26 hours Til freedom

Do you think I could find a way to distract myself for the next 26 hours and just wing this exam?

I always struggle to study when it’s my last one of the semester, but I feel even worse about where I’m at this year…

I did study a little this morning after breakfast:


Special K/Fibre One with greek yogurt and banana -- too sweet!

and before the gym. My treadmill turned off when I paused it to tie my shoe (urgh) so add on nine minutes and .9 mile and you’ve got my 4 mile run in my new shoes: it felt awesome!



I did a core class afterwards because I want a six pack was trying to kill as much time as possible. The entire time there was the smell of fresh bread coming from the market next to my gym, so I was inspired to have a sandwich on a nice big bun when I got home for lunch.


Now I’m listening to Jillian Michaels’ latest podcast and trying to work up the motivation to open my text books again. You should listen to it…she talks about:

  • setting goals –> specific, having a vision, making it step by step, rewarding yourself along the way (all the good stuff you know you should be doing, but are you doing it? cuz I’m not, but I promise myself I will before this break is oveR)
  • tips for the holidays –> though her guest says some of those things I think are stupid (wear tight clothes, etc.) she does it with some explanation that makes it a little more legit –> i.e. you don’t have to wear things that are uncomfortable, but eating a dozen cookies in a tight skirt would be harder than eating a batch in your sweatpants, agreed! and made me think twice about my salt habit (I think I need to add this to the list of things to address)
  • listener question –> I love how Jillian handled the woman who called in (personal trainer who is gaining weight back after losing a lot because she says she feels inadequate/too stressed, etc.) by talking to her about where her first feelings of inadequacy came from; I am going to take Jillian’s advice (even if the lady on the phone wasn’t ready to) and try to think about why I often sabotage myself/hold myself back and literally:
 “Know that you are good enough. The way that you do that is by letting the accomplishments that you already have define you…Signed up for a half marathon, that’s who you are. Not the fat kid in junior high. Not the kid who was bullied. You have to redefine yourself with these current accomplishments.” 
Seriously…she’s on in this one!

Next reward is either heading to Winners OR maybe doing some yoga (in my apartment?).

What’s your favourite way to take a study break?
Do you listen to podcasts? 


4 responses to “26 hours Til freedom

  1. My fav way to not study is to go run/workout or to find new awesome music hahahah! But to be honest, I will do a lot of shit before I study – I mean I will clean, run errands, take a shower (even if I already have taken one), the list goes on and on…

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