Bring it on

I mean the exam, but I might as well have meant the Christmas holidays because I am about 3.5 hours from freedom!

I’ve called it quits on studying after a somewhat productive morning. I figure blogging then getting lunch will give my brain some time to rest and get ready for my exam. eeeeek!

This morning I woke up early (as usual when I’m worried about an exam) and had breakfast and studied a little. I made sure I had something real today so I’d feel good–I know what all the things in Ezekiel bread are! Success.

Ezekiel bread with almond butter and pumpkin butter

At 8:00, I met Sarah for a rainy run that was absolutely wonderful. I don’t want to make any other running friends jealous, but she might be my fav to run with–the time flies because there’s plenty to chat about and I always feel like I’m in a better mood after I run with her!

Today, I was glad that it was rain and not freezing rain or something like that (but I kind of want a white Christmas!) and I felt pretty good outside in my new shoes. I did notice my right foot bugging me again so I think I need to ice it tonight and just pay attention to it. This is a lot of mileage and I just need to keep an eye on it!

plus about an extra half that my Garmin was lagging for...

they were bound to get dirty some time...

I especially felt good after this run with Sarah cuz she gave me a present. Obviously that’s going to help a sister out, and if it’s edible…you know I’m going to be flying high!

If I loved her before, I LOVEEEEEEEEE her now! ๐Ÿ™‚

Christmas cards make me happy!

I knew I’d pack and do anything but study if I stuck around my house so I had a quick snack, got dressed and headed to the library.

yogurt -- simple much?

Today I’m wearing my comfy clothes. If exams aren’t an excuse to NOT wear jeans, what is?

I call this my "Western uniform" -- please don't judge!

After two solid hours of studying, it’s time for me to go get it done. Bonus came when I got a final mark from last week’s exam:

I don’t usually even share my marks, but seriously…for my mark to have gone up that much, I needed to get 39/40 on the exam. Goes to show you that when you switch the format from a multiple choice to a written one, I can ace it! I haven’t gotten a 93 in a kin class since I took swimming (oh the life of a kin student), so obvs I’m going to share and toot my own horn a little.

Today’s a good day so far…let’s hope it keeps on this track: ace my exam, make a great playlist/have a full house for spin, and have a stress-free drive home for the holidays! ๐Ÿ™‚

Do you care if people know your marks?
What’s your favourite kind of jam/jelly/fun butter to put on toast?ย 


4 responses to “Bring it on


    Thought of you of course (and posted on here instead of FB since it’s blocked at work lol)

  2. WOWZA! So proud of you girl ๐Ÿ™‚ I usually share my marks. I don’t really care if people know what I get. What’s the big D!? Other people in my program are much different though since it is SO darn competitive. SO ANNOYING. Oh, wells.

    I love a raspberry or strawberry jam. I need it to be almond butter too. Not a fan of pb.

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