It vegan today

Don’t worry, I’m not immediately becoming a vegan. I just had serious success in my vegan baking endeavours! 🙂

I need to catch you up to speed…yesterday was a busy day! I taught spin (plus did abs and a mile run on the treadmill), started baking, and met up with my sister for birthday/PhD celebrations over lunch and some last minute shopping…


Starting with caramel corn...


Yesterday, I made Nutty Caramel Corn,   which is delicious and looks cute in gift bags. Get excited folks.

We went to Coffee Lodge to give/get gifts and to have lunch. I had a falafel pita (grilled, whole wheat), plus my mom shared her massive greek salad. Vegetarian deliciousness!


My sister gave me a handmade scarf that SHE made! I said “I don’t think anyone’s ever given me something they made that wasn’t edible.” I feel so special, not to mention it looks exactly like the scarf I showed her on Etsy.


She could start a business!

We hit up the mall and walmart, which were not as busy as we thought. We also went in the liquor store, which was a zoo…and then parted ways. I spent the evening at my friend’s house, where I wrapped gifts in exchange for dinner. Fair trade, right? I had an early night because of some Benedryl (they have cats) so I ended up falling asleep to Christmas Vacation (again).

This morning I was up early for a group run at 8am! I had time for breakfast before hand (tried and true for long, slow runs).


I think we did about 13km (the group was doing 18 but I turned back with another runner–she was awesome to talk to and brightened my morning!), but my Garmin only has time (and I am not good about pausing it). It was really slow BUT that’s kind of the point of long slow runs. 😉


Before getting way into the baking today, I had a healthy snack to keep me from eating a whole batch of cookies.


And then we got into it.

Besides chocolate chip, snowball, swedish jelly, peanut butter, and peanut butter/hershey kiss cookies (the usual around here), I threw in some new options…which were all vegan!

I stared with Raw Vegan Healthy Brownies from Besides almost breaking the blender (note to self: find food processor), they were easy (and are REALLY good).

Then I moved on to Sugar Free Coconut Almond Bark from I was a little worried about this one, but it set up just like it was supposed to in the pictures, and looked pretty with the cranberries she suggested adding!


Next came Butter Bean Cookies from — MORE success! These were my fav and though I sampled everything I made (oh lord, looking back I see why I made it til 2pm without lunch and then grabbed a quick turkey sandwich) I had another one of these over coffee with my good ol’ friend Lisa!


Lisa’s one of those girls I miss like crazy but never feel like it’s been as long as it has been when we’re reunited. Doesn’t make any excuse for not getting together, but it feels good to see people who you just KNOW you can count on! I gave her her Christmas gift…


And she gave me some yummy biscotti. She even threw in some penguin chocolates cuz she knows about my obsession.


We had Starbucks and chatted and when I came home I packed up my final creations, Two Bite Double Down Dark Chocolate Brownies from, which were also good but I think I overdid it with the almond extract. Oopsy! If that’s my worst disaster, it’s not too bad.

All of the recipes I made were vegan (I did put honey in the brownies, but lots of vegans are okay with it and you could sub maple sugar if you wanted to), but they all came out perfectly. This is a perfect confidence booster to get me going in the kitchen with these “different” recipes!

…tonight’s menu, however, is not vegan…bring on the pork chops! It’s kind of a Madliger tradition, as are board games (but I don’t know if there are any at my mom’s place). I’m not sure what’s up tonight, but my sister and her husband are coming here soon, so I’m looking forward to more quality time! Tomorrow there is plenty of fun: gifts, visiting friends, delivering goodies, eating turkey, and hopefully trying that eggnog! I’m hoping for a run and a nap in there too…balance!

How are you spending your Christmas eve?
Did you try any new recipes this year?



2 responses to “It vegan today

  1. Ha…I’m defnitely so not a vegan…vegans would shudder at me!

    You and your friends are very pretty.

    I am jealous of you 🙂 …sorry, nostalgic I guess. I used to be such a runner…and now my body is just completed worn out and useless and will only be a walker…add to that being underweight and not knowing how to eat anymore when I’m like this…I just gotta say that I totally am in awe of how you are so so athletic and stuff. I think my body will never ever be the same. Its too late and gone too far.

    i hope you eat a lot! + tons and tons of goodies. Cookies and chocolate = yum!

    • Give your body some credit–if you’re a walker, be proud of it! It takes a lot of time to realize the GOOD things our bodies can do, instead of focusing on what we can’t. There’s always someone who is going to be faster or more whatever than we are. It doesn’t matter. Be proud of yourself, love your body…I have a feeling you’re pretty too!


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