Bring it on

I mean the exam, but I might as well have meant the Christmas holidays because I am about 3.5 hours from freedom!

I’ve called it quits on studying after a somewhat productive morning. I figure blogging then getting lunch will give my brain some time to rest and get ready for my exam. eeeeek!

This morning I woke up early (as usual when I’m worried about an exam) and had breakfast and studied a little. I made sure I had something real today so I’d feel good–I know what all the things in Ezekiel bread are! Success.

Ezekiel bread with almond butter and pumpkin butter

At 8:00, I met Sarah for a rainy run that was absolutely wonderful. I don’t want to make any other running friends jealous, but she might be my fav to run with–the time flies because there’s plenty to chat about and I always feel like I’m in a better mood after I run with her!

Today, I was glad that it was rain and not freezing rain or something like that (but I kind of want a white Christmas!) and I felt pretty good outside in my new shoes. I did notice my right foot bugging me again so I think I need to ice it tonight and just pay attention to it. This is a lot of mileage and I just need to keep an eye on it!

plus about an extra half that my Garmin was lagging for...

they were bound to get dirty some time...

I especially felt good after this run with Sarah cuz she gave me a present. Obviously that’s going to help a sister out, and if it’s edible…you know I’m going to be flying high!

If I loved her before, I LOVEEEEEEEEE her now! 🙂

Christmas cards make me happy!

I knew I’d pack and do anything but study if I stuck around my house so I had a quick snack, got dressed and headed to the library.

yogurt -- simple much?

Today I’m wearing my comfy clothes. If exams aren’t an excuse to NOT wear jeans, what is?

I call this my "Western uniform" -- please don't judge!

After two solid hours of studying, it’s time for me to go get it done. Bonus came when I got a final mark from last week’s exam:

I don’t usually even share my marks, but seriously…for my mark to have gone up that much, I needed to get 39/40 on the exam. Goes to show you that when you switch the format from a multiple choice to a written one, I can ace it! I haven’t gotten a 93 in a kin class since I took swimming (oh the life of a kin student), so obvs I’m going to share and toot my own horn a little.

Today’s a good day so far…let’s hope it keeps on this track: ace my exam, make a great playlist/have a full house for spin, and have a stress-free drive home for the holidays! 🙂

Do you care if people know your marks?
What’s your favourite kind of jam/jelly/fun butter to put on toast? 


4 responses to “Bring it on


    Thought of you of course (and posted on here instead of FB since it’s blocked at work lol)

  2. WOWZA! So proud of you girl 🙂 I usually share my marks. I don’t really care if people know what I get. What’s the big D!? Other people in my program are much different though since it is SO darn competitive. SO ANNOYING. Oh, wells.

    I love a raspberry or strawberry jam. I need it to be almond butter too. Not a fan of pb.

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