I’m a new woman!

After three and a half hours (removing the extensions–aka pulling my hair for an hour, washing out the gook, cutting it, dying it, washing it again, and styling/finishing the cut)…ta-da:


I think I’m going to like this “new me”…

I really wish I could say I accomplished more than having someone fix my hair today, but that’s not really the case.

I did get gas, make a return, and get out for a short, snowy run after breakfast! I realized something: I have never run in legit snow before. I didn’t like it…I LOVED it! Sure, it slowed me down (my main goal for today: not to fall on my butt), but there was something very COOL about leaving the first set of footprints in the snow. I feel very hardcore. 🙂 When I got home I copied Tina @ CarrotsNCake and did a quick workout: 10 rounds of 10 squats, 10 pushups, and 10 sit-ups. It took me about 9 minutes, but my heart rate was up the whole time. Then I had quick lunch and made it to the hairdresser just on time. Living on the edge…


More like 22 and 2.25, but whatever slow-poke Garmin!


I can’t stop snacking. I need to get out of this apartment–it’s such a mess! I had a granola bar (normal) plus so much cheese, chocolate chips, and whatever else looks good whenever I pass the kitchen (which is all the time since I live in a tiny little box).

Tomorrow I have HUGE ambitions to finish cleaning. My bed is literally covered with clothes: to keep, to donate, to burn. Tough to go through my closet because of the different sizes I’ve accumulated. I remember doing this when I got tiny tiny and deciding that it was awesome I’d never have to do it again…now I am. I really want to find my happy weight. Advice says to keep the clothes that fit you now. I think that’s probably what I’m going to do, with the exception of maybe 1 or 2 pairs of jeans on either side (I’m a jean-a-holic) to be safe!

I just had an easy dinner because I’m hoping to devote all my domestic energy towards cleaning.


ceasar salad with salmon and croutons and cheese!

Wish me luck!

Thoughts on my hair?
Do you keep clothes that are bigger or smaller than you currently are? Why/why not?


13 responses to “I’m a new woman!

  1. love the hair, looks so fresh 🙂


  3. I just dont like the new you I love the new you. Also I am in the same boat with my clothes right now, lets keep pushing through it, we will get there, I know you can do this, I have no doubt you will be recovered.

  4. I FREAKING LOVE YOUR HAIR!!!!!!! super sassy!!!

  5. Great hair, keep on smiling with a video & happy story about puppies.

    I keep clothing that’s close to fitting although I tend to grow not shrink.

  6. Your hair looks awesome! You can definitely rock the shorter cuts! 😀

    I tend to keep clothes that are from when I was bigger/smaller too – I hate throwing away clothes that I spent so much money on!

  7. Very nice hair cut! But it is the smile, not the hair that makes you shine!

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