Losing my (snow run & green monster) virginity

Morning! This is my first post from my phones–fun!

After last night’s uber rich and delicious cake, I woke up hungry for anything but sweet. I knew I had a run in about an hour so I went with something that I figured would sit well…hello Ezekiel toast with almond butter. Get in my belly!

I ran with a group called “Feet On Fire”. A friend/mentor (read: inspiring runner) I met around races etc started the company and is an amazing coach! She was great company for 16km (long slow distance) in the snow today. Luckily the sun popped out and it wasn’t too slippery. Aka I like winter running. Bring on around the bay!

When I got home I was thirsty cold and thought I’d better eat ( birthday lunch is a few hours away). Feeling ambitious and with my moms blender around (I don’t have my own) I decided to try a green monster a la Angela at OH She Glows!

I was a little apprehensive but it came out soooo good! Next time I want it to be thicker but I am happy…I used a scoop of almond butter, half a small box of chocolate soy milk, spinach, and a half of a banana! Nom nom! I had to silence the voice that said I shouldn’t have so many calories when I’m going out to lunch but consider it silenced! And I cannot wait to be a green monster monster!





have you tried a green monster? What’s your fave recipe?!


13 responses to “Losing my (snow run & green monster) virginity

  1. I’m a green monster girl, through and through. I am drinking/eating one right now actually!! My favourite combo is almond milk, 1/4 of an avocado (makes it creamier!), 1 frozen banana, and tons of spinach. Then I do a-la Kath Eats and make it a “SIAB” – I eat it from a bowl with greek yogurt and cereal on top! YUMMM!!

  2. Nice job on the run girl! Any tips for surviving the cold/ice/snow while running? I may decide to give winter running a shot…

    I love green monsters! I can never get mine thick either though. I’ve been considering buying some xanthan gum because that’s supposed to really help thicken them up.

    • Welllll, I think today was a lucky day for me to start the winter running — there was not much snow actually FALLING and there wasn’t a lot of wind. I guess in the future, I’ll let you know?! Whenever we get a sunny day though, we can most definitely run if you’re up for it!

      I have read that too! Do you use chia seeds or flax seeds? Wouldn’t they help too?

  3. EPIC run!!! I love it!! And yes, after 9 miles? you just burned 900 calories – nom that smoothie! πŸ˜€ which looks/ sounds awesome btws, I’ve never tried the Green Monster but I always have a smoothie after my workout…I guess its time I lost my green monster v-card too! πŸ˜›

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