feet 1.5 and 30 years old…maybe i’m wrong)

        but that’s the things…so many cals and i can’t figure out how to get it in during day…so at night i eat a lot…and i feel guilty for example for having a cup of yogurt and grapes, 3-5 rice cakes, 3 or 4 squares of 70% chocolate, a few handfuls of nuts, etc….see? ugh.

  2. oh man….I do want to eat a whole-foods plant-based diet REALLY BADLY. Have you seen Forks Over Knives? That movie scared the shit out of me and really made me want to change my diet. Truth is…I worry about getting enough nutrients, especially calcium. And I still don’t get my period (TMI, sorry), so I worry that a plant-based diet would be even more of a setback…but maybe I’m wrong? Maybe if I ate a plant based diet, to get all the nutrients I’d have to eat more calories than i currently do, but I’d feel ok about it cuz its plants? i dunno. Also…too much fiber = really bad running for me ya know? lol it’d be an adjustment, but I hope to move closer to that!

    • I go back and forth. I think where I get hung up is when I feel like I’m changing too much at once. I fear that I’m going to balloon to a bigger size (when in reality, eating like I did before, restricting and bingeing, etc. not only ended with me being bigger but also left me miserable). I want so badly to “just eat” and not worry about whether or not there’s enough vitamin B12 or enough calories to get my period back or if that’s even why I don’t have it…I’m sure you can relate. Sometimes I think I’m so stressed about NOT getting a period that I am too stressed to get one…it’s a cycle!

      I hear you about the fibre too — every time I do a food diary/analysis I am baffled by the fact that I’m not on the toilet all day e’r’yday! haha.

      I think my goal for now is just to move towards more conscious eating…nothing extreme or any overhauls. Just givin’ it some thought…

    • I actually really really don’t agree with vegetarianism. I’ve read and watched a lot and gotten several doctors and RD’s opinions…just my take…and evolution doesn’t match with vegetarianism…we’re not meant to be …never have been.

      That said: everyone is different, so to each his/her own. I think we’d all do better adding more fruits, veggies, olive oil, avocados, nuts, and whole grains to our diets…BUT ADD these things…without subtracting the other things.

  3. I don’t think I could go completely vegetarian.. Maybe.. I try to have a meatless day or two a week – today was meatless! I definitely could not be one of those vegetarians that remove all animal products. I like eggs, cheese & dairy (ice cream!!) far too much.

    In general, I try to eat a clean diet with as few processed foods as possible. I still have high blood pressure, even though I’ve dropped a bunch of weight. I avoid the sodium mostly.

    I also have an “addiction” to sweetener. I cannot fathom giving it up no matter what I hear about it. I put it mostly in my coffee but then if I make jello, it will be sugar free jello. Or if I have a soda, it will be a diet soda almost always.

    I also own David Kessler’s the End of Overeating. This was a very interesting read which I think I will be revisiting in the new year.
    He had a few good theories on why people overeat.

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