Let the Boxing Day shopping begin…

Christmas might not be about the gifts (okay, it’s not), but Boxing Day is legitimately about the shopping.

I can’t sleep…so there’s been coffee, breakfast, and some damage to my Visa.  I wanted to go to London (to drop off my haul from Santa 😉 and to shop), but then I remembered: ONLINE SHOPPING. Bring on the lululemon sale, without the elbowing in the face. Free shipping, folks. If you’re part of R&D, you can’t use it online, but whatever! 🙂 Happy spandex.

Kashi, Fibre 1, cranberries/blueberries (warmed up) with soy milk! 🙂

I feel like I should throw in some pictures from yesterday! I had a good Christmas and hope you all did, but I’d be lying if I said it was stress free or Ed-free. Thanks for the support friends and the afternoon, which started out bad bad bad, ended GOOD, with this meal to get me back on track after a little incident with too many cookies. It happens. You move on, you eat the next meal, and you spend time with the people who love you. I visited and delivered goodies to my friends when all I Ed wanted me to do was lie in bed. If that’s not taking the day back, moving forward to recovered, and getting stronger, I don’t know what is.

I spent the evening at my friends’ house. I’ve known the girls since elementary school so it was like old times. We enjoyed some puppy chow (a nutritional rock star, you know–>Crispix topped with melted peanut butter, chocolate chips, and butter with vanilla and coated in powdered sugar), caught up, and talked over “watched” Polar Express!

MIA: The stuffing I waited for (I like it better NOT in the bird), salad, and the 1209102910 pounds of turkey I ate afterwards.


What’s next today?

Recreating this…

If you were on the fence, TRY THIS! So delicious. 🙂

Picking up my sister for some boxing day shopping (on my list: organizing stuff—think bins, think file folders, think Lysol, and maybe some underwear–gasp!), a run with a really accomplished runner I’m excited to learn from, a visit to a family friend’s Christmas (I get to play Santa!), and then loading up everything and heading back to London for a while. I think I’m going to need a serious supply of caffeine today!

Do you shop on Boxing Day?
How did you spend your Christmas? 


3 responses to “Let the Boxing Day shopping begin…

  1. OOh I didn’t know Boxing Day was about shopping! It’s not big here in the states – or at least, my family’s never done anything with it, I always thought it was like…the day you box up all your christmas stuff?? we usually keep ours out till new years…hah I guess that’s not what it is lol!! But if there’s sales, maybe I should go shopping! Or at least check out online sales cuz I defs got some $$ for Christmas, hmmm.

    Glad you were able to push through those ED thoughts yesterday too! ED was hardcore raging for me yesterday, and I definitely didn’t stand up to it as well as you did. But hey, today’s a new day! And it looks like you started off pretty good with that cereal bowl, YUM! 😀

  2. I wanted to stay in bed too today but given the amount that I indulged in yesterday, I made myself get up & go to the gym. Of course you never regret a workout. Christmas eve though I somehow injured myself at the gym so it would have been easy to make an excuse & take another rest day but I didn’t. Hopefully I can power through for the rest of the week with my work outs!!

  3. Sounds fantastic love 🙂 We will have to hang out when I get back and update each other on every thing 🙂

    P.s. your breakfast looks wonderful 😀

    AND I wish I would have thought about online lulu shopping 😦

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